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Looking for monochrome green monitor simulation on the ATARI

Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:14 PM

Hi everyone,


for a small film project, we need to have an old computer with one of these stereotypical monochrome green monitors with blinkling cursor to display some useless information ;). As I would like to have an ATARI in this project rather than an old PC, I was surprised to see that it is currently not possible to get one of these monochrome green (or even amber) monitors with the Atari/C64 connectors on eBay or elsewhere.

So I thought I just take a color monitor and POKE the screen green or code a routine that also adds the other stereotypes such as blinking cursor in the style of the game "Hacker" and the likes.

Before I go ahead myself, I was wondering if anyone knows of something like this already existing that would save me some time?


Thanks in advance,




Accessing R: handler without device present

Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:46 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to come up with a Arduino-based device that allows access to Arduino shields, sensors etc. by means of accessing this device via the R: handler.
On the hardware side, I've already set things up (all you need is Data In, Out, Command and GND), and when the device is connected, I can see the typical command frame on the serial interface of the Arduino when the ATARI boots up.

What puzzles me, however, is that no other devices seem to send anything on the SIO bus if the device is not connected. For example, when I tell DOS to list the directory on a printer with

*.*, P:

I only get the error on the ATARI, but no data shows up on the bus.


The same goes for accessing the R: handler with any of the drivers known to me which come with Itay's ICE-T disk image, as well as the ARGS drivers (https://atariwiki.or...RS232 Cartridge). For example, the PRCONN driver loads fine, and when accessing R: through a simple BASIC program, such as

OPEN #1,4,0,"R:":FOR X=1 TO 1000:GET #1, A:PRINT A:NEXT X

prints "1" repeatedly, but nothing comes up on the bus.


My plan B would be to implement access via one of the unused disk drive ids (such as D7: ), becaus that apparently seems to work. But having it based on R: would make it more convenient to use with other programs, such as terminals like ICE-T and others.


If anone has an idea how to move on from here, I'd be very grateful.





ABBUC Software Competition 2018

Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:23 PM

Hi everyone,


the year 2018 hasn't even started yet, but I still wanted open this thread for anyone interested as some of you may already want to start coding (or finishing unfinished) programs for the next contest.

I'll post the (only slightly updated) rules on the ABBUC website soon, but here are the key aspects in short:


- Deadline is again the 31st of July

- The web portal is open from 1 January onwards and submissions have to be made through http://asc.abbuc.de

- The coding rules have not changed this year, so it's still possible to submit programs which make use of extensions for the Atari

- The only change in the rules limits the possible ways of voting to "just" three, i.e. the online portal, letter or directly at the ABBUC assembly


Please feel free to use this thread to present your contributions whenever you are ready.