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Namco's Unpublished Sequel to MunchMan

Mon Apr 1, 2019 11:09 AM

Some people know that TI experimented with porting its best-known games to Intellivision. 


Well, much later, Namco planned  to roll up the market for retro-gaming by producing software for the TI-99/4A.  A Namco intern told their boss to build on the nostalgia for "Munk-Man" and this is what happened.




I found the binary on an MSX forum earlier this year: (Attached File  k2.dsk   90KB   22 downloads or download here) contains a single E/A 3 object file "K2" without Namco markings. The  program name is K2.


Watch the video here:  https://youtu.be/writJ0I5fHg 


Crimp or solder pins for your own D-sub joystick or RS232 connector?

Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:41 AM

(Posting in TI-99/4A because it's my home page)
I had never used a crimping tool until now, only solder. But I'm making an arcade joystick console, and the buttons and stick (links to Ultimarc) have quick disconnect terminals. So I got a $10 crimping tool at Lowe's  and made a wiring harness.


(The buttons use 2.8mm quick disconnect terminals, which are not common. Don't forget to buy these when buying buttons! Fortunately I had a box from an estate sale.) 
So now for the 9-pin D-sub connector that plugs into the joystick port!
I have only used solder-cup 9-pin connectors, but I picked up these at Fry's. (Fry's is a giant electronics store that is both a train wreck and a lifesaver at the same time.)
So how the heck do I crimp those contacts onto wire ends? My trial efforts are miserable. I need another tool.
I found this video showing closed-barrel D-sub contacts. I'm not sure if the tool works for these Fry's open-barrel or Dupont contacts.
This 4-indent, closed barrel pin crimping tool costs $50. (I saw the tool chained down in one video.)
I think I need the SN-28B ratchet tool used here. It's more reasonable for $22
I'm about to give up and just go buy solder-cup 9-pin D-sub. Advice? Before I throw any more money into a crimping tool? Will it just give me more grief?

Game controls: keyboard ESDX, WASD, joysticks

Sat Mar 9, 2019 3:18 PM

Discussion of love/hate for ESDX keys, joysticks, other key layouts like WASD


There were posts about key preferences in the "Assembly on the  99/4A" thread, following a discussing of KSCAN.


I am quoting them here, hoping to divert the talk to its own thread.

How to move DIS/FIX 80 through HDX as files?

Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:39 AM

I'm stuck. I just got HDX working for the first time. Yeah coming out of the stone age. Using some seriously amazing software from Fred Kaal.


I'm trying to move a DIS/FIX 80 file. On my PC it is written by xdt99 (oh yeah, the modern world is amazing) 


The PC has a text file with CRLF line endings.


I converted it with TI99Dir to TIFILES format. I tell it it is a DIS/FIX 80 file. I told it to remove CRLF at the same time. TI99Dir produces this format:

128 bytes of TIFILES header

256 bytes organized as: 80 bytes, space filled, 3 times. 16 bytes of zeros.



I drop the file in the HDX files directory and transfer it to the 4A using CFHDXS1 (nanoPeb version).


E/A3 says "Illegal Tag". When I look at the file it has a 4th line between every 3.



20 INPUT #1:A$


40 GOTO 20


Every 4th line looks like an object record truncated to 16 bytes.


Something similarly bad happens when I transfer my EA5 version. However, I was able to transfer 'CANFIELD' from the 4k game contest alright and run it.


I'm just stuck at this point. Probably try the same dumb things over and over looking for options I missed, while surrounded by screaming kids. Can anyone help me with the HDX part of my problem?

Basic Fun to Reissue Speak and Spell in Fall 2019 for $25

Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:06 AM

So, hexbus alerted me to this, 


Basic Fun to Reissue Speak and Spell in Fall 2019 for $25




Spoiler: it doesn't do any voice synthesis, there's no TMS5100 emulated or otherwise.  It features new studio samples that sound like a robot instead. Not real thrilled about that.



Some history of Speak and Spell:




Sourced from this great VCF interview: