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In Topic: Cool little device for recording from your TI

Yesterday, 11:44 PM

I only took a quick glance, but I saw no reference to it in the PDF Manual, but you can << CLICK HERE >> and do a more in-depth read than I did.




The only thing negative about I've seen is that it maxes out the file size at 2GB.

In Topic: TI-99/4A -- Nostalgia & History Photos Thread

Yesterday, 11:38 PM


Radio Station in Anaheim, CA






But where is the monitor? ‍

In Topic: Speech Synth Replacement Sticker or Scan Request

Yesterday, 10:15 PM

Try Microsoft Sans Serif as the font. That should be really close to the original. . .


Yeah, that font looks better, thanks Ksarul!  I also sampled the color of his last photo and used that for the background.

In Topic: Extended BASIC on the FlashROM99?

Yesterday, 10:00 PM

As far as I know the only version of a BASIC that will run out of the FlashROM is CortexBASIC80.  I don't remember off-hand, but I think it requires an F18A.

In Topic: Welp.... Someone else worked on this 5200 before I got it.......

Yesterday, 6:33 PM

So, now that it looks like you got something BETTER than what was expected.... have you turned it on yet?  If so, how's it working?