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In Topic: Coleco strong-arming homebrew publishers and fan sites

Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:28 PM

You have to at least give Chris credit for being an equal-opportunity employer!  Oh... except if you're over 21, then good luck getting a job at Clone-eco.

In Topic: Coleco strong-arming homebrew publishers and fan sites

Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:33 PM


Ka-boom! :)


At least not the one used by the Greenberg family during the marketing of the ColecoVision circa 1982-1985 or thereabouts.


While one of the original marks used lower case as seen above, it appears to me that Ben created a new variant for the horizontal (side-by-side) version that features all lower-case letters and a rainbow spectrum that differs from the Coleco Industries-based colour mark (unless someone found prior art examples where Coleco Industries did the same). According to my recollection and limited research, I have only ever seen the capital C capital V rainbow mark that begins with pink/red C and ends with pink/red N.


I believe you are correct sir, I dare say with my limited research also, however I only ever recall the COLECO over VISION mark all in lower case, and the single line COLECO VISION mark with enlarged C and V and a very subtle space between the words.  I can't recall any of the original material using anything but those 2 configurations.

In Topic: Coleco strong-arming homebrew publishers and fan sites

Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:42 PM


Unless my eyes are fooling me, RWB used your own originally-created version of the ColecoVision mark.


So............ the ColecoVision mark that Coleco Holdings is licensing out for a fee to anyone who wants to use the ColecoVision mark.... is not the ColecoVision mark.

In Topic: Coleco strong-arming homebrew publishers and fan sites

Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:57 AM

I don't think it is a good idea to post anything that may help them. This whole new registration is a reaction to what have been happening in the last few weeks. They feel unsafe with the existing trademark


Exactly.  I would suggest grabbing some screenshots, if you haven't already.  All of this new trademark commotion is an attempt to cover up past sins.  Thing is, it's all publicly available info and the trademark's history is known and documented.  Can't erase past fraudulent activity.  What's done is done.

In Topic: Coleco strong-arming homebrew publishers and fan sites

Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:59 PM

I finally got around to watching all of CUPodcast's last piece regarding the "Coleco Holdings"/Ben Heck situation, and oh my... this is very damning for RWB.  I'm almost speechless.  I can only really repeat the words of Pat when he finally said "maybe someone should look into this".


Perhaps this should be moved to the "ColecoVision Homebrews & IP Rights Discussion" thread, but to me this is a huge smoking gun, as I don't/can't believe - and this is strictly my own opinion as I'm not a lawyer - that RWB can legally claim the ColecoVision trademark as theirs based on false pretense.  If legally challenged on this, RWB's claim wouldn't hold up at all.  I'm not sure what the implications would be for the homebrewers if this were the case - I would guess they would be able to use the ColecoVision logo without recourse against them.


Obviously, I support TPR, the homebrewers and the rest of the CV community on this one.  Not only for Coleco Holdings' recent inexplicable actions against TPR, but also for the company's actions back in 2008 when they fraudulently manipulated Ben Heck into giving them the photo of his CV portable project and logo vector file for the purposes of claiming trademark rights.  I just... can't wrap my head around that.