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In Topic: The "perfect" Lynx....

Sun May 12, 2019 8:27 AM

I'm in the process of designing an all in one board for this mod. Using the schematics of the powerboost 1000c I was wondering if I could ditch the whole usb output side and stick to 5.0V and GND only?


I know the usb output uses some resistors on its D- and D+ connections but isn't this only of importance when connecting a usb device to it like a tablet or a phone? I'd like to strip as much away as possible from the original powerboost board to keep it small in size and to make space for an LTC2950 and an inverter. 

In Topic: Japanese FZ-1: Turn 110V into 230V

Thu Mar 28, 2019 3:24 AM

Allright... I finally did the install (thought I had all parts covered but I forgot the jst terminal connector). It has been running for hours and the only thing I notice is some heat on the top of the case towards the power button. It's not excessive so I'm hoping this is normal. Until now... pretty happy with the result. On to a decent rgb mod now :-)

In Topic: Japanese FZ-1: Turn 110V into 230V

Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:19 AM

Yes I saw that typo. Datasheet rates it as 16V CT (centre tapped). It will still be AC voltage until it exits the bridge rectifier. Attach everything as normal.

Good luck with the install. Any questions, feel free to post or PM me.

Fantastic. This makes me realise why forums like this are so valuable. Thanks again! I'll report back next week when the install is done! 

In Topic: Japanese FZ-1: Turn 110V into 230V

Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:04 AM

I ordered it! They ship for free and it arrives here on wednesday. Not bad for an order from the US to EU...


As I see now... this transformer does state 16VDC as output... I don't really know if I should route DC through C4, C3 and L1 to the rectifier (can it hurt?) or if I should just bypass that. Easiest option is to leave everything as it is.


Edit: I just see the specs certify it as 16V CT, while mousers says 16VDC CT... We'll see I guess :P

In Topic: Japanese FZ-1: Turn 110V into 230V

Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:44 AM

I was thinking something like this although I just don't know if 30VA will be ok.