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DPYushira's Entertainment Blog > Purrfecttrio is now on Twitch.

Posted 28 May 2018

The YouTube channel will be back in action soon but recently we decided to delve into Twitch using PS4 for the time being. The first vid is of Mega Man 1 as part of the MM Legacy Collection 1 by Azul Fria/Ice Queen Zero. 
All of us have gotten a little rusty from concentrating on taking care of important...

DPYushira's Entertainment Blog > Finally itís over. C/O 2018

Posted 14 May 2018

No more school, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks. 4 years went by fast. Now its only my little brother who has yet to make it out of high school in 20. He too will be 16 at that time.

DPYushira's Entertainment Blog > I told mom I wouldn't look down on anyone.

Posted 29 March 2018

Too late.

DPYushira's Entertainment Blog > just saw a launched missile. pics included. edit: it's a satellite.

Posted 22 December 2017

I was out walking the dog and I saw what looked like a comet flying by. It wasn't until later that I found out it was a missile from vandenberg air force in santa Barbara, CA. I managed to snap two photos. You may have to zoom in to see it. It's above the houses. 
 Edit: it turned out to be a satellite.

DPYushira's Entertainment Blog > just met chinese president xi jinping on the set of a new movie.

Posted 02 December 2017

He is set to star in a chinese rendition of emperor's new clothes. Here is a picture of him in character.