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TIPI's Chess program!

Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:46 PM

ArcadeShopper told me something this evening that's gonna suck even more of my free time...


TIPI has an interactive Chess program that you can play with other TIPI users!


Setup your URI1 as http://myti99.com


Then you can LOAD URI1.CHESS


I put it in my 9640 Menu System for quick & easy access...  THANKS GREG!  


I *LOVE* my TIPI! 

TIPI's Chatti program

Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:05 PM

It's been busy on the chat program today.  Ever try talking to two people at the same time?

OT: Junk Food (Best junk to eat during a marathon gaming session)

Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:47 AM

Here's the deal... normally I only spend 10-15 minutes daily playing a video game in a single session.  HOWEVER, this Flying Shark game has me pissed... I can't get to the third level (thankfully I'm not the only one).  So, I've set aside up to three whole hours on Thursday for a "Marathon Session" to crack this nut.  With that in mind I have a couple of questions...


#1) What kind of drinks do you guys use to keep your 'alertness level' up when playing for hours?


#2) What are your favorite snacks to have by the computer, ones that do NOT leave crumbs or residue.

      (For instance Cheetos would never make the list).

Your TI spending budget...

Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:19 PM

Please, take this poll only if you use 'Real Iron'.


This is an ANONYMOUS poll, so even TI-99/4A lurkers are encouraged to vote.  ;)


Please take the poll even if you've not purchased anything for your TI in the last six months.

A program that does not exist, who's time has come...

Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:13 PM

I believe there is a need for a new FR99/FG99 image program for users that use BOOT or the 9640 Menu System (also called BOOT).  What is it?  A one button loader!
This program could reside on the cartridge with the name "MENU SYSTEM" once executed, it would simply load BOOT from DSK1, that's it nothing more.  It would be an awesome time saver!