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ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:23 PM

Hi everyone,


the year 2018 hasn't even started yet, but I still wanted open this thread for anyone interested as some of you may already want to start coding (or finishing unfinished) programs for the next contest.

I'll post the (only slightly updated) rules on the ABBUC website soon, but here are the key aspects in short:


- Deadline is again the 31st of July

- The web portal is open from 1 January onwards and submissions have to be made through http://asc.abbuc.de

- The coding rules have not changed this year, so it's still possible to submit programs which make use of extensions for the Atari

- The only change in the rules limits the possible ways of voting to "just" three, i.e. the online portal, letter or directly at the ABBUC assembly


Please feel free to use this thread to present your contributions whenever you are ready.