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Playing VIC-20 lately and I found an Ultima game, Escape from Mount Drash, which I didn't even realize I owned - well I guess I haven't played all of them yet, at least... Updated 08 Mar · 4 comments

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     So I'm a fairly young dude at 16 years old, and I like a ton of stuff. Let's start off with one of the main things on the website - gaming. I got a start in gaming when I was little, as we had a 3DO that I would play a ton. After remembering and wanting a new game for the stupid console when I was fairly young I got into what I'd call collecting games, as I'd save money from odd jobs and chores and all that so I could get more games for the thing. My real major jump into collecting though was in 2010 or so after my grandparents had passed, and remembering how we'd go there on sundays after church to watch football and play on the Nintendo with my aunts and uncles, so I went out of my way to find and get the two NES units we had in the basement for so many years operational with the help of my dad. Lots of money and possibly stupid decisions later, and I'm where I am with a fairly large collection of hardware and software that takes up a good chunk of the room available to me.


     Why am I on AtariAge you may ask? Well to be completely honest, I don't have a good idea. I wanted to find a forum that had a community for retro gaming in general, and after buying a 4-switch woodgrain 2600 in 2013 or so and browsing and being slightly bored by some other bigger forums I ended up settling down here as I wanted to learn more about the Atari stuff and saw how much other stuff there was to talk about. I like the forum a good bit, I've got some good help on here with topics like my Apple II+ that couldn't run ProDOS, and it seems like a good place to me.


     Now, onto some other interests and a long mess of sentences. One thing I always liked was anything mechanical, and I love to tinker with (and usually break) mechanisms just to figure out how they work. So, I build a bunch of random stuff - robots, random k'nex contraptions, and little mechanisms that do nothing useful with junk laying around the house. Another major interest of mine is gun and hunting stuff, which I'm not going to go into much other than the fact that I'm some idiot in the country who likes them for how they work and the fact that they bring fresh food to the table. Going off of that, I'm a major Airosft and Paintball player - I've got a large amount of airsoft guns ranging from classic Japanese stuff to modern Polarstars and EBBs, and I have four paintball markers with a large amount of paintballs put through them and in varying states of wear. Computers, specifically really small ones or powerful ones, are a thing that I love - I dunno why but I find it so cool to see how much power you can fit in such a small object. Music is a big interest - I play Oboe (Some Yamaha intermediate-grade that cost me a good bit), Bb Clarinet (My first woodwind, also a Yamaha), Bass Clarinet (My favorite low instrument) and lots of synth for the concert band at school and a garage rock band put together by some of my best friends. I also like to listen to a lot of music, but I can't tell you my favorite artist as I like too much stuff. Drones and R/C airplanes are also a big interest - I've built ZMR250-based quadcopters and a hexacopter with my dad, and I've made a few R/C model airplanes that I fly around the school for fun. Finally to start closing this massive paragraph up, I absolutely love cameras and photography and movies and all that good stuff - I've been taking pictures with stuff from little disposable Kodak cameras to bigger DSLRs like my Canon 70D. For film, I love to shoot it - it's just kinda cool to me - and I have a nice stockpile of 35mm, 70mm, 16mm, and instant film. And with movies, well I love many formats (VHS, Betamax, Laserdisc, CED, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, 8mm, and 70mm) and they're good entertainment.


So yeah, that's about it for me. I have a lot of interests and like my games from the 70s to modern stuff. Thanks for reading through if you did.


TL;DR - I'm BurritoBeans, a dude who likes a ton of stuff.




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