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In Topic: Jr. Pac-Man review for Intellivision

Today, 9:43 PM

Issue: Pink box on maze


I tested three other intellivisions (two player mode, fast jr) and came up with the following results:


Sylvania model - Pink box shows up right away

Sears video arcade - Pink box shows up right away

Mattel model - no pink box, however, I was able to reproduce the premature level completion bug.


Also one thing I didnt realize, the bug which allows Junior to go through a ghost can also happen when blue time is active (sylvania model).


I have a few Mattel Intys but they have video artifacts unrelated to Jr. Pacman.  Does anyone know anyone that might be able to repair?


Anyhow, I feel like a game tester lol...



In Topic: Jr. Pac-Man review for Intellivision

Today, 7:54 PM

Ahh, okay thanks for the correction, I appreciate it.  As far as I could tell switching the title screens did not affect gameplay but I will double check.  I plan on updating the video in the next couple of days (replacing it) and making a few fixes like this to it, including testing out another INTV and for the bugs I ran into

In Topic: Jr. Pac-Man review for Intellivision

Today, 1:55 PM

No, I agree, which is why I recorded the disclaimer.  I have to believe most of these issues do not happen on the majority of INTV consoles.  I was hoping to hear back from you guys to let me know everything is fine with yours. I may have to switch to another Intellivison.

In Topic: Game based on "adventure" atari 2600

Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:10 PM

That is so cool.  Nice job

In Topic: Over 30 Atari original paintings on display at 2017 CCAG

Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:46 AM

Great video.  I have the same sentimetnts regarding the warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings Atari and classic gaming evokes.