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Atari800MacX R: to Internet?

Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:24 PM

I can't seem to connect to a BBS using Atari800MacX 5.0.1 on MacOS 10.14.3, though I think I have everything configured right.


Atari800MacX Settings:

R: patch enabled

R: path port 8888   (incoming, so doesn't matter I think)


Load 850 handler via outrun.sys (not sure if this step required)

Run terminal software

Issue ATDI site.address port  (ATDI per the Atari800MacX instructions - ATDT doesn't work either)


but I'm getting nothing back


What am I doing wrong?



Altirra on macOS (Update Thread)

Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:18 PM

Since most of us Mac users like single clicky launch thingies, I thought it might be a good idea to have a single thread for macOS Altirra to make it easier to find all relevant information and files for each release. 


Altirra 2.8

Lets start with Peters original thread for a Wine bottled Altirra 2.8 (32 bit):




Altirra 3.0

Then move to the his Wine bottled Altirra 3.0 thread:



I polluted that thread (my bad) with an update for 3.1, including all the instructions for what it took to get it both 3.0 and 3.1 running under macOS 10.14 Mojave.  Instructions that were cobbled together from the threads:


1) Take Peters original 2.8 download (bottle) and extract it.

2) Move the "altirra.app" (from extraction) to Applications folder.  I also renamed it to "Altirra" from "altirra".
3) Take the download from post #15 (in the 2.8 thread above) for MacOS >= 10.13, and extract it.
4) Open Applications folder, and choose "Show Package Contents" from the context menu (right click) of "Altirra".
5) Open folder where post #15 (2.8 thread) was extracted, and choose "Show Package Contents" from the context menu of "Altirra.app".
6) In both windows navigate to the Resources folder.
7) Copy the following files from the post #15 Altirra.app Resources folder into the Altirra.app Resources folder from Petes bottle:
     - File: Wine.bundle
     - Folder: wineprefix
8) Close Finder windows.
Launch Altirra, run through setup.  You'll need to navigate to your ROMS and CARTs folders using the / folder and then the tree where its stored.  Seems the Wine stuff doesn't respect any aliases.

I zipped the 3.0 release Wine/Altirra Application (package) in a zip that can be extracted and run as is, without having to go through all those steps.  Here:




Altirra 3.1

I then updated the package for the 3.1 release by performing these steps:

To get this, I took the 3.10 binaries from the Altirra site, and copied them to the folder "Altirra.app/Contents/Resources/wineprefix/drive_c/winebottler".  Files:
   - Additions.atr
   - Altirra.chm
   - Copying
   - Altirra.exe
   - Altirra64.exe
Just replacing the files still launched the 3.0 version.  I did some additional thread digging and found that I also had to remove the following (one or more of these had cached data).  Your install may vary in name:
~/Library/Application Support/Wine
~/Library/Application Support/Avery Lee_152528885525251
~/Library/Application Support/com.altirra_15264834116685   (current bundle identifier)


I then zipped the 3.1 release Wine/Altirra Application (package) in a zip file that can be extracted and run as is, without having to perform the additional steps.  Here:




Alternate location in 7z format with smaller size (thanks Roland).  Remove the .txt after downloading.  See post #12 for details on extraction:

Attached File  Altirra31_Mojave.7z.txt   38.84MB   39 downloads




2018.12.14: This was working fine before the 10.14.2 update.  With 10.14.2, it still works but will generate a warning about application compatibility in a future macOS release.

2018.12.14: Updated the 3.1 zip after editing the package metadata.  Altirra in macOS application title now shows as proper case.  Package version info also shows as 3.1 instead of 3.0, and Avery is credited.

2018.12.20: Added 7z version of Altirra 3.1, served directly from AtariAge.

TOS version ID?

Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:12 PM

Whats the easiest way to identify the specific version of TOS installed?  And thus applicable patches that are relevant?





Altirra Questions

Thu May 17, 2018 8:17 PM

1) Is there a way to turn off the "PAUSED" display overlay when the you manually pause the emulator?  When taking screen shots using an external application, the "PAUSED" message is in the way.  Using the save frame makes the image smaller than I want.


2) Is there a way to emulate an Epson FX printer?  I can get text and binary data to the printer window, but would like to have it go to emulated printer like Atari800MacX.  Atari800MacX emulates the epson, and allows the collected output to be saved as a PDF.  I saw another thread about this, but it was older.  If not native, how can I route printer output to a file?