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In Topic: A Newbies Journey with the TIPI

Today, 7:35 PM

To add support for including directories, you should increase the size of the TYP$ array by one, and set type 6 to "DIR"


You also have to change line 120 to "IF A>4 THEN 80" so you can directory the TIPI root directory, but if you do that, you get BAD VALUE in 280 without changing line 260 to "IF ABS (A)=6 THEN 290 " and then it works until it hit's a PROGRAM file and promptly crashes with another BAD VALUE in 280.

In Topic: Currently in Omega's Den: 30 year old dream *FINALLY REALIZED* (Updated)

Today, 6:53 PM

One of the things I have been looking at is loading of BASIC programs. The need to differentiate BASIC from XB was always a bit of a concern for me -- unless maybe RXB is used to solve that.
Is that the only feature 4ADOS is missing? (I am not offering to hack up 4ADOS at this time... that's a much bigger task than what I did...)

I don't think you would need to have software do it, the user could do it.

For example from the DOS prompt:

In Topic: TIPI - TI-99/4A to Raspberry PI interface development

Today, 3:50 PM


I think I'll save that for the 80col version which I will embark upon once I can get another F18 :)


For the round table, that too is already supportable. I wanted to add the ability to scroll back up on a conversation first, which I think is higher on the priority list. Too many times I've had conversations go on too long (or too fast) and miss some postings as they fly by. 


Oooooooh!  My eyes, my eyes, they focused on this and were not able to leave it for a whole minute.  I'm drooling like Pavlovs dog over here.

In Topic: Currently in Omega's Den: 30 year old dream *FINALLY REALIZED* (Updated)

Today, 3:05 PM

Omega, you should make a video about the DOS cartridge and what it does/adds/gives you.  That might help encourage more interest in adding an extended BASIC to it.


As shown earlier in this thread, I did make a small video on how I use it to load TIPI stuff.  Interesting suggestion though, I might try to make a video in the next week or two showing more of the benefits of using 4A/DOS in an auto-booting cartridge, but not to influence anyone other than possibly making their own cartridge.


Now on the other aspects, the TIPI combined with the F18A and an UberCart does have the power to change the TI into something way more powerful.  We'll never be on par with Geneve users, but there is really no reason we couldn't have a more powerful DOS residing on a 49F040 (up to 512K) and controlled by the GROM capabilities of the 1284P.  Combining BASIC with the DOS would be fantastic.


The syntax to load an assembly program from a BASIC program would not have to be too different.


For instance in 4A/DOS to load an assemby language program you type:  LOAD DSK1.PROGRAM

Loading a BASIC program could be as simple as typing:  BASIC DSK1.PROGRAM

In Topic: Your cleaning agent

Today, 2:43 PM

An example among many others:


Awesome job there!  With your skills in restoration and building custom units, you could open up a retro computer museum.