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In Topic: [WATARA] [VECTREX] Flash cart rewritable multigame cartridge available

Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:19 PM

I don't think it's possible to have it work on a regular supervision.
It would probably work on a magnum as that is what it was made for and the screen has a higher resolution.
Has it been made to work in the emulator?

Does anyone has the dump of this game at all?
And if so, has it been verified? (like if it's not corrupted etc.)


What about dumping Majong? Mateos was going to provide you a dumper for it

In Topic: Watara Supervision hooked on TV

Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:49 PM


I forgot to post about this the other day, but I bought one of these dumb things (TV link) off ebay last year and did a bunch of RE work on it.  Basically, the way it works is the chip on the right is a supervision chip, but it is not the same as the chip on the handheld system-  it is similar, but the frame buffer is different and seems to be designed to be polled by the second TV chip on the left.   The chip on the bottom right is a 64K ROM which contains the border graphics (I was going to dump it but haven't had time yet).   The other two little carrier glop tops are the two 8K RAM chips that the supervision chip needs like usual. (8K of CPU RAM, 8K of VRAM/frame buffer).


The "cartridge" that plugs into the supervision handheld is a lol, and all it does is turn  your supervision in a power hungry controller.   The ROM on the cartridge simply reads the buttons and sends them in parallel down the cable back to the base unit-  you DO NOT even need it to play the games.  You can simply send the up/down/left/right/button presses down the wire and it will work fine.  I guess they had to justify the use of the supervision handheld *somehow*.  lol.


The two TTL chips form a johnson counter that divides the 21.47727 (or 26.6Mhz for PAL) down by 5 or 7 to run the supervision chip.  Like the super gameboy, the frequency is off (but worse) so pitch of the audio is off, as well.  The supervision runs at nominally 4Mhz, so you get either 4.295Mhz in NTSC mode (7.4% fast) or in PAL it will be ~3.8MHz (5.2% slow).  The three jumpers near the chips that have two positions configures the johnson counter for the desired divisor.  It's been over a year so my memory is a bit hazy now and I can't find the schematic I drew of it.


At least one of those solderable jumper pads is to put the video chip into PAL mode.


I did find the pinout (mostly complete) of the two chips.


The "512D" is the 64K ROM holding the border graphics.

CPUxx are the CPU address/data lines which run to the cartridge and the 8K of RAM connected to the CPU.

VRAMxx is the video RAM/frame buffer (8K) bus.



That's a nice pinout you've got there!

Any idea if we can invert the output of the screen and somehow "fix" the audio?

In Topic: Flashcart and Multicart List - All systems

Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:34 PM

So, who's gonna edit the first post with all the latest informations? :(

In Topic: [WATARA] [VECTREX] Flash cart rewritable multigame cartridge available

Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:28 PM

Bumping this thread, I still wonder what happened to the "getting 'Journey to the West' to work". :(

In Topic: Watara Supervision hooked on TV

Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:49 PM


Yes, but it's like the Game Boy, you're supposed to link two systems, not plug a gamepad on it.


If I remember well, early LCD screens have an odd refresh rate, like 27 htz. or maybe 55Htz, or anything in-between.

The result being that without a slightly modified hardware (which is probably why there is a whole Supervision crammed into the TV-Link) then the output is neither 50 or 60 htz.


Regardless it's damn interesting to have clear pics, inside and out, and even a video.

I know it's to connect 2 SuperVisions with the link cable, but did they even released any cable like that?
If not, I should find somewhere some broken Atari/MegaDrive controllers and solder one myself to see if it's working at all.


On a side note: I've noticed that the music on some games, are REALLY off...

The games developed by B.I.T.S. are actually sounding VERY good (but they also sound VERY good on the SuperVision, surprisingly their games are also decent)

Seems like those guys knew how to develop for the SuperVision


I'll make some comparison video soon



those jp's look tempting too, and one seems related to the chip right next to it (it would short two of its legs together).  I wonder what that chip does, it'd probably help solve the mystery of what those 4 jp's do.


Which one do you mean?