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In Topic: contestants needed for MAME contest!

Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:54 AM

Super cool but I'd be worthless.


Me too, I'm still doing it.


There's atleast 5 really strong teams in this years tourney so we're aiming for 7th place or so. Please join in, and if you do: Nominate a few games.



In Topic: Virtual Jaguar 2.1.1 released!

Thu Oct 9, 2014 12:54 PM

Nice to see continued support for VJ. :thumbsup:


About the emulator closing itseld: I have the same problem with 2.1.0 from time to time using Win 7, X64. Another thing i've noticed is that if i have X-Split (streaming/recording software) running it refuse to run at all.


Off to play some homebrews!

In Topic: Wolf IX Video Armageddon 2

Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:11 PM

you have too many names lol

sixx on highscore

slaytanic here

and tbe at ru 


I'm a man with many names. Hahaha..

In Topic: Wolf IX Video Armageddon 2

Mon Sep 8, 2014 2:26 PM

Lucky BAZ showed me this, i'm in on whatever.


Missions sounds fun, but could be a nightmare if you get really stuck on something or simple hate the game(s). :)


Ladders: Those darn people over at RU and DKF are too good. :)


Knockout and Single IGBY sounds nice.


I'll vote on RU.


I'm "TBE" there.

In Topic: 7800 HSC Season 7 - Game 8 (Frenzy)

Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:08 AM



"Contest Ends

Sunday, August 10th at 10:00PM EST"




Am i missing something here?


EDIT: Aha, game 9 bonus.. thingy..