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In Topic: OT: Uninterruptable Power Supply (Real World Opinions/Advice)

Today, 2:16 PM

I picked up two of these at Staples, but you can get them at Amazon for under $170.00 with free shipping << HERE >>.


I like the EASILY REPLACEABLE battery pack, so a few years down the line when I'll probably need to replace the battery, all I'll need to do is remove the door, slide out the battery and shove the new one in.  So far I've been happy with it and it's been getting good ratings.

In Topic: Found: Asteroids cocktail at Goodwill!

Today, 10:05 AM

How come it's, "ALWAYS THE OTHER GUY" that finds the good deals or good stuff?  ;)

Seriously though, congratulations on the find.  :thumbsup:

In Topic: OT: Uninterruptable Power Supply (Real World Opinions/Advice)

Today, 9:56 AM

I thought I would update this thread a little (dunno if anyone is interested though).


Anyway, now that winter weather starting to set in, I'm all ready to stay nice and cozy in the den during a power outage... well, for two and a half hours anyway.  :-D


Newer technology takes so little power that a basic UPS can provide more than just a few minutes of 'backup'... if you plan properly.


For instance I run a laptop that has it's own internal battery, so it does NOT need to be supplied by the UPS.  The secondary monitor on the laptop requires very little juice, so with the router, telephone and a 4 watt LED light bulb that puts out the equivalent of a standard 25 watt bulb, I'm good to go for longer than most power outages last. 


Sadly the other UPS for the older TV and satellite receiver is only good for 79 minutes if both are being used.  

In Topic: Updating your TI while keeping the aesthetics somewhat normal.

Today, 9:21 AM

I'll think positive for now, if I have to mod it later, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it....


... but ya know...   this might fit INTERNALLY  in the TI's case... with some adjustments...

In Topic: TI-99/4A - Tunnels Of Doom - "real" pics :)

Yesterday, 8:09 PM

Wow Schmitzi.. those really do look like tunnels of doom.