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In Topic: Re-using RAM used by DOS but keeping CIO working!

Yesterday, 12:54 PM

Another option is using SIO routines instead of CIO operations to save the high score, and reserve some sectors from disk for your high score table. I think it's not necessary to waste RAM in a DOS at all.

A lot of bootable game disks with high score features worked like that BITD.
If you only save and load a fixed area of memory and don't need individual files it's pretty easy to write, too.

In Topic: HSC15 Round 11: Pad v1.84 + Minotaur 16K

Yesterday, 11:39 AM




Mode 3 24x14 0:16 (for some reason this is not recorded as a high score)

Mode 3 40x22 0:26

Mode 5: 60x36 0:40


Am I mistaken or does the possibility to score high depend a lot on the maze and some luck in taking the right turn at the first attempt?

In Topic: Really Dumb Programming Question

Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:40 PM

Even a couple years later PC-DOS came with edlin which was strictly line oriented and a total step backwards compared to the Atari.


Now, a parsing full-screen editor would be a worthy project...

In Topic: Atari 400 power supply advice.

Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:12 PM

While the 400 has a very distinctive futuristic 70's style it might not be the best choice for casual gaming as it will need a 48K expansion for many games and a new "video out" solution depending on your type of display (many new LCD displays don't have analog antenna tuners any more).Both are available, even two solutions for video, but they'll set you back another 50 EUR.


Further it isn't compatible with games written to take advantage of the extra bank-switched RAM in the XL/XE machines, which means many modern games.


If you only plan to play early cartridge games on a CRT or a little older LCD, all of this should be of no concern.


If you decide to tackle a 400 anyway, Amazon usually carries suitable AC PSUs which seem to be used for music equipment (guitar amps). The one I found was 8.50 quid.

In Topic: HSC15 Round 11: Pad v1.84 + Minotaur 16K

Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:35 PM

First go at Pad in EXTRA mode 35700:

Attached File  Pad 35700.jpeg   240.97KB   2 downloads

PAL mode in Altirra using a touchpad for a mouse. Need to hook up my Stell-a-daptor!


Gave Minotaur a try but don't quite get it: I go through the maze until hitting an exit, then the maze colour changes and I retrace. But what then and what's the score?