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In Topic: Lubbock Texas TI Sites

Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:07 PM

I got my TI up and found the disk file, but when i loaded it into E/A it said something about 'control character missing'.  I will need to look at it some more. :)


I have seen this somewhere, maybe a messed up file.


This error might be returned by  EDIT1 (the editor) or possible ASSM1 (assembler), but the LOADER does not use it.


I think it refers to the last line of the file, which has the editor's tab settings, being an unexpected format.



These are some of the E/A error numbers.  
9  CONTROL CHARACTER REMOVED not used by loader.
A  ILLEGAL TAG (one of D,E,G,H)
E  PROGRAM NOT FOUND   not used by loader

In Topic: Lubbock Texas TI Sites

Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:16 AM

I'm pretty sure it was an internal TI deal.  I was so young that I don't remember which demos that TI bought/published/distributed, but it seemed like they were all music demos he programmed in either Basic, Extended Basic, or Assembly.


I've got an unfinished version of a game called 'Caveman' he was working on in Assembly that was based on the Ringo Starr movie, as well.


His name was Sam Moore, Jr.  :)


Sam Moore Jr was a big influence on me as a kid.
I received a few of his music "videos" through friends. They were generally excellent in quality, so I loaded them many times. 
All of the pop songs were new to me as a kid, so I credit Sam Moore Jr with "educating" me in these pop standards, such as Time in a Bottle, Killing Me Softly, You're So Vain, Yesterday, plus a few classical works like Moonlight Sonata and the jazzy 5th of Beethoven and Bumble Boogie. The graphics were always fun.
Here are listings of what's available in the Tigercub collections of Sam Moore Jr:
Sam Moore Jr disks
600, 601, 602, 603 in PC99 format (use ti99dir to extract files or convert to V9T9 dsk)
600       :     343 used  17 free   90 KB  1S/1D 40T  9 S/T
AMAZEFILE     11  INT/VAR 80    2454 B  122 recs
AMAZEGRACE    10  PROGRAM       2254 B
BERCEUSE/X    35  PROGRAM       8655 B
BUGLEBOOGX    31  PROGRAM       7557 B
BUMBLBOOGB    45  PROGRAM      11116 B
DOGBOOGIEX    38  PROGRAM       9340 B
FORESTROSX    31  PROGRAM       7653 B
LOAD           7  PROGRAM       1410 B
MAINSCRX      17  PROGRAM       3925 B
ODEPUPPYX     34  PROGRAM       8326 B
VARTHEMEX     30  PROGRAM       7181 B
VENUSRHAPX    26  PROGRAM       6297 B
WESTBOOGX     26  PROGRAM       6257 B

MOORE#2   :     345 used  15 free   90 KB  1S/1D 40T  9 S/T
5THBEETHVX    47  PROGRAM      11574 B
ALBUMLEAFX    46  PROGRAM      11444 B
IN/MILL/X     38  PROGRAM       9371 B
JUSTWAY/X     38  PROGRAM       9390 B
KILMESOFTX    28  PROGRAM       6819 B
LIGHTFILE     10  INT/VAR 80    2244 B  121 recs
LIGHTLIFX2    16  PROGRAM       3802 B
LOAD           7  PROGRAM       1334 B
OP/23/X       30  PROGRAM       7307 B
TIME-DATA     12  INT/VAR 80    2620 B  134 recs
TIME/BOTX2    28  PROGRAM       6720 B
YESTERDAYX    43  PROGRAM      10607 B

MOORE#3   :     350 used  10 free   90 KB  1S/1D 40T  9 S/T
BOOGOOGIEX    34  PROGRAM       8204 B
GUITAR/X      20  PROGRAM       4773 B
LOAD           7  PROGRAM       1345 B
MOONLSON/X    49  INT/VAR 254  12090 B   48 recs
MORNING/X     40  PROGRAM       9850 B
NOCTURNE      41  PROGRAM      10218 B
OZMEDLEY      42  PROGRAM      10384 B
RONDO         41  PROGRAM      10068 B
SEABOTTOM     23  PROGRAM       5400 B
SENORITA      24  PROGRAM       5804 B
VENBOAT/X     27  PROGRAM       6454 B

MOORE#4   :     339 used  21 free   90 KB  1S/1D 40T  9 S/T
BIGCATBOOG    19  PROGRAM       4457 B
CSONATA       43  PROGRAM      10668 B
GRAYMOUSE     18  PROGRAM       4116 B
KANGAROO      16  PROGRAM       3793 B
LOAD           7  PROGRAM       1502 B
MAPLELEAF     44  PROGRAM      10962 B
MASH4077      40  PROGRAM       9934 B
SILENCIA      14  PROGRAM       3240 B
SNOWSCENE     11  PROGRAM       2393 B
SPLENDORED    38  PROGRAM       9405 B
SUNDAYDRIV    18  PROGRAM       4286 B
WITCHDANCE    42  PROGRAM      10331 B
WITHLOVE      27  PROGRAM       6495 B

In Topic: VINTAGE Games in BASIC

Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:36 AM

For the more interesting programs, the screen width was the main limiting factor. I remember way back when trying to convert a really cool naval warfare game (I think it's in Ahl's second book) but being thwarted by the fact that it required 80 columns...


I spent many after school days and summers working on programs out of the two David H. Ahl books of Creative Computing.


I remember adapting the red book's Seabattle to 28 columns with graphic characters (I especially liked the sea monster.) It's like TI Trek but with a submarine, torpedoes, island base, and sea monsters. (Apt, because the Enterprise is basically a submarine in space.) ("The real name of this program is, "Underwater Pie Lob")


From the first book my favorite was Hammurabi (I never had the TI version from Oldier but Goodies I), a strange lifelong affinity that 30 years later led me to the basement of the Oriental Institute of Chicago.


From the third book of much bigger programs, I adapted Dukedom to look nice in Extended Basic.


I purchased the eBooks of Ahl when he had an official website, and the  BekerBot folio of robot illustrations from the books. I have converted some BekerBots into vector artwork and made one very large gold foil covered version.


Love those BekerBots.



In Topic: Satellite tracking program for TI-99/4A

Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:05 PM

I would like to learn how to do this, and write the necessary code in FORTH.

The origin of FORTH was in controlling telescopes, a tradition which has all but vanished. 

A while ago I did a search for available FORTH libraries for celestial calculations.

In Topic: Dragon's Lair is sold out!

Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:41 AM

Having fun with Dragon's Lair at Midwest Gaming Classic, Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee.


Mike's packaging material is on the easel. The poster art is on the joystick console :)