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ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:23 PM

Hi everyone,


the year 2018 hasn't even started yet, but I still wanted open this thread for anyone interested as some of you may already want to start coding (or finishing unfinished) programs for the next contest.

I'll post the (only slightly updated) rules on the ABBUC website soon, but here are the key aspects in short:


- Deadline is again the 31st of July

- The web portal is open from 1 January onwards and submissions have to be made through http://asc.abbuc.de

- The coding rules have not changed this year, so it's still possible to submit programs which make use of extensions for the Atari

- The only change in the rules limits the possible ways of voting to "just" three, i.e. the online portal, letter or directly at the ABBUC assembly


Please feel free to use this thread to present your contributions whenever you are ready.





ABBUC Software Competition 2017

Mon Jan 2, 2017 5:17 PM

First of all, happy new year to everyone and may 2017 give you ample time to spend with your 8-Bit Ataris :)!


I would like to start this post with a big thank you to Sascha who has helmed ABBUC's software resort and conducted the contests over the last years, and as the resort's new head, I know that these are not small shoes to fill. Just a few words about me: I got my first 800XL on Christmas 1985 and have written for German magazines User-Mag and Atari Magazin. In the last couple of years, my interest in my Ataris has intensified again, both in terms of hardware (MidiJoy) as well as minimal programming (Floppy Bird and ATASCII Blaster). As the father of two kids, it's always a bit difficult to handle multiple hobbies, but working with the Ataris has a lot of value for me because I still learn a lot, also in more general terms about how computers work (which is not necessarily the case nowadays if you code in modern languages/systems).


But enough with the intro, here are the news regarding this year's software contest (deadline again 31st of July 23:59:00 UTC+2):


The updated rules have been published in the last ABBUC magazine and are now also available in English on the club's website. As has been discussed/voted during the 2016 annual general meeting, the following changes have been applied and can be found in the rules in greater detail:


- The limitation to a stock 800 XL has been waived. You can now submit software that can make use of any extension available - but bear in mind that the more detailed your hardware requirements are, the less likely it is that the majority can run it and award points accordingly. So in case of very special requirements, you'd have to make sure that your game/application really rocks :)... The rationale behind this is that this should encourage authors to support a greater variety of extensions, such as MultiJoy or VBXE.


- It is now allowed to provide further disk images via download on the authors' websites as addition to the program submitted, as long as these do not run standalone. The idea here is that for some extensions such as VBXE, you may be able to fit the main program on the max. 2 disk sides allowed and distributed by the club during the contest, but complex levels or graphics might require more disks.


- An online submission as well as voting portal is planned, making both processes easier for everyone involved. This however depends on the extra time I need to code this portal, so as of now, there is no guarantee that it will happen for this contest already. If anyone wants to assist, you are more than welcome to do so!


You can find the fineprint on the website or get in touch with me in case you have further questions.