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VVHQ > Uncle

Posted 31 May 2017

Four years, no progress.
For me doing a game means producing a board, box, cart, manual. Giving a player a complete experience. I got everything nailed down except the board.
I had two basic board choices. Melody or non-Melody.
I know there is a debate about old school code or new. I understand the challenge of writing an old school g...

VVHQ > Received sample boxes today.

Posted 29 June 2013

These are just samples of what the printer can do. Looks really great. I now have sources for the box, manual, label, cartridge case and game design. The last missing piece is the board. I'm really hoping to be able to get some Melody boards but that's a problem, not enough of them. I'm starting to worry about the longer term and not being abl...

VVHQ > Return II Terra

Posted 19 June 2013

Working title is Return II Terra ™ and will be published by VentureVision™.I have a lot of the game play designed. Waiting to get Melody cards and bus stuffing feature to be worked out before programming can start.

VVHQ > Could be years...

Posted 30 May 2013

It could be a long time before I can get serious about doing a new 2600 game. Anyone interested in news about this in the future can follow this blog  to get notifications. Thought this would be a way to stay connected.I'll only post when there's actual news and I'll post here first. And possibly updates on how the game is going. Should that h...