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#4221095 R-Verter versions and Hardware flow control

Posted by GreyHobbit on Sat Feb 16, 2019 1:25 PM

But all those versions are basically lost. Or at least not easily available. For example someone here once uploaded an scan of the original AID Rverter source code, but I have never been able to find an image of the drivers disk. Maybe somebody here have it?....


It was me that uploaded the scan of the AID Rverter source code.  At the time I said I had a disk somewhere hand-labelled "Rverter" but I had no way to read it.  I can't remember where I got it, probably from a contact on an old 8-bit BBS I used to be a regular on in the UK way back in the day.


I recently got a 1050 and retrieved this disk from a box in the attic.  I tried doing a file copy over an SIO2PC to an atr but there was a bit of bad data somewhere that caused it to fail every time.  So I downloaded a sector copier and managed to get the attached atr file out of it.  There was one bad sector somewhere in the middle of the copy (sector $1D0 or $1DC I think, but can't be sure), so one of the files will probably be damaged somewhere.  If there's such a thing as luck it'll be the source code file that there is already a printout of, I hope the binary files are mostly intact.


I can give no explanation of what is on the disk, the only file I remember ever looking at was RHAND1C.SRC that contains the printout that I scanned earlier.


There are four different (I assume) Rverter drivers on the disk, RHAND1.OBJ, RHAND1C.OBJ, RHAND2.OBJ and RHAND2C.OBJ, but there is only source code for RHAND1C.


This may (or may not) be useful to you...



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#4109428 Searching for R-Verter driver source code

Posted by GreyHobbit on Sun Sep 9, 2018 1:27 PM

Attached File  R-Verter source.pdf   7.28MB   49 downloads


I was searching through some old files today and found this printout claiming to be the R-Verter source code that I had made probably back in the late '80s.


I know I have it on a floppy disk somewhere, but my 1050 died a long time ago, luckily I don't like throwing things out and held on to the printout for some reason.


I used this source code when worked out how to hack an 850 to do split baud rates.


Sorry for the quality, it's an old printout that is pretty faded in places and I used an app on my phone to quickly scan it.