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Amiga CD32 RGB expansion board

Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:19 AM

For a while now I wanted to get RGB out of my Amiga CD32 to play it a bit more since I can connect it easier through my Framemeister that way. I chose not to do an internal mod, but make an expansion card for the expansion slot on the back of the console. I soldered up the long connector today and had a testrun. Beautiful RGB... Simon the Sorcerer... here we come! :-D

Scart connector
Scart connector
182 pin connector for the amiga cd32 expansion slot


SECAM intelli RGB

Wed Jun 7, 2017 1:17 PM

Hey people,


I have here (what I think) is a Secam intellivision (model 5156). It was obtained from France and I wanted to mod it to output RGB. I did this once on my pal system and it works fantastic. That said... that pal system contained an LM1886N which I could use to tap into the rgb and sync lines. Not so with this one however...


Here is a picture of what I see.

secam intelli

U4 is in the red circle (YA-3-8900)

U10 is in the blu circle (N82S147N)

U14 is in the yellow circle (74LS273N


oh... me thinks... I just have a look around U10, which is what my pal used as a video decoder and I'll pull a similar trick on that IC. Unfortunately the datasheet tells me nothing of which is what. All I managed to discover is that there are 4 traces coming out of U4 running to U10. From that point on, 4 traces also leave U10 and get to U14. From U14 those 4 traces combine into one through some resistors and run into the RF box. I guess the big question is... what are those 4 traces? I guess I could not be so lucky for them to just be RGB and sync and pul them off of one of those IC's could I?


Anyone got a clue?