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#4252341 CollectorVision Phoenix Pre-Order is now live!

Posted by TPR on Fri Apr 5, 2019 3:10 PM


We didn't made the Phoenix for a commercial success, we did it for the fans who needs a replcacement console
In other words, by fans, for the fans

If you are a casual CV gamer, a Raspberry/emulation would just work fine for you 
But if you're a ''hardcore'' CV player, it's either the real deal (original CV console) or a FPGA console (Phoenix) 


I agree with this 100%.

The way I see it, I feel like more people who didn't grow up with the system may get "introduced" to the ColecoVision via an emulation console like a Raspberry Pi and then maybe a small percentage of those people would go "Damn, this is a REALLY FUN unique system!  I need to get more involved" and then look into purchasing a Phoenix.


I feel like since some of these newer, cheaper all-in-one options have become more readily available over the past few years we've most certainly seen an uptick in people interested in ColecoVision that may have never even heard of it before, haven't we?

#4251155 Lunar Leeper for Colecovision (was: Prototype found!)

Posted by TPR on Wed Apr 3, 2019 6:17 PM

What a fun project!  I always likes this game on the C64!

#4250478 Anyone else enjoying Colecovision on the Mega Sg?

Posted by TPR on Tue Apr 2, 2019 9:26 PM

 Did I say something that was incorrect?   If a person has an issue with licensing but doesn't practice what they preach isn't that hypocritical?


First of all, not taking sides in this argument, Eduardo has a legitimate complaint because he created the SGM and he has a right to protect the work he put into it.  He speaks for himself and his product.

You on the other hand, DO NOT SPEAK FOR KONAMI.  You do not represent Konami.  You do not have any ties to any of those games you mentioned.  If Konami has an issue with those games that Opcode ported, they can contact Eduardo directly.


The ONLY reason you've even bringing it up is because you thrive on making drama and you can't stand the fact that Eduardo actually has a valid argument, so you had to throw that out as some sort of a rebuttal. 


I gave you ONE WARNING and that was it.  You need to drop your issue RIGHT NOW or it will be your last post in this thread.


Is that understood?

#4241026 FS: Fairchild System (Channel F) Multi-Cart, pre-order now.

Posted by TPR on Tue Mar 19, 2019 10:51 AM

Is there a deadline for boarding this train? I am thinking about boarding it.

And how much is a ticket?


(In other words, when do you need to know and how much does it cost?)


Pretty sure the pricing info is in the first post of this thread... 

#4237956 Coleco strong-arming homebrew publishers and fan sites

Posted by TPR on Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:43 AM

I hear ya' ... I'm not aware of the history with Mike and like him i'm not going to read through 100 whatever pages to find out ;) but I thought I would voice my opinion  ... carry on


Just doing a quick search on his most recent posts pulls up that he's had "opinions" on quite a number of different projects.  I appreciate when people have differing opinions...I just don't appreciate it so much when they have to have an attitude that goes along with them. 

#4237953 Coleco strong-arming homebrew publishers and fan sites

Posted by TPR on Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:35 AM

TPR, I love everything you do for the community and your passion for the colecovision, but as a moderator I wish you had more tact when dealing with people. Why even post this response?


You're not wrong and I won't ever apologize for my brashness. I just don't have the time to have a filter, not with some people, where you've seen the behavior pattern over and over and over again.  Sometimes you just might have to trust me.  It's not like I haven't been moderating forums (not just this one) for 20 years, and I'm pretty sure my "hunch" has been correct about 100% of the time...


Just speaking from experience here...


EDIT: And to answer the last part of your question...  Maybe I actually would like the guy to "play nice" with others and if he did that, perhaps more people would be willing to help his cause?  I know for one, as someone who spent years in a "hospitality" type of role, those who would approach me with a kind and friendly demeanor would get that same attitude from me in return.  And those who were obnoxious and abrasive... why would I want to go out of my way to help them?  I apply the same philosophy to how I moderate.


In short: I'm just asking for people to be nice to each other....and yes, I may be a little tactless and brash when I do it, but that is the end goal here, and sometimes you have to speak to people on their own playing field.

#4237942 Coleco strong-arming homebrew publishers and fan sites

Posted by TPR on Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:13 AM

Because I am not going to read all 107 pages has anyone discovered who actually owns the Coleco Trademark?

So someone throw me a bone here.


Translation: "I'm not going to read this thread as I'm lazy and I just want someone else to answer the questions that may have already been answered."


Based on your abrasive behavior and obnoxious attitude I've seen from you in some of the Coleco threads, I will not be throwing you a bone, and I suggest others don't either until you can "play nice" with the other members of this community.

#4224982 CollectorVision Game System

Posted by TPR on Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:46 AM

I finally got around to purchasing one yesterday for $65 shipped off Ebay. I have not seen them listed much lower than that, but like you said it's well worth the cost for the keypad functionality with the Phoenix.

Yep. Agreed. Every once in a while youll see someone from the non-typical Japnanese ebayers list one. I picked up a spare recently for around $40. Ill also be back in Japan in a few weeks and Im going to check a few places there again. If I find any for reasonable prices Ill pick them up to share with the group!

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Posted by TPR on Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:50 AM

Just used the form to reserve a copy!

#4201203 CollectorVision Phoenix Pre-Order is now live!

Posted by TPR on Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:10 PM

Um, who are you calling "wafer guy"? I hope not me. Never mentioned them before and I'm clearly just trying to clarify what is meant by "game wafer pack".


No, no... not you! lol  Just someone that keeps coming up over and over again... because... "wafers!"  :D  :P

#4201108 CollectorVision Phoenix Pre-Order is now live!

Posted by TPR on Sat Jan 19, 2019 3:22 PM

Nothing special about those, just standard sd cards


OMG, how is that "wafer guy" keeps popping up everywhere trying to convince the world that his "wafers" are somehow different from any other standard SD cards or SD Multi-cart in existence?  :D  :-D

#4190534 Famicom Classic Mini Controller Port Mod

Posted by TPR on Fri Jan 4, 2019 1:14 PM

Update! I swapped out the guts of an NES Classic Controller with an original Famicom controller and BAM! Now I have a full-sized Famicom controller attached to my Famicom Mini!  It was almost too easy to swap the PCB.  Took me less than five minutes since the guts of the original Famicom & NES controllers are the same, and the newer NES classic controllers are based on the 1985 original controllers, the board worked!  No problem!  
IMG_3938 copy.jpg
While I love the "mini" version of the Famicom controller (photo on the right) you can see it's just too small to be practical. 

#4189990 Famicom Classic Mini Controller Port Mod

Posted by TPR on Thu Jan 3, 2019 5:38 PM

Yesterday I installed a controller port mod on my Famicom Classic so that I can use any of the NES Classic compatible controllers. Here are the instructions I followed:
Below are a few photos and here's the description for them:
1. The Famicom Classic does not have a "controller port" on it like the NES Classic does, so if you want to connect either an NES or SNES controller to the Famicom Classic, you can't without doing this mod.
famicom 1.jpg
2. Just like the original 1980s Famicom, the Classic comes with the controllers hard-wired into the console. And I mean hard wired. It's not a controller port inside the case, they are attached via a connector right on the board!
famicom 2.jpg
3. Another reason for doing the mod is that, keeping in with the theme of having the console be "mini" in order for the controllers to fit into the slots on the sides, just like the original console, the controllers also had to be shrunk down, which makes them almost unusable. They are "cute" absoultely, but not practical for playing games.
famicom 3.jpg
4. That being said, I used one of the left over extension cord connectors to convert the mini Famicom controller so that I can plug it in and use it if I ever wanted to. Interestingly enough, these controllers ONLY work on the Famicom console and not on the NES mini.
famicom 4.jpg
5. And now with this mod, I can use any number of controllers are compatible with the NES Classic connector including a number of controllers that were released for the Wii!
famicom 5.jpg
Thanks for reading!


#4186670 Colecovision Homebrew Project Tracker Thread

Posted by TPR on Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:42 PM

Yes, you have done a nice job with this thread. At first I didn't realize it didn't include the older ones and only newer and in progress ones.
I was surprised that I didn't see any comprehensive current list of every title online. :)


I think there have been a handful of lists but I'm not sure if it has ever been compiled.  Perhaps it's time I take on another new project?  :P

#4186632 Colecovision Homebrew Project Tracker Thread

Posted by TPR on Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:29 PM

All of the homebrews up to date?  Probably not.  I plan on updating this tracker as soon as the next Pixelboy news bulletin comes out as there's been a lot of activity lately and I'll be sure to list all of the released homebrews since I at least started this tracker thread.