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Atari Karts - No Audio

Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:08 PM

Dropped Atari Karts into my Jag and noticed that the game has no audio.  I can't seem to find an option in the game or the manual to toggle it on or off and I have tried it with and without my CD attachment with the same effect.  Other games seem to be working fine.  Am I missing something?


I don't have another console to test to see if the problem is the same on another console.  Also, I haven't tried cleaning the pins or anything physical to cart yet.


I played the game for about 30 minutes to see if there might be other errors with the game caused by a hardware issue, but everything else seems to be working fine.  Just no audio.


Has anyone had this issue with this game or other games before?  I am hoping I am just missing an in-game option, as I would hate to have to buy a replacement for this game because of how expensive they have become.

Crescent Memories - Jaguar Homebrew Announcement & Teaser Trailer

Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:30 AM

It's been a few years, but BitJag is finally back, in partnership with AtariAge, to announce a new homebrew cartridge release for the Atari Jaguar.
Odd-It has returned to the Crescent Galaxy to make sure that the adventures of Trevor and Friends never end. Whether it's dodging pipes as a disembodied jaguar head in Flappy McFur, playing space tennis with a friend in Odd-Ball, or surviving on a merciless planet in order to see another day in Odd-It Will Be Watching, Crescent Memories is sure to bring a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.  

Crescent Memories will include 3 games packed into 1 cart. Flappy Mcfur, Odd-Ball, and Odd-It Will Be Watching.  
Flappy McFur is based off the unexpected hit Flappy Bird, with some additional gameplay modes and elements to add to the already addictive nature of a modern classic.  Flap your way to the Crescent Galaxy dodging pipes and collecting coins.

flappy_mcfur_screen_3.png flappy_mcfur_screen_1.png flappy_mcfur_screen_2.png

Odd-Ball is a new twist on the familiar table tennis format.  With holes at the top and bottom of the screen, and obstacles with game altering pickups that traverse the center of the screen, be ready to create unfamiliar strategies in order to beat the CPU or your human opponents.

pnog_screen_2.png pnog_screen_3.png pnog_screen_1.png

Odd-It Will Be Watching pits you against the environment of an unmerciful far flung planet. You must survive 64 days trying to keep your crew warm, their belly's full, and sane enough to not give up hope of rescue.

oiwbw_screen_3.png oiwbw_screen_2.png oiwbw_screen_1.png

If you are going to Portland Retro Gaming Expo this weekend, be sure to swing by the AtariAge booth to play the demo for Odd-It Will Be Watching.

Crescent Memories is still in production with no definite release date yet.  All three games are in a playable state with only a couple major elements left to be implemented (EEPROM support for hi-scores and rotary support for Odd-Ball).  Other than that, ancillary graphics and audio work still needs to be done, along with play testing. Because we are fitting work on this project into our free time, we can't give a definite release date at this point.  We will keep everyone updated when we get closer to development finish line.
We want to thank Albert here at AtariAge for being our publisher. Making sure that the game is available for the foreseeable future for anyone to buy is something that I personally would have never imagined would happen for Jag games a few years back.  Not to mention this allows us to focus more on making the game instead of making cartridges.
Also, thanks to Seb, CyranoJ, Shamus, Matthias Domin and many, many others on this forum for the amazing tools, feedback, help, and inspiration they have given us and others over the years.  Without these people new games on would only be dream for our little dev team.  Thank you!

Skycopter II Prototype - Ebay Listing

Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:47 PM

Don't see this everyday...


Mentions cartridges, but doesn't show the front of the one that is in the pictures. And strangely doesn't show it running, with ambiguous comments about it's working condition.  Has anyone seen this one in person.



Properly Clearing Frame Buffer for fb2d Functions

Sun Feb 4, 2018 6:36 PM

I already dropped an email to Seb, and I am still waiting for a reply.  But I thought I might be able to save him some time by asking for help here.  I have been beating my head against a wall for a few days on this one and can't figure it out.  So, any suggestions are appreciated. 


I am learning from his Example #2 program how to use his llinear and affine transform functions.  I have a basic understanding of how to use the functions, but what has me confused is the visual difference between my program and his example program.


In my program, when I make a translation or rotation with the affine/linear transform functions the  graphics data will "smear" in the frame buffer.  I have seen this before when manipulating frame buffers with the fb2d functions in the past.


In the example program, this doesn't occur though.  Somehow the fame buffer is cleared, and the graphics data is updated with no smearing between frames.


I am thinking it might have to do with my graphics data not being created correctly, as I have copied his example code, line for line, with the only difference being the graphics data.  And any other differences in code, I have tested to see if they make a difference with no results.


This leads me to believe there is something fundamental with exporting my graphics that I don't understand that is creating this difference between my program and the example program.  I have tried various bit depths, and other options with the removers image converter with no success.


I have uploaded the source C files for both the example and my program for comparison.  Also a video file for for comparison, since most people probably aren't setup to build programs with the removers library (first program is the example the second is my program).


Thanks in advance for any help!


Example Program - https://drive.google...XLAzwTnPNIo_C70

My Program - https://drive.google...EKgDr0Pj1P2pxz1

Video - https://drive.google...2PSVtSoKYCXrSPB