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#4011303 Atari 8-bits Memory Inventory

Posted by slx on Yesterday, 10:26 PM

Missing 52K for 400/800s having RAM at $C000 (e.g. using tf_hhs new 400 RAM card).

Understand Antonia 4MB was not covered deliberately.

Veronika could be considered a RAM upgrade (+64K) as well (actually wondering now if it would work on a non-expanded 400 or 600XL...).

#4008398 Using the Ultimate Cart as a 65816

Posted by slx on Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:16 PM

This is so awesome. I just hope that we find out that its possible to have both cart loader and 65816 CoPro at the same time.


That would indeed be awesome (and might result in more Veronika programming being done). I got one but still try to wrap my head around programming on two CPUs that only communicate through a few bits. 

#4008391 Thanks and Cheers to A8 coders & creators

Posted by slx on Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:08 PM

It's truly great to have so many dedicated people in this strange hobby of ours. While my own contribution is but a little patch I fully second trbb in that all feedback received on the way helps in keeping the momentum. Thanks to y'all!

#4006572 Cassette types (I,II,III,IV)

Posted by slx on Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:12 PM

These days you must be happy to find more than one type anyway. Recently needed a cassette for an audio application and there was exactly one model for sale in the whole mall. The electronics superstore didn't carry them at all, the drugstore/supermarket had one type.

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#4006189 How to load Assembly routines with Atari Basic.

Posted by slx on Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:03 AM

Create the binary code

Assemble to a file on disk



10 open #1,4,0,"D:file.ext":get #1,A:?A;" ";:goto 10


The shown values of A are the decimal equivalent of the numbers you need to "read" with "data" within BASIC.


Don't forget about the PLA rule for X=USR routines...


You can also do this in nested loops or with some other constructs to add the line numbers and DATA statements automatically.


Assuming you open #1 to read your machine code and #3 to save your data lines you can use something along the lines of :

30 FOR X = 1000 TO 2000 STEP 100
40 PRINT #3,X;" DATA ";
50 FOR Y= 1 TO 8
60 GET #1,A
70 PRINT #3,A;
80 IF Y<8 THEN PRINT ",";
100 NEXT Y
110 NEXT X
120 CLOSE #1: CLOSE #3 

You can then use ENTER "D:DATLINES.LST" to insert the data lines into your program.

You can use the same concept to write to a string using CHR$(A) and adding quotes at the beginning and end with CHR$(34).


It never ceases to amaze me how much "self-modification" and "automatic code generation" simple Atari BASIC is capable off. Not really needed here, but with some clever programming you can actually enter automatically generated lines into a running program.

#4004867 How to load Assembly routines with Atari Basic.

Posted by slx on Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:50 AM

You can combine the various versions for testing and "production", i.e. you can test your code using DATA statements and then write them into a string that takes up less space.


Unless you're doing very short routines, it's probably easier to use an assembler or WUDSN to finish the assembler part, write it to a binary file and then read from that binary file and e.g. print into another file with a string which you can then ENTER into your BASIC program.


Short routines can be efficiently stored and called with A=USR(ADR("xx$%**"))-like calls which may mess up your listings if they contain unprintable characters, though.


BTW and OT, the (much larger) BBC BASIC actually allowed to assemble within BASIC programs. Very cool and definitely a BASIC version that would merit converting to the ATARI.

#4004260 BASIC Ten-Liners are back for 2018!

Posted by slx on Mon Apr 9, 2018 11:56 AM

The official contest results are online now!


(I am proud to have scored closer to the middle of the field than to the end this year :blush:)

#4001574 An Atari like joystick to use with Altirra?

Posted by slx on Thu Apr 5, 2018 12:32 PM


I was looking at the D9 version:

http://www.2600-dapt...0-daptor D9.htm


Is that new? .. it looks like the final solution.

That looks great. A pity I have two of the older ones already ;)


I fully recommend this solution. There are cheaper dual Atari to USB adapters on Amazon and EBay all the time but they usually don't support paddles (and don't work on Macs).


I use the old atariage Stella-daptor and 2600-daptor all the time as some games just don't feel right without a joystick. 



Has anyone here upgraded the PCB in their CX-40 joystick? I emailed Best Electronics and asked for a price quote for a couple PCB and inside handle to fix and repair and the response I got was pretty unproductive. I think they were saying they sold out of the inside handle and nothing about the PCB. 


Is there any other source for a decent PCB or inside handles? 

There are print files for the inner handle on Thingiverse. You'd probably have to print them in Nylon to get them durable enough, I doubt normal filament would be tough enough, but if you have access to a printer and Best sells you the PCB it's certainly worth a try. I have one or two broken CX-40s in my basement but never cared enough to try fixing them as I like other sticks better.

#4000912 HSC Season 15 Round 6: Rainbow Walker

Posted by slx on Wed Apr 4, 2018 3:22 PM

Cloud Hopper 194

Cloud Burst 1070

Rainbow Walker 18010 (obviously playing in a different league than greywest)


Always loved the music and the nice cloud graphics. It's easy to forget how spectacular those rainbow graphics were 35 years ago. So much nicer than Q*Bert!

#4000392 Ram and hardware upgrades

Posted by slx on Tue Apr 3, 2018 10:00 PM

Antonia will give you 4MB bypassing internal RAM but with a 65C816, which is nice if you‘re into advanced assembly programming but might not run with a couple of games. It has an OS switcher built in but you don‘t get a boot screen to select between them but rather have to use a utility program, so it‘s a bit less convenient.

Depending on your video quality you might want to try the UAV mod.

More modding ideas are in a recent thread by ABBUC hardware guru tf_hh and at bitsofthepast.com as well as Atarimax. All these plus of course Lotharek are a pleasure to deal with and sell add-ons the quality of which seems to surpass that of the original machines.

If you‘ll get an XE you might want to get a Best XE Touch keyboard firming mod or key springs as well.

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#4000075 HSC Season 15 Round 5: Wizard of Wor

Posted by slx on Tue Apr 3, 2018 2:16 PM

A last-minute dash earned me 74800 points (slxjr is in bed already).

Wor 74800.png




#3994200 HSC Season 15 Round 5: Wizard of Wor

Posted by slx on Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:56 PM

38.900 36.000 (Dungeon 6) - love that sound!


(Altirra - PAL - Slik Stik)

Wor 38900.png


Played a couple of rounds with slxjr and managed 51.100 playing two-player (not sure if that counts). We reached Dungeon 9 on that run!

Wor 51100-37400.png


He managed a very respectable 50.400 playing alone:

Wor 0-50400.png

slxjr played with a Saitek gamepad.

#3993876 BASIC Ten-Liners are back for 2018!

Posted by slx on Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:48 PM

I entered a late EXTREM-256 post of Sky Diver, inspired by/copied from the VCS. I remember playing this on my friend's VCS as a teenager.


Looking at the other posts here it will need some enhancements (like sound) for V.2.0 if it doesn't get accepted this year  :-o. I did start early this year but still ran out of time at the end.



Attached File  SkyDiverSD.atr   90.02KB   13 downloads


I did not use machine language but needed Turbo BASIC XL to have a MOVE function for the player vertical movement as well as the necessary speed to handle two players. It's a pity Turbo BASIC XL doesn't have true functions as that would really benefit two-player games. I first tried this in pure character graphics like Bill Kendrick's 1990s version but soon switched to P/M graphics for smoother animation.


I do agree that the 10-line requirement does not really benefit readability. With one statement per line the program has 105 lines. A commented version is included although my code is not particularly inspired. 


#3988469 New Hardware: Atari 400 RAM-Card 48/52 KB & external OS-ROM

Posted by slx on Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:52 PM

New guy here. I have a 400 that still has its original 16k board. Thinking about updating it and this looks to be the way to go. Is this still available and can you pm me cost if it is. Thanks in advance. Ray

Was the same for me. This was a super-easy upgrade.

#3985111 The price for bleeding edge technology?

Posted by slx on Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:43 AM

Hard to convert given historical exchange rates, etc. but I‘d say my father spent the equivalent of a nice used VW Golf/Rabbit on an 800/810 Combo + a color monitor in late 81/early 82 (the latter so I‘d return the portable kitchen TV to my mother).

Around 40.000ATS in late 81 would have been around 2500 USD, I had an allowance of around 20USD a month, so it was >3 months for Star Raiders and one month for 3 SD floppies, couldn‘t afford a Ten-Pack after Star Raiders and who‘d need more than 240K of storage anyway?

A cone of ice cream (packaged) was about 10 ATS or .67 USD.

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