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#3088578 Virtual Jaguar 2.1.1 released!

Posted by Slaytanic on Thu Oct 9, 2014 12:54 PM

Nice to see continued support for VJ. :thumbsup:


About the emulator closing itseld: I have the same problem with 2.1.0 from time to time using Win 7, X64. Another thing i've noticed is that if i have X-Split (streaming/recording software) running it refuse to run at all.


Off to play some homebrews!

#3054658 Season 3/ Week 25 ~ The NEW HSC ~ Strategy X

Posted by Slaytanic on Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:17 AM

Geez, this is one hard game.. I'll only aim for 100k for this one. ;)

#3054635 7800 HSC Season 7 Game 9 Poll

Posted by Slaytanic on Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:09 AM

From what i read Loderunner is a unreleased game from the 80's. It was featured in magazines at the time, maybe it was finished but never released due to poor Atari 7800 sales?

#3050207 7800 HSC Season 7 - Game 8 (Frenzy)

Posted by Slaytanic on Sat Aug 9, 2014 3:30 PM

Frenzy: 10,198



Berzerk: 6,600



Edit: Posted here 23:30 Central European Time. Posted on HighScore.Com 23:40. Hope that's OK?  ;-)


Edit 2: Played on WolfMESS 0.153 and recorded with X-Split.

#3047392 7800 HSC Season 7 - Game 8 (Frenzy)

Posted by Slaytanic on Tue Aug 5, 2014 2:39 PM

Frenzy: 8028


Berzerk: 4910


I'm gonna try the EMU7800 emulator, which seems to support the Atari 7800 highscore cart. Prosystem for Wii supports it, heck.. It even asks you if you wanna use it the first time you run the emulator, but no support for the Windows version unfortunately. =/


IMG 20140805 221417

#3047080 7800 HSC Season 7 - Game 8 (Frenzy)

Posted by Slaytanic on Tue Aug 5, 2014 6:06 AM

First scores. I will change emulator from Prosystem Wii to Prosystem PC due to the fact i can't see the enemy fire from the blue enemys on my CRT.


IMG 20140805 135655
IMG 20140805 135706
Edit: Oh, and i'm 'Sixx' aka TBE on highscore.com.

#2993476 What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2014 (Season 7)

Posted by Slaytanic on Mon May 19, 2014 2:26 AM

Forgot to take notes this week. =/


Been a slow week, a little C64, a little PSX, mostly A2600 (Space Invaders, Q'Bert (what a great port, even i can beat a couple levels on B setting), Asteroids) and various MAME games and i've spent some time on various shooters for the X68K..


.. And Frogger for various systems. Still sucks, still wanna rule. :)

#2988751 What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2014 (Season 7)

Posted by Slaytanic on Mon May 12, 2014 12:45 AM

I've read up on the first post and will post accordingly next sunday. icon_wink.gif

#2988484 What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2014 (Season 7)

Posted by Slaytanic on Sun May 11, 2014 4:13 PM

Geez, this is gonna be a long post. Sorry, i game alot at the moment. icon_dunce.gif


EDIT: Some explainations added.


Atari 5200 (Emulated)

Centipede = 1 hour (record on highscore.com)
Berzerk = 15 mins (never tried it before)



Titan Attacks = 30 mins
Pinball Arcade = 5 hours (Wicked good, got all tables so far..)


SNES (Emulated)

Final Fight 3 = 45 mins (Record on highscore.com. Nice game, probably my favorite in the series.)
Frogger = 2 hours (Record on highscore.com... And it's FROGGER!)


AMIGA (Emulated)


Gravity Force = 3,5 hours (Oh boy, what a masterpiece. Record on highscore.com)


Atari 7800 (Emulated)


Centipede = 15 mins (Centipede is one of my favs so i had to try it out)




Frogger = 30 mins (What can i say? It's Frogger.)
Pinball Action = 20 mins
Armed Formation F = 5 mins
Puzz Loop = 20 mins
Shao Lin's Road = 1 hour (Record on highscore.com. Old favorite since the 80's. Put on a 1 millions score something. Looking for the PCB so i can do a marathon in the future.)


Atari 2600 (Emulated)


J.Ö.R.G.E.N = 30 mins (HARD but oh so addictive, got the real hardware record on highscore.com)
Galaxian = 10 mins (Neat port, will put more time into this when my 2600 arrives)
Astar SP = 20 mins (Great homebrew!)
Space Rocks 20 mins (^)
Assault = 30 mins (Record on highscore.com)


Gameboy Advance (Emulated)


Bubble Bobble - OLD = 25 mins (record on highscore.com)
Bubble Bobble - NEW = 45 mins (^)
Namco Museum: Galaxian = 15 mins (Galaxian. <3)


Mega Drive (Genesis) (Emulated)


Space Invaders '91 = 25 mins (Record on highscore.com. Sweet game, hope someone beats my record so i'll spend more time with it)
Battle Squadron = 20 mins (Don't like it compared to the AMIGA version)
Thunderforce II = 30 mins
Thunderforce III = 5 mins
Paperboy 2 = 15 mins (record on highscore.com)
Crue Ball = 3 mins (Had to try it. Meh)


NES (Emulated)


Baltron = 5 mins
Burai Fighter = 2 hours (Record on highscore.com)


Commodore 64


River Raid = 2 hours (Superb version, record on highscore.com)
Kung Fu Master = 15 mins (Record on highscore.com)
Kickman = 10 mins (Record on highscore.com)
Dragons Den = 30 mins
Gridder = 30 mins (Nice Amidar clone, record on highscore.com)
Galaxian = 30 mins (Not the best Atarisoft port)
Save New York = 30 mins (Classic!)
Battle Through Time = 20 mins
Buggy Boy = 15 mins (Record on highscore.com)
Hard And Heavy = 5 mins (Didn't know this was "Giana Sisters II". Will maybe give it another try..)
Minestorm = 10 mins (Vectrex port, record on highscore.com)
Mollusk Redux = 20 mins (New commercial game, record on highscore.com)
The Impossible Game = 5 mins (record on highscore.com, game is meh.)

Thrust = 1 hour (What can i say? One of the best games ever.)


Gameboy Color


Tetris DX = 3 hours (Tetris flu)
Frogger = 25 mins (FROGGER!)


Gameboy Color Emulated


Rainbow Island = 30 mins (This was a surprise, great port for the GBC. Put up a record on highscore.com)
Frogger = 30 mins (...)




Gradius Rebirth = 1,5 hours (Great game like all in the series)
Contra Rebirth = 20 mins (Great game, need to spend more time on this)


SEGA Master System (Emulated)


Bubble Bobble = 30 mins (record on highscore.com, not as good port as people say)


Colecovision Emulated


Galaxian = 30 mins (Lovely)
Frogger =10 mins (Wicked)


Xbox 360


Earth Defence Force 2025 = 2 hours (BUY THIS GAME.. And EDF 2017 (also on Xbox 360). 2025 is available on the PS3 as well. Japanense third person shooter "B-game". Fantastic!


Playstation 3


Super Stardust HD = 30 mins (Epic)


Playstation VITA


Lumines = 15 mins (Have to atleast play a little..)

Wipeout = 15 mins

Frogger = 30 mins (!)




0 mins (Thanks god)


It's totally OK for me not to contribute to this thread anymore, but it sure was fun tracking what, and HOW MUCH you play. icon_smile.gif


Sunday to Sunday, cheers!

#2985159 What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2014 (Season 7)

Posted by Slaytanic on Wed May 7, 2014 12:18 AM

Aight, then i make a summery of the week on sunday, so exclude the current times and games.. If i'm not making it a hard time for you by doing so. :)

#2985008 What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2014 (Season 7)

Posted by Slaytanic on Tue May 6, 2014 6:50 PM

Is it OK to post every day? :)




Titan Attacks = 30 mins

Pinball Arcade = 60 mins




Final Fight 3 = 45 mins

Frogger = 30 mins




Gravity Force = 50 mins


Atari 7800:


Centipede = 15 mins




Frogger = 15 mins

Pinball Action = 20 mins

Armed Formation F = 5 mins

Puzz Loop = 20 mins


Atari 2600:


J.Ö.R.G.E.N = 30 mins

Galaxian = 10 mins

Astar SP = 20 mins




Bubble Bobble - OLD = 25 mins

Bubble Bobble - NEW = 45 mins

#2982997 Homebrew: J..R.G.E.N

Posted by Slaytanic on Sat May 3, 2014 6:32 PM

Off to get high and play some Tempest 2000 or TxK.

#2982979 Homebrew: J..R.G.E.N

Posted by Slaytanic on Sat May 3, 2014 5:49 PM

There was this huge retro gaming expo in Gothenburg, Sweden today and i meet this cool indie dev that had made an awesome Atari 2600 game for the expo. I found it incredible addictive and told him he had to post it here, which he made note of, i appologize in advace if i'm stepping on any toes but i just gotta share this sweet game like right now. It was posted on Daniel Remar's twitter feed a couple weeks ago so i feel free to share it with you all. If Daniel reads this, please respond, i belive there's alot of people that wanna thank you for this wonderfull game.


By the way, yeah.. that's J.Ö.R.G.E.N with an "O" with two dots over the letter, we're swedish god damn it.






The game is made to be played in NTSC mode, I played it on a Atari 2600 Junior powered by a Harmony card. The superb looking cover made for J.Ö.R.G.E.N (i didn't take any pictures unfortunately) are made by steamgear and could be found here: http://steamgear.dev...overs-451820185


The other covers seems to be for other new homebrew games by other authors, i dunno if they have been posted on here but they are mentioned on Daniel Remars Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/reallyremar


Description from the read me:


The game is made to be played in NTSC mode




Piloting the lightning-fast SIV, you have entered J.Ö.R.G.E.N.'s dimension in an attempt to stop its terrible creatures from invading Earth. Collect the SUPER BOMBS to destroy your enemies, dodge the deadly raining LASER PLATES and face off with J.Ö.R.G.E.N. itself in the amazing finale!



Collect the yellow SUPER BOMB to defeat your enemy and advance to the next level. Avoid the falling LASER PLATES and ENEMIES.

Hold down the joystick button to TURBO BOOST. Boosting is the key to victory!

You get an extra life when you're halfway to J.Ö.R.G.E.N., and another if you manage to defeat it. Each time you complete the game, the LASER PLATES will fall faster. After clearing the game three times, the enemies will be randomized and you get no more extra lives.

After losing a life, you will restart on the far side of the screen. Don't worry, you will never restart underneath a falling LASER PLATE. When all your lives are lost, the game is over.

Note: There is a short delay before you can restart the game after getting a Game Over.


DOWNLOAD LINK (from Daniel Remars web page, http://remar.se/daniel) :www.remar.se/daniel/misc/jorgen.zip


If i succeed there should be a attached file in this very post as well. icon_smile.gif


Attached File  jorgen.zip   3.09MB   323 downloadsAttached File  jorgen.zip   3.09MB   323 downloads