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In Topic: What about a FinalGROM Mark II? ;)

Today, 11:51 AM

That's too bad, the FlashAir card works exactly how I would expect in this case - drag and drop files to the SD card over WiFi to the FG99, hit its reset button and good to go.


What sort of "other applications" are you envisioning that would require the cartridge port?  Why not use TIPI?


Drag and drop TO the card is nice, but what about download FROM the card back to the PC or delete?  I was never able to get it to work so I don't know if it had that functionality.


What other applications?  Well, Stuarts Browser, and/or a future version of TIMXT, and other unknown things...


...gotta leave for work now, so I'll be off line for a while.


Why not use TIPI, not everyone will have one and not everyone will be able to afford one, just thinking of others too.

In Topic: TI Related -- Ebay / Heads Up Notice

Today, 11:30 AM

I guess you could add that neither Classic99 nor MAME permit their emulators to be included in such a compilation, and note that copyright notwithstanding, the seller is probably disregarding at least one product's license. icon_wink.gif (Restricted list to these two since it calls out Windows emulation)


Thing is, someone has to buy one to confirm it has stuff it's not supposed to.  Now for it to contain 800 programs, I wonder how many are 'lost BASIC programs' that were lost for a reason! icon_razz.gif

In Topic: TI Related -- Ebay / Heads Up Notice

Today, 11:26 AM


"And if I die before I wake, I pray bit-rot my source to take."



In Topic: What about a FinalGROM Mark II? ;)

Today, 11:23 AM

Did you never get your FlashAir SD card to work?


Nope!  I think the WiFi portion of my card was defective.  I tried everyone's suggestions, followed every different example, and wasted nearly a whole month on it.  In the end, I treated like a regular SD card and eventually gave it away.


It would be so cool to be able to manage everything on the SD card and add new programs all without ever having to remove it.  Also... I imagine with WiFi capability, "other applications" would be developed for it down the line.

In Topic: Borzork

Today, 9:56 AM

Looking forward to trying the new version.


You'll love it! icon_biggrin.gif