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#4116556 Help needed with a Mattel Intellivision

Posted by Gernot on Wed Sep 19, 2018 6:19 AM

it isn't ;)



but i can't tell if it still works i haven't tested it but it would be a sneeze.

further italy isn't 1000 miles away from my home.

#4057246 Wishing for an Updated Soccer Game

Posted by Gernot on Tue Jun 26, 2018 5:40 AM

one mustn't like it  (replays)


Speed isn't exactly what it leaks of i guess, at least i played wc soccer often in 1.5x speed (double is to much because of the scrolling) but returned to single speed.

It's not harder it's easier to play, that sounds maybe contradictary but that's what i experienced.

Of course i still feel it could be faster, but this "slowness" has some influence on hardness.

It lowers unfortunately the attractivity of the game when you feel you wade in mud.


also i'm not sure if real soccer really got faster?

sometimes i feel they play table soccer.


but let's see i'm curious and will watch a few old matches

#4056909 Let's play Intellivisionized

Posted by Gernot on Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:35 PM

I'm still not sure if it's clever to post it here, it's a little bit off topic.

But it's made to honor the Intellivision.


It's not the only Mod which i dedicated to the Intellivision but my most recent one.



#4054563 New (old) Intellivision Owner

Posted by Gernot on Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:57 AM

the mentioned cold solderings in the other thread are something i always look for at very first, this is a very common reason for many broken electronic devices especially for the hole through technique. the pcb is bathed in solder and sometimes it failed, a test might not show it but a use.

simply because to solder any metal needs that the workpiece is heatened up and then you add the solder, to bath it is not quite right but effective.


however that's still better as to glue them, when i dismantled my boombox because it didn't worked anymore i noticed a quite heavy piece of graphite glued with something that i would call gun-gum on the pcb. no wonder it simply fell off on a sunny day it's made for this purpose hmmm....


gun-gum is the wrong term, gun-gum is to stand heat, it's sticky and like tar when it's cold and simply hardens with heat, used to fix nah i wouldn't say guns but exhausts of any sort.

#4054562 New (old) Intellivision Owner

Posted by Gernot on Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:55 AM

obviousely this differs even from my PAL inty



i guess the hint on the RCA cartridges is a quite good one to get rid of corrosion remnants, use a rubber from a pencil.

isopropyl alcohol is good to clean off fat and dust, but it can't erase corrosion, of course a rubber is abrasive but it's still better as corroded contacts,

one could use a glass fibre brush, but they are even more abrasive, so i think this quite old advice is quite good.


to be honest how careless i am and ever was with my electronic devices, corrosion was never a reason.

ok i don't sweat much, i remeber i had a teacher who just had to look at steel or copper and it started to corrode, in fact he had always wet hands.

while hmmm... mine was mostly greasy or heavy colored (so called working diseases or working class disease?).

#4054471 Wishing for an Updated Soccer Game

Posted by Gernot on Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:26 AM

i never will forget the moment my mother saw the running man for the first time and of course it was soccer.

she was totally excited that such is possible at all and that it runs so smoothly over the screen, almost like real.

#4054407 Wishing for an Updated Soccer Game

Posted by Gernot on Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:06 AM

pardon me but blocky or not i found the intellivision soccer much better as any else for quite a long time, i'm not wrong if i say most was biased games.

(or maybe i am biased).


i was a couch sports player and i feel a chip shot is much more challenging to play as any super realistic golf sim we have today, they are far to simple to play.

not even the so called "confidence shot" method really challenged me.

chip shot is hard to control and you miss often, but that's the sport in sports.

aber ich kann mir ja den mund fusselig reden :)


strangewisely it turned out that i started to dislike sport games after the intellivision - why?

and recently i wouldn't play any else as an old intellivision sports game (except for racing) and this not only because of nostalgia.


while in fact inty soccer is far to easy to win against the machine - far to easy.

if anything could be made better then it's the AI

if the rules are authentical won't influence gameplay much because each player has to follow the same rules authentic or not.

#4054104 vote for the game you would like to see on intellivision

Posted by Gernot on Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:09 PM

what about spy vs, spy?

i always liked it and i guess it will suit


1980 gamer, yes i do like the idea of an utopia 2, as one can see it's rated well.


erm, wouldn't it be sad to play i.e. elite only on an bbc acorn just because it was intentionally made for/on it?

do you play "space wars" also on the "original" machine it was written for in 1964? (if you play it at all).

never it was the idea of software that it's bound to a piece of stinking hardware, it likes to be unbound that's why it's written code.

just a couple of instructions and some maths and "for the first time machine served man and not vice versa" - space warz - goddammit.

a piece of code, later a single side of basic and the idea was i can play it on any machine i have access to.


just because i don't understand why any game should be reserved for a special platform.


"fascinating, i type in a couple of numbers in a text editor and the result is a 3d model"

a friend of mine posted this once after i showed him how easy that is (can be).

i can do this on any machine.


but well that's my opinion, to me it doesn't matters much on what hardware, i like to play that's all.

("i like to play that's all" phew i have made some bad experiences with this expression).


of course i do understand that some might not see the sense in playing i.e. an invaders on an emulated inty if you can play anytime you like the coin-op at home.

obviousely this is pure nostalgia in my case, i always liked the intellivision most.


but neither i ever understood this debate about which system/platform is superior, if i liked to play a certain game then i bought me the respective machine.

if you drive no automobile you have a lot of spare money to spend for entertainment, at least i had.

i never was what is labelled fanboy, i like to play that's all.

in my "best times" that was when my stepson was aged about 10 i had many machines running, from (the inty was unfortunately broken since long) my a500, sega master system, snes, a pc (or two), the a4000, cd32, a playstation, later gemecube, n64 ps2, everything was floating around in our living room.

neither it had to be new, a used one with some games was usually my choice, i like to play that's all.


of course i have preferences like the intellivision or the amiga(s), but like i said pure nostalgia.

(that space vessel in the upper left corner is also quite nostalgic, not only because of it's age

to be honest without a speechy script language i couldn't have made it (that's not true gernot), but it's imo a cool advantage we have today since the machines are fast enough to support such).

#4046097 "New" Intellivision controller concept

Posted by Gernot on Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:08 PM

absolutely right dz-jay

i have such a beefy ps1 controller which will use up half of your desk (i fished it out of the garbage).

but to be honest i can't use it.

yeah, i had something in mind with it, it would suit an a self made arcade cabinet.


instead of thousend words:




i hope you can catch the idea, it should be good to hold in one hand, the hand shouldn't be angled 90°, like you hold your hand naturally without using any force.

that's why i moved the action buttons to the bottom, i imagine a sort of musical keyboard keys, quite long with the pivot on the "wrong" side, you might feel it's wrong but i experimented a little, close to your finger tips, this will need a minimum force to press them.

this will be a right handed controller so we would need a mirrored design for the lefties.

(while this varies some right handed will feel comfortable with the left handed and vice versa)

the lever will make the action buttons very easy to press so they need a clear pressure point, something you can rest on without to press them.

the length i imagined this large because we haven't all the same size of fingers.

that's also why the pivot is "wrong" a shorter finger will have a longer lever due to that.


in my first drawing i made the numpad following the curve, but this will be a bit expensive to made i guess, on the other hand the numpad would be better to reach if it would follow the range of the thumb.




i'm aware this will be a intellivision/colecovision only design, but a hybrid isn't a really good option and most will use for recent games what they will feel comfartable with, i.e. a dual stick.


less is more in this case (in any case).


from the side it will be probably somewhat thicker on the top end




but one would have to hew it out of a wooden block to see what is best to hold, because the thickness could be as well better vice versa, i'm not sure which is best.


the occasional unwanted pressing of the action buttons, especially when you use the numpad, makes some problems, but in general it would be crampfree in this way.


if it should be a disc or a analog stick this i can't decide i'm quite comfortable with the disc, personally i stand to the disc. that is i.e. because auto racing (and similar) isn't good to play with a stick, at least not to me.


so this is my idea, tell me what you think of that tard.


yes i know - looks like a banana

so we have a name for this baby

the gorilla controller.

#4045324 Gyruss for Intellivision?

Posted by Gernot on Sat Jun 9, 2018 12:43 PM

maybe we (you) have to find a better licensing as creative commons.

see, i was pushed out of pioneer once, an australian dev. had followed what the fuzz was about and contacted me.

his very first mail was "i don't like to publish it as open source, i worked in industry and i have good reasons not to do so"

his main reason wasn't that a nobody could steal our ideas, it was because industry will take profit of our ideas without having to ask for permission,

that's why they so generously handing to us devs the tools we need. so we started a closed group of three developers. nothing was ever made public of that, it's our work, or should have been, unfortunately due to shit which can happen in life i lost contact to him.


means yes we would have to pay for licenses, but it means also that we have full rights over our content.

his arguments really changed my thoughts about open source.


and dammit creative commons have grown to be as complicated as any licensing and also that is not to our benefit, it's to the benefit of lawyers.


natively and naively i would say: "what a bullshit", and certainly i don't understand why we can't be friends.

it seems it didn't works, i mean yes we could and some can, but what about those who won't?

since i can't extract the teeth of such a sly guy from "cookamongo" i have to find better ways.


means licensing of my creative work.


or i have to live with the fact that such will happen sooner or later.


however i hope none of you guys ordered the "gyruss" from him, ok whatever will happen it's for sure a valuable collectors item.

but it smells a bit fishy no?

#4010213 Pointless Twitter Poll/Contest - Please Represent!

Posted by Gernot on Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:53 AM


Who cares for Twitter.


doesn't matters, signed up only to give my vote.

#4008932 HSC Season 9 - Game 10 - Bump'n Jump

Posted by Gernot on Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:39 AM

please no!

you know i smashed my console because of this game! (back in '83)

and yes exactly because of the island jumps.


i will give it a try (but i don't think i will have a chance breaking the record), in the past i bypassed this thread but i'm back for playing now.

besides the last game popeye was never my game, i never understood what the goal is, ah i dislike this ladder type of games at all, i never was a big friend of DK and anything else which followed.

(i tried but i guess i scored negative)

but bump 'n jump is cool.

#3998494 Ultimate Soccer Gold

Posted by Gernot on Sun Apr 1, 2018 4:51 PM


it is a playable game, there's no question about that (it leaks a bit of persuasion compared to sensible massacre)

but on the rest i wouldn't bet.


to be honest me to, i didn't thought for a second that it was 1th of april yesterday,

and by receiving something useful i didn't thought further about it.


I like the title screen, something must have inspired nanochess - panini stickers?

#3998436 The Intellivision Coloring Contest

Posted by Gernot on Sun Apr 1, 2018 3:35 PM

to sad inty rox hasn't made it :(

#3998191 Ultimate Soccer Gold

Posted by Gernot on Sun Apr 1, 2018 10:17 AM

Looks like a game for my buddy he can throw now legally sodacans at the player(s) (soda? me i only drink beer and throw fireworks on the field, i have a reputation to lose)


@intellivotion if i'm allowed to i will make one.


If that is the "gold" edition the final game will be "platin"?

Maybe it would have been wise to start with the "cardboard edition", it leaves more space for further changes.