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#3957334 Introducing BlueWizard - QBoxPro replacement speech analysis TMS5220 tool

Posted by tr1k1 on Fri Feb 9, 2018 1:19 AM

I downloaded a sample pack for mame (it uses a simulation of the speech chip now - not tms5220).
Reduced the sample rate in one of the free audio editors, probably audacity.
Used qboxpro to convert them and edit the bits that needed swapping between the two types of sounds Ch/oo.
Exported as text and copied the bits of the text file that were the sample data.
I've forgotten the details of qboxpro, but it was a pain at first.
In the game, most samples are supposed to sound like a computer.
I only use Windows and had no luck with python or converting objective-c to c/c++, but then as I said, I got distracted.