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In Topic: Is there a DECENT copy of Tetris anywhere?

Yesterday, 9:19 PM

Now it will compile and run, although way to fast to be playable. 


A few slowdown routines in strategic spots?

In Topic: Old software still useful today?

Yesterday, 9:11 PM


How about you? Do you have any old programs that still hold up many years later despite being "obsolete"?




Back in the day there were a few programs I was never without.


For DOS they were:  Direct Access 5.0, Golden Gate Professional Write and Telix

For Windows 3.1 era:  AmiPro 3.0

In Topic: This is the law..... ahem v2.2

Yesterday, 4:10 PM

For those with yellowing beige TI's... the official cheese grading scale!  ;)


In Topic: "Old Yella"

Yesterday, 4:05 PM

Okay, here it is, the "OFFICIAL GRADING SCALE" as chosen by Gamemoose.

The Higher resolution .PDF file is attached below for downloading and printing.


In Topic: "Old Yella"

Yesterday, 3:26 PM

Quick aside: am I the only one here who likes the way slightly yellowed computers look?


Could be, might be, probably!  ;)