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#3891862 MAE assembler, silly noob question

Posted by slx on Yesterday, 2:27 PM

My silly question is how do I load and run the thing? 



A manual can be found here.

More information including an installation text is on AtariWiki.


Had it, used it, but have no recollection at all of how to use it  :?

#3890761 Which Atari 8-bit game makes you laugh the most?

Posted by slx on Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:31 AM

I'll second Spare Change, those Zerks were quite funny and I liked the gameplay better than BC's quest.

#3889607 Injecting an Infocom game into an ATR

Posted by slx on Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:55 AM

Are all Atari games z3 games or are there maybe later ones with a higher level interpreter?

Edit: rather nope acc. to this:

#3887014 Looks like a scam to me?

Posted by slx on Thu Nov 9, 2017 3:51 PM

In the cartridge there are 70 Atari 5200 converted games, New conversion...  and the rule was to be faithful to the original 5200 cart with the exception of using

a Digital joystick instead of the analog one.. (these are not the Gleen 5200 conversions Inside)..



If technically possible it would be great if the binaries could be made available to the community.

#3886335 Bought My First Atari Computer, Few ROOKIE Questions

Posted by slx on Wed Nov 8, 2017 12:56 PM

I also remember a couple utilities that could convert single load .EXE/.XEX files to bootable cassettes but even thinking about that way is painful...

#3885732 Bought My First Atari Computer, Few ROOKIE Questions

Posted by slx on Tue Nov 7, 2017 4:16 PM

SIO2PC is a cable that allows you to attach your Atari to the serial port of a PC. This can be used via an FTDI-"powered" RS-232 to USB adapter and there are also designs that have this converter built in and are called either SIO2PC-USB or SIO2USB, with the latter term conflicting with a dedicated SIO2USB device allowing to use USB storage media via SIO.


Some (?) of these cables also allow a "10502PC" mode where you can hook up you 1050 directly to a PC. There are some recent threads around here about this. The software selection for this is more limited than for SIO2PC.


Depending on you soldering dexterity there is a thread about a homemade SIO2PC board. If you want to buy prepaid, there are several vendors who sell this, look for atarimax, atari8warez or Lotharek.


AFAIK there is no official Atari Pong for the 8-bits but there are some Pong variants on Atarimania.


Atarimania also lists plenty of Space Invaders versions, both Atari Invaders and Deluxe Invaders have shields.


There are Atari branded printers but there never was a really good one, as they usually have a 5x7 dot matrix. Only some models have SIO plugs, for those with parallel ports you need a SIO to Centronics interface. Using such an interface you can use pretty much any Epson compatible printer.


The Atari 1027 printers require a replacement print head, the 1020 printer plotters need special "pens" that are hard to come by.


Converting ATRs to CAS may work but only with those ATRs that do a single-stage boot. Everything that uses a loader, multiple files or loading e.g. levels from disk won't.

#3884325 How do you keep track of your collection?

Posted by slx on Sun Nov 5, 2017 3:39 PM

I used an IOS app called "Lynx" but just found out that it doesn't work with the latest release of iOS and the company that made it (for free) is no longer around . Now I need to check whether I can pry those figures from a backup or do all the catalogueing again. PITA as I used similar apps for 7800, VCS and Jaguar as well. At least it's a good excuse to dig through all my games. I think I'll stick to a spreadsheet format the next time to keep my data from disappearing again. 


(I thought about creating a custom database with TapForms which would allow tick boxes for "box", "manual" and even pics but for a casual collector that's just too much work.)

#3884290 Is Atarimax still in business?

Posted by slx on Sun Nov 5, 2017 2:49 PM

When mail-ordering stuff from the US in the 80's there were about 3-4 weeks without any communication between sending off the order by mail and receiving a note from the customs office that they needed some extra Information to process the import. As it's still the same computer I can live with that :)  

#3879206 Atari8 Memory Maps Needed!

Posted by slx on Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:39 PM

You know, fr some reason I still prefer thumbing through pages of paper, as opposed to searching PDF for these old reference manuals.  Don't know if it's nostalgia, or if it really is easier having the real books.

Fully understand that, nothing beats sticking a finger between pages to mark your actual position, I n very got the hang of digital bookmarks, though I really have come to like the search function. I also do some programming on the road and dont like to lug my precious copies of Mapping the Atari with me (and there isnt a bound copy of phaerons manual yet).

#3877811 Atari8 Memory Maps Needed!

Posted by slx on Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:01 PM

I have Mapping the Atari, but it doesn't divide its information well: most of the book is in one huge chapter rather than sectioning off the information by functionality.  :(

That results from it being a memory map covering everything in the order of addresses. Maybe Im just partial to it because it was the one I used as a teenager. Today I find it convenient for quick lookups, back then I read it cover to cover ;)

Todays luxury is that you can freely use all three and search through the PDFs.

#3877169 Atari8 Memory Maps Needed!

Posted by slx on Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:18 PM

You might also want to look for "Mapping the Atari" which is a bit more accessible than the two above. It's available online from several websites. There a "Master Memory Map" as well but I haven't used that much.


"De Re Atari" is good as well.

#3875196 RAM upgrades

Posted by slx on Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:09 AM

I'm planning to install the U1MB in my 600xl and in checking my 64K memory upgrade, I found that it does not match any of the common upgrades.  I put it in at least 15 years ago, maybe more and I don't remember where I got it. The 64K chips have their markings sanded off.  I have wires soldered to the lifted legs of U5-3 and U6-9, but they go to U2-4, and 5.  Also U18 pins 8, 9, and 10 are lifted.  There are just the two wires.  Does anybody know anything about this upgrade?

One advantage of Antonia is that it doesn‘t need more than 16K in a 600XL to work (as it entirely bypasses system RAM). That‘s the reason I put it in my 600XL. It has several (8?) OS/BASIC slots as well but switching requires a utility and can‘t be done with a hotkey at boot. You also can‘t just toggle the power for a hard reset as Antonia will keep the RAM for some time. It‘s super-easy to install, however and an easy way to experiment with a 65C816 if you‘re so inclined. The 65C816 will not work with some programs however and runs at normal speed.

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#3871806 How to read 3.5" 8 bit disks? PC or Mac?

Posted by slx on Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:29 PM

Wait...what.....your USB drive still works under 10.12.6 ??? Mine stopped working after....I think 1 or 2 OS X updates ago.....but it sill works on PC's and even under Windows via Parallels on my Mac....so it can't be the drive....maybe certain USB drives do and others don't work ?

Mine is a Sony MPF82E-U3/132 which I bought off a guy who had half a dozen of them via a local Craigslist type service for the princely sum of 4€. (I originally wanted to get an IBM branded one for style but this one was unbeatable on price.) I used it last year to save files off a dying DOS notebook and just copied a few DOS files off an HP 200LX Connectivity Pack floppy to my desktop and it seemed to work. Not sure if I tried writing.

Maybe there are different USB controllers or different ways for USB controllers to identify themselves towards the OS and OS X doesn‘t like yours?

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#3871632 Who won the Amdek Drive?

Posted by slx on Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:03 PM

lol, confidential data, it must be 30 years old by now. I wonder what it is.

does it really matter anymore, the data on them?


It's legal stuff and some clients might still live or at least their heirs not want their data to be available. It's a matter of principle to keep client data confidential almost forever. Most of it is probably backed-up correspondence. I should have formatted the discs when I sold the machine but was in too much of a hurry. My main fault was selling the Amstrad at a time when hardly anyone was interested. It fetched a Euro plus postage on EBay which feels pretty low compared to what's paid today....but I needed the space more than CP/M ;)

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#3870740 Shamus+ - New Mazes for Shamus

Posted by slx on Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:31 PM

Sir, you should be very proud, this is what I love about the retro folk, they care and look to extend the happiness. Being also a c64 / overall retro head I just love when folks make new releases or updated creations on all systems like Savetz, Goochman etc did with the Jumpman on the Atari. This sadly isn't as prolific on the Atari as it is on other systems which makes your work even more welcome, that isn't a dig at the Atari folks, they produce some cracking new titles but the updating of titles is really big on the C64 with games like Commando being bug fixed and updated by a group called Nostalgia a while back BUT we have seen graphical updates to games on my much loved Atari which is wonderful.


Hopefully the trend will continue and expand but regardless of that we love what you and others do, you might think of it as a 'hack' but to us its a reopening of the game with new stuff after all this time...


Thank you!




Thanks for the kind words. I don't look across system borders that much although I have amassed some unused "foreign" hardware I found interesting. So far I had the impression that we Atari people have had very generous contributors regarding archived documentation (books, magazines, etc.) and emulation the value of both of which is immeasurable when undertaking any retro project.


I find the annual "harvest" of entirely new or extended games for our system amazing and wanted to contribute a tiny little bit. I do have some more ideas but as they are more ambitious than this one and this one took way more time than I expected, I'lll have to ponder when to find time for that.


I'll also really need to play the new mazes after all to mark my territory ;)