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#4213696 Is It Possible?

Posted by Hannacek on Tue Feb 5, 2019 1:50 PM


Thanks for the reply. My problem is I lack the knowledge of how to rewire the sms control stick so it would work. Help Please?


You can watch plenty of videos on youtube to learn how to solder. Soldering tutorial videos will cover the basics about soldering, wires, and desoldering. You can practice on a broken VCR, or whatever you have that doesn't work. 

#4212941 Replacement Atari 2600 Joystick Controller Cables?

Posted by Hannacek on Mon Feb 4, 2019 1:59 PM

Genesis extension cables are plentiful and cheap, but stay away.

Stay away from these Retro-bit and the other China made Genesis extension cables. They are usually sold under the Retro Bit brand name, but the same ones are sold under a few different brand names, or generic with no brand name. They are such low quality, I would only use them as extension cables. That way if/when they break, you can just throw them away. Those extension cables are very cheaply made, and the connectors on both ends often break with limited usage. You don't want to solder in a new cable, and have the connector break later on.


Your best bet is to buy some broken Genesis controllers on ebay and use them to get the cables. Often you get can a bunch of untested Genesis controllers for $3-$5 each (including shipping), which is usually cheaper than the extension cables. You can even get the 3rd party Genesis controllers for even cheaper if you feel bad about cutting up a Genesis controller. Just remember to get a 3rd party Genesis controller from back in the 80s/90s. New 3rd party Genesis controllers are just as cheap as Retro Bit extension cables, so you may as well just buy the extension cables at that point.

Each manufacturer uses different colors for the different wires, so if you are replacing an Atari 2600 controller, don't assume the colors of the wires are the same color on the new cable. 

Don't buy this item pictured below. It is just a Retro-bit extension cable with one of the ends cut off. I told you not to buy the Retro Bit extension cable, but if you choose to buy it, don't pay 2 or 3 times as much from this seller who just took the extension cable and stripper the wires on one end. You can strip your own wires for free. 


#4198909 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Hannacek on Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:57 PM

Chris Hansen was arrested for bouncing a $13,000 check for T-shirts and mugs he ordered to send to his Kickstarter backers. Quite possible the single dumbest thing anyone has ever done. It is a crime to pick up $13,000 worth of T-shirts and mugs without paying for it. But collecting millions of dollars in crowdfunding money, and delivering nothing is perfectly legal with zero consequences. How did he expect to pay the money for the shipping? By committing a federal crime and not paying the Post Office? 


#4194094 ColecoVision Prototype Consoles

Posted by Hannacek on Wed Jan 9, 2019 2:28 PM

Unfortunately companies destroy all prototypes. The only ones that are around have survived by accident or some set of unusual circumstances. If you want to know why, just look at the only known Nintendo PlayStation prototype that survived. Both companies would rather forget that endeavor happened.

Or look at the Atari Jaguar injection molds. It hurts your reputation as a company to have your old products running around so anyone can use them to put whatever they want in them. In that case Atari went bankrupt, so they couldn't destroy the molds as is the normal procedure, they had to sell the molds (and everything else) for whatever money they could get to pay the creditors in the bankruptcy. 

#4192497 Why isn't Evil Otto the Default in Berzerk?

Posted by Hannacek on Mon Jan 7, 2019 11:42 AM

Today you can buy a lot of dozens of 2600 games for cheap on ebay, or get great games at the dollar bin at every convention or retro game store. Back in the day, a lot of people only got new games for birthdays and Christmas because the games were expensive. So you would read the manual, and play the game for hours and learn every aspect of the game, because it was months before you would get a new game. The developers probably assumed you would start the game on easy, and later progress to the other difficulties. The manual explains everything about the game. The manual used to be mandatory reading. Now, the Angry Video Game Nerd never reads the manual, because he wants the game to be confusing so he can rant and curse out the game. 

#4184605 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Hannacek on Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:44 PM



*Yes, I realize that the NYTF is gigantic in the toy industry, but from the perspective of someone launching a game console, it's really small potatoes.  




It's almost like Toys and Video Games are two completely different industries, with completely different industry conventions and trade shows, so that you go to the wrong convention, and people don't know enough to ask critical questions or even have the most basic of scrutiny.  Mike Kennedy would never do that, because he is highly respected in the retro gaming...

#4182432 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Hannacek on Sat Dec 22, 2018 12:28 PM

A timeline is meaningless when you hold yourself accountable to no one.


That is the point of Indigogo, zero accountability to anyone. At least with Kickstarter you need a working prototype.


#4181772 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Hannacek on Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:04 PM

From the Indigogo Update:

"It’s hard to balance our desire to share and community hunger for updates, against the corporate need to keep certain things secret because we can’t reveal too much or think something might or will change, and much needs to stay highly confidential until ready to share. We appreciate your ongoing patience and hope that you will enjoy this month’s hardware update."


A real corporation has investors, shareholders, banks, and institutional investors. High level investors and mutual fund companies get detailed information on their investment.

With crowdfunding, there are no investors, shareholders, or banks, they choose to fund from regular people online instead of seeking those tradition funding. Therefore the crowdfunding backers are the investors, and they should be told everything at every step of the way as if they were the bank or mutual fund company, because for that project the backers are the bank.

Atari can't have it both ways. They can't claim they are a corporation and can't share secrets with the the public, but at the same time they are not a real corporation, and are e-begging online and can not share secrets with the backers like any other crowdfunding campaign. If they want to send a private email only to the backers with detailed information, that is fine. It is unacceptable to provide no real update to the backers.

#4180489 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Hannacek on Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:43 PM

Why do they have all these renders of the different parts that make up the Xbox controller, and all these different wood samples, but not one picture of the circuit board? With Mike Kennedy, he had all his claims about the console and what it could do, but there was no way to disprove what he said, because it was all hypothetical and what he intended to make the final console when it was released in a year or two. But once Mike Kennedy showed the actual circuit board, he got caught, and you couldn't give him the benefit of the doubt or say maybe he is telling the truth. Maybe AtariBox will live up to what they say it will be. We have no way to prove them wrong, because they have produced no board to show what they are actually doing.

It is reasonable for them to say they are making changes, and things are evolving, but they should have multiple circuit boards showing the progress of the work they are doing. How could they not have at least one board at this point? They have a dozen wood samples, but no board?

#4180451 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Hannacek on Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:56 PM




OK, so they've got some veneer samples. I could have solved this with a web search ... here's enough for all your early adopters for twenty-five bucks, probably the price of one of the T-shirts. Pre-glued for your pleasure. Remember, it only has to stay stuck long enough for the Ataribox LLC to stay in business. 




I have used that real wood veneer 3/4" edging you can get at Home Depot, and its good stuff. You just iron it on with a regular Iron. If you make a mistake, its easy to just heat is up again to remove it.

#4180434 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Hannacek on Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:37 PM


Actually I have a few PowerA controllers and they're really nice. Not a bad choice for a controller manufacturer if you're trying to find someone to make one for you. o w o


They say they are making a PC/Xbox controller as if that is a great feature where you can use their controllers on a PC, and vice versa. It's not really a feature, its a way they can just drop ship and/or sell 3rd party PC controllers so they don't have to do any actual work to make a controller. 

I'm not familiar with PowerA, but can't you just buy PowerA controllers from PowerA directly? They really needed that $3 million to figure out a way to sell PowerA controllers.

#4178941 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Hannacek on Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:21 AM

If I was a backer I couldn't bail fast enough. As a taco aficionado, "Atari" isn't even giving me enough material to mock. The silly thing has simply dropped into a black hole.


The whole point of crowdfunding is that you can not bail. They needed the money to manufacture the boards, get the cases made, package the console, etc. They would tell you they spent all the money on making the console, so they can't refund you. 

In reality, they probably still have most of the money, but they can just claim they spent it, and can't offer refunds. 

#4176355 My console looks like it's been modified?

Posted by Hannacek on Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:22 PM

Using the RCA Coax adapter will either get you the same or better video quality. Not having to use the rf switch box is one less thing to worry about. The switchbox can decrease the video quality. It's worth the few dollars to get the adapter.


With old VCRs, often the belts and motors break over the years. If you are not concerned with playing tapes, then any VCR that powers on and appears to be in good condition should work great for connecting video game consoles. The moving parts that play tapes are usually the only parts of a VCR that would break. 

#4176350 LED Mod

Posted by Hannacek on Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:15 PM

You probably just want to buy parts off Ebay or Amazon. Newark tends to charge too much for shipping if your order is too small. 


You just need an led, and the right value resistor for 5 volts. Its a really simple circuit to light an led with 5 volts. You can find youtube videos and stuff online to show you how.  

#4175641 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by Hannacek on Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:37 AM

The AtariBox failing will be a disaster for Atari making any new hardware. No one will ever trust them again. However, the casual people who buy the t-shirts and flashback consoles and Atari collections for modern consoles won't notice or care that they took $3 million from people on Indigogo and delivered nothing. The person at Walmart or Target buying an Atari hat or mini arcade will never hear about what happened on Indigogo. 

The t-shirts and flashback consoles are where all the money is for Atari. And they had no creditably to begin with in releasing new hardware, so them losing the trust of people won't mean anything, because there was no reason to believe Atari could or would be able to make any new hardware. (Remember, the Atari handhelds, mini arcades, and flashback consoles are licensing deals, At Games and other companies actually make those products, and will continue to make those products)