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#4209475 Upcoming Jaguar SD Cartridge

Posted by lachoneus on Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:31 PM

I've recompiled the VLM boot ROM present on the JagCD with modifications to run on the JagSD and also written a new bios. 

(assuming your married...)

Spouse 1

"So what did you do today honey?"


Spouse 2

"Oh... Nothing big, just wrote a new working BIOS for the Jaguar CD."


Spouse 3

"Really? Is that all?"


To us commoners, this seems pretty amazing.  I am super excited for this by the way. Thanks to everyone here that has worked with SainT to get through this road block, and of course thanks to SainT for moving mountains.

#4197341 Atari Karts - No Audio

Posted by lachoneus on Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:55 AM

Another thing worth checking.. have you checked the system with another cart that has sound?  I am thinking the fault MAY be the actual Audio hookup to the TV (or the TV :) ).  I have had SCART plugs partially come out which has left the picture working perfectly but one audio channel vanishing.  Depending on what you are using cable wise might be worth checking too.  Perhaps check the AV connector on the back of the Jag, make sure it is nice and happy and that the cable is well seated there too.  Or if you have an RF enabled (never thought I'd refer to RF as "enabled" :D ) perhaps try tuning that in and see if the audio is present there?


I have tried a few other games on the same console, they all seem to be working fine, all have good audio.  It's just Atari Karts that seems to be having an issue on my main console.


I just tried the same copy of Atari Karts on another console, and the audio is working great.  There is something wrong with my main console, and nothing wrong with my copy of Atari Karts thank goodness.  This is the first time I have ever had a Jag console start to go out on me.  I will take it to a friend that can do some basic testing on the board, but it sounds like I will just have to use another console to enjoy the full glory that Atari Karts has to offer. 


Thanks again for all the help, and if anyone has any tips for testing my Jags motherboard for a highly specific audio issue that doesn't seem to effect other games, please share. 


Man I love this console :D

#4196885 Atari Karts - No Audio

Posted by lachoneus on Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:22 PM

Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I think I confirmed it is the console that is causing the problem.  I just burned a couple eeproms to test a different copy of the game on the same console, and this "new" copy of the game is having the same exact audio problem.  I will confirm this with another console tomorrow (I am starting to think it will work fine on another console). But in the meantime, I will take some time to clean the cart connector on the console itself.  Up to this point I have been assuming its fine because every other game I try seems to work fine.


I did swap my BIOS back to the original BIOS with no difference, also tried both Jag BIOS versions to see if there was a difference, and there doesn't seem to be an improved difference there either. 


Most likely the console though, and I am hoping it is just the cart connector.

#4196289 Atari Karts - No Audio

Posted by lachoneus on Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:42 PM

Did you try resetting the cartridge?

* + # + option

Tried it again for good measure.  Got the message on the title screen saying that it cleared.  Didn't seem to make anything better with the audio.



Clean your connectors.

Will give that a try soon.  


Its so strange that no other parts of the game seem to be affected visually or from a gameplay stand point.  Also, would the cart even boot if their was the slightest thing different in the data when it verifies the cart?

#4187552 Crescent Memories - Jaguar Homebrew Announcement & Teaser Trailer

Posted by lachoneus on Mon Dec 31, 2018 8:46 AM

For EEPROM support, you can find some info here (look at the comments inside the .s file):

And for rotary support:

I have written some DSP code to support rotary ; ask if you need it.

Thank you for the references and support! I will start tackling these things within the next week.

#4185238 Crescent Memories - Jaguar Homebrew Announcement & Teaser Trailer

Posted by lachoneus on Thu Dec 27, 2018 4:49 PM

Will you be putting in an Old Gits mode? I find the original Flappy brutally difficult!


:-D Sorry, but we won't be making too many adjustments from our original release in terms of the general difficulty of dodging pipes.  This is because making the game any easier seems to bore play testers.  My guess is that if the player has to spend less time focusing on dodging pipes, the tend to focus on their score.  Watching your score go up 1 point at a time for ~40 minutes gets old pretty fast.  This game has the odd effect of making people want push just a little bit further each time, because of it's difficulty. We understand that not everyone reacts this way though and our compromise for these player is the pipe score multiplier.


In the original release, on some play modes, when you collected a coin it would increase a multiplier that would effect how many points were added to the pipe score. We are making this a more general option that you can toggle on/off from the options menu, and will now apply to all play modes.  This doesn't decrease how hard it is to doge the pipes, but it does reduce the amount of pipes you potentially need to dodge in order to reach 999 pipe points.  This forces the player to still need to practice to get past pipes consistently, but also gives the player hope that they can finish the game by passing just 100 pipes, instead of 999 pipes. This also essentially creates two different types of play for the four different play modes.  Endurance (no multiplier) and Speed Run (with multiplier).


The high score lists for each game mode will list whether or not the high score winner had the coin multiplier option toggled on or off, and total time spent during the round (until death or if you win the game).    We are still working out how we want to organize these high score lists, as the multiplier does throw a wrench into who should be above who on the list.  We will probably just end up splitting the high scores into two sets of lists.  Those who had the multiplier on, and those that had it off. Then under those two categories list the high scores for each play mode.  I will be tackling this in the next couple days along with some EEPROM stuff as well.

#4185177 Crescent Memories - Jaguar Homebrew Announcement & Teaser Trailer

Posted by lachoneus on Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:11 PM

Any new ifno on this or upcoming ETA? This looks very promising!


Thanks for your interest!


Flappy McFur is nearly rebuilt.  We need to get SFX and music back in place, and I want to rework the scoring system to accommodate high score charts in the game which will hopefully be saved to an EEPROM (a few details on why we needed to rebuild Flappy are in a previous post).  Other than this there are some graphic assets that still need to be tackled in Odd-It Will Be Watching and some gameplay ideas that we would like to test in Odd-Ball.  These present a clear path forward for us but there are a few things that we want to do that prevent us from giving a solid release date.


EEPROM support needs to be added.  This is a new thing for us and may take some time to get implemented.  But we will seek help from the great well of wisdom and knowledgeable individuals on this forum to move this forward as fast as possible and to do it right. Thank you to those who have helped us with this already, dreams are coming true because of these people.


Along with EEPROM support, we want to get rotary support implemented in Odd-Ball as well.  These two things are the biggest chunks left to bite off, and time spent play testing is variable depending on what changes need to be made.


We are working with Albert on getting this physically produced through AtariAge, and we want to make sure it is a solid and attractive release for him and for everyone. This is our priority.



About a week ago I posted a Q1 release window, this is still our goal.  We will make sure to update everyone if this changes.  Thanks for your support and patience!

#4184222 reBOOTed - Atari Jaguar Game Compilation - Coming in 2019!

Posted by lachoneus on Tue Dec 25, 2018 10:36 PM

Awesome!  A handful of fun games I have been looking to get a physical copy of for a long time.  2019 is going to be great for the Jag.

#4179572 Crescent Memories - Jaguar Homebrew Announcement & Teaser Trailer

Posted by lachoneus on Tue Dec 18, 2018 10:26 AM

I totally missed this! Or... I guess I didn't miss it! But man, I'm excited. What is Odd-It? Is that an adventure game? Is there more info on it? Please let me know... definitely interested in it.



Its probably fine to get into some more details at this point.  The games mechanics are pretty well set at this point, unless play testing reveals something blatant that needs to be changed.


Odd-It Will Be Watching at it's core is a resource management game.  You have to keep as many of your characters alive for 64 days in a harsh environment. This includes keeping them fed by producing ammunition for your hunter, hunting for food, keeping a fire lit that goes out from time to time, producing medicine and UV protection to maintain health, and talking to each character regularly to keep their mental health in check.  The mechanics are based on a "recently" released game The Gods Will Be Watching, with some adjustment to how the mechanics work to create a unique experience.  The goal is to figure out how much attention you should give to specific characters and resources, while repairing a broken transmitter to signal a rescue ship, all while fighting the natural dangers of a harsh environment.


Odd-Ball is essentially a pong clone.  It started as a project to see if I could make pong without using any programming reference, and as I worked on it I decided to work on adding a few elements to it to make the standard table tennis gameplay different, if not more interesting.  The result is that there obstructions and items that effect gameplay in the center of the playing field that float upwards.  It kind of makes it a hybrid between breakout and pong, with items that stop the floating upwards movement of obstructions and the temporary creation of more balls.  Making the player switch between a competition mentality, to a survival mentality if the ball keeps getting reflected back to their side of the field.  With initial multiplayer testing, it seems to be quite entertaining since it adds a bit of a random element gameplay, which has the effect of equalizing the skill level of both players.  At times it an seem a bit unfair, but people tend to laugh instead of get frustrated with this.  I have a few more ideas for items that do things to gameplay, and they may make it into the game depending on how they effect gameplay.


Flappy McFur  is a Flappy Bird clone with some different play options (faster scroll, different pipe placement).  What you see in the video in the first post is what you get, just dodging pipes by flapping until you get to 999 pipe points.  Surprisingly frustrating but addictive simple arcade gameplay.  There are also awards that are unlocked along the way that have some cute references to the Jaguar and Trevor Mcfur In The Crescent Galaxy.  I actually ran into problems when combining all three games into a single ROM because of the old original code for this game.  It was my first major project in C code, and my inexperience at the time really shows.  I actually had to start from the ground up on the code to fix things, and i am almost finished recoding at this point .  This means it is taking longer than I had planned to get the Crescent Memories package together, but the code is allot cleaner and efficient/faster this time around, which will allow for easier implementation of changes and additions. It has also been good to see how far along I have come in first 5 years of coding, its been a good morale booster for me.  I hope to have Flappy McFur back to where it was at before the recoding, with some additions, before Christmas.


I don't want to spoil too much of the fun before these start shipping out, but I hope that is enough info for now.

#4178324 Crescent Memories - Jaguar Homebrew Announcement & Teaser Trailer

Posted by lachoneus on Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:53 PM

Christmas release?! :)

Unfortunately no. We are currently shooting for a Q1 release. I will update everyone if that changes.

#4134721 Crescent Memories - Jaguar Homebrew Announcement & Teaser Trailer

Posted by lachoneus on Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:30 AM

It's been a few years, but BitJag is finally back, in partnership with AtariAge, to announce a new homebrew cartridge release for the Atari Jaguar.
Odd-It has returned to the Crescent Galaxy to make sure that the adventures of Trevor and Friends never end. Whether it's dodging pipes as a disembodied jaguar head in Flappy McFur, playing space tennis with a friend in Odd-Ball, or surviving on a merciless planet in order to see another day in Odd-It Will Be Watching, Crescent Memories is sure to bring a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.  

Crescent Memories will include 3 games packed into 1 cart. Flappy Mcfur, Odd-Ball, and Odd-It Will Be Watching.  
Flappy McFur is based off the unexpected hit Flappy Bird, with some additional gameplay modes and elements to add to the already addictive nature of a modern classic.  Flap your way to the Crescent Galaxy dodging pipes and collecting coins.

flappy_mcfur_screen_3.png flappy_mcfur_screen_1.png flappy_mcfur_screen_2.png

Odd-Ball is a new twist on the familiar table tennis format.  With holes at the top and bottom of the screen, and obstacles with game altering pickups that traverse the center of the screen, be ready to create unfamiliar strategies in order to beat the CPU or your human opponents.

pnog_screen_2.png pnog_screen_3.png pnog_screen_1.png

Odd-It Will Be Watching pits you against the environment of an unmerciful far flung planet. You must survive 64 days trying to keep your crew warm, their belly's full, and sane enough to not give up hope of rescue.

oiwbw_screen_3.png oiwbw_screen_2.png oiwbw_screen_1.png

If you are going to Portland Retro Gaming Expo this weekend, be sure to swing by the AtariAge booth to play the demo for Odd-It Will Be Watching.

Crescent Memories is still in production with no definite release date yet.  All three games are in a playable state with only a couple major elements left to be implemented (EEPROM support for hi-scores and rotary support for Odd-Ball).  Other than that, ancillary graphics and audio work still needs to be done, along with play testing. Because we are fitting work on this project into our free time, we can't give a definite release date at this point.  We will keep everyone updated when we get closer to development finish line.
We want to thank Albert here at AtariAge for being our publisher. Making sure that the game is available for the foreseeable future for anyone to buy is something that I personally would have never imagined would happen for Jag games a few years back.  Not to mention this allows us to focus more on making the game instead of making cartridges.
Also, thanks to Seb, CyranoJ, Shamus, Matthias Domin and many, many others on this forum for the amazing tools, feedback, help, and inspiration they have given us and others over the years.  Without these people new games on would only be dream for our little dev team.  Thank you!

#4127600 Songbird presents Loopz for the Atari Jaguar

Posted by lachoneus on Fri Oct 5, 2018 6:10 AM

I was playing this on the NES the other day for the first time. I spent more time on it than I thought I would. Good fun, I am looking forward to playing it on the Jag

#4110825 Flappy Mcfur Homebrew Now Available to Order

Posted by lachoneus on Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:55 AM

Now that it's been 6 months that since the last post I wanted to see if the rerelease is still happening this year. Also is there a CD version of this one I can buy too?

We are still planning on doing a rerelease this year. Because Flappy McFur is being released with a few other new surprises, it is taking longer than I anticipated to get to a finished product. There is a possibility it will have to be pushed to early next year depending on how long physical production takes.

I believe it will be worth the wait though.

Currently, there are no plans for doing a CD release.

#4106318 JagZombies

Posted by lachoneus on Wed Sep 5, 2018 12:46 PM

It is awesome that you are working on your game, and that you are taking feedback into consideration. I am sure that the game will be better for it.

What's unfortunate is that you have essentially charged people the cost of a finished game to play test a game that seemed to have play testers that were willing to playtest for free.

I understand that you will refund or replace these customers' copies if they want later on. But is this really the best approach to making your game better, when there are people around that are willing to help?

I am not trying to be antagonistic. I am just trying to figure out the benefits of this kind of production strategy, when it obviously is causing problems with potential customers.

At this point I understand that controversy creates allot of talk and therefore more awareness for your game. Which I am sure leads to more sales. But to me, because of controversy, I don't even consider purchasing your games. Its not personal vendetta towards you, but instead it would be adding fuel to that controversy if I supported someone who is intentionally or unintentionally causing problems because of the way they do things.

Those of us who develop games for the Jaguar have a profound good or bad effect on this small community whether we like it or not. There have been plenty of examples of developers in the past who have been able to produce and release games for this console without so much strife, so I know it isn't because we are all terrible people you are experiencing so much blowback for your work.

This will be my last comment on your work unless there is noticeable change in your production strategy the breeds less controversy. Best of luck.

#4105803 JagZombies

Posted by lachoneus on Tue Sep 4, 2018 6:33 PM

I did listen to feedback. And am still working on it.
Nice story

Story? This is what people are saying when you requested a review of it from a buyer. http://atariage.com/...18#entry4105190

You can ignore my question about feedback if you want, but I think answering the second question could go along way helping others understand where you are coming from. Reworded to fit your quoted comment

Why would you sell a game that you are still working on?