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#4155282 New Intellivision Labels Peel & Stick Photo Covers

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:09 AM

Hey folks I was wondering if there would be enough interest for me to make a very limited set of stickers for the whole 125 games.  There are a bunch of the titles that could have two screen shot covers on both sides.  Still debating on if it will fit and work on the Activision and iMagic carts.  I am also considering remaking sets of replacement end caps.  Mostly the white labels and rarer games that fall and fade off.  Perhaps I might do the background color more like the boxes to make them unique.   LMK what you think.

#4124027 In Pursuit of the Pink Panther Rom?

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:39 PM

Well this is strange.  I found a current listing of this game on eBay.  This is one of those crazy impossible games to get.  Like getting a finished copy of Garfield or Good luck Charlie Brown, it will likely never happen.  And that Angie person selling a copy of the just Box and Rules for crazy prices.  Albert and I have discussed scum bag sellers whom take a legitimate home brew then they make a Box and/or Rules.  IMO that's the real crime of marking something up 5-10x what you paid for it.  They spend very little time & money to make an empty box with instructions.  The Amateur collectors will pay over $100 not knowing this is basic piracy.  Good example here, is a copy of the game that just popped up on eBay.  Item #(113274101252)  To my knowledge there isn't a ROM dump nor has the Pink Panther ever been available as a legitimate downloadable ROM.


#3997534 New Intellivision Photo Cover Labels HTF & Voice

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:56 AM

I have a few sets of these 84 labels left for sale.  I am reducing the price to just $20 with free S&H so I can move onto other projects.  I should have some posters designs ready to print in a few months.   Thinking it would be cool to take screenshots from the entire 125 perhaps made into a photo mosaic.


I am also working on making reproduction boxes for INTV & Atari rare games.  But it's a huge undertaking and there is not much profit.  Most of the people I know prefer the real items as most fakes are cheaply made and obvious.   Feel free to message me if you want the last sticker sets.  Thanks.

#3995589 FS: 41 Atari 2600 Reproductions & Homebrews ! 25% OFF !

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:22 PM

Dang it Marc!  Some fantastic stuff your selling off here.  If only I wasn't so broke ATM.  I have been drooling over a bunch of these titles for years.  IMO very rare limited releases of newer games are better then Air Raid or other super impossible to find originals.

#3836801 Storage options for large collections

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:26 AM

I have a ton of games mostly old school classic Atari INTV & CV Carts.  My favorite way to display your collection is CD DVD Media tower and book cases with adjustable shelves.  I am continually buying and reselling extras so the probably have 2000-3000 games.  Here is some of the racks.  They can get rearranged a bunch depending on which system I might be enjoying the most. 

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#3836255 New Intellivision Photo Cover Labels HTF & Voice

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:35 AM

I have remade the labels sets once again call it version 3.0  These again are improved.  Redid the boarders touched up and remade several images.  Improved the titles and color enhancements.  Used the last of my special order peal and stick papers and have 9 sets ready to go.  Same prices as before but only 80 labels for $30 to ship anywhere in the USA. 


If your a member of the 125 club I have a few of the 4 super rares that I can add in.  Body Slam, Learning Fun I & II & Stadium Mud Buggies.  Probably have a single Spiker or two hiding around.  I wont be making these label covers again until I can get a newer PC and high end printer likely next year.

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#3682899 Interest Check: IMAGIC Foil backed overlays

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Sun Jan 29, 2017 2:00 PM

No I hadn't done the Coleco boxes yet.  And I am not doing a Gatefold at this time.  The printers can't reproduce those with the current materials.  Imagic will be the last on my list as that special silver paint will be costly.  I started with the 1st set of red Action but not commons or Rares.  Second set will be Purple of slightly hard to find games.  Should I redo the common blue sports then we can talk a new gate fold design.  It's the assembly and size of box which is an issue to remake. 

#3682776 Interest Check: IMAGIC Foil backed overlays

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:53 AM

Glad these are doing well.  I am working with a printer to make reproduction boxes for most intellivision games.  Was thinking of doing some limited overlays maybe make my own orphans.  I know what it takes in the time frame so have kept this quite.  It's been about 6 months working so far but I should have the 1st set of 10 boxes ready for beta testing in a month.  Hoping to keep these fairly cheap and simple.  Will likely sell the early batch at $50 per set.  So long as I can produce in large volumes I will my costs way down.   I am down for a set of these when I have recouped my start up costs on this new project.

#3567289 New Intellivision Labels Peel & Stick Photo Covers

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Sun Aug 7, 2016 1:34 PM

Hey folks,  Sorry I hadn't been online here for a while as I had other priorities.  I will be going back through my PMs to see whom already put in requests for these labels.  It takes a little while to print these out to my high standards so please be patient.  Give me a couple of weeks to fill out the dozen or so orders that I already have.  Once I have caught up and have enough extras printed out I will update the thread for the rest of you who want them.   Thanks!  

#3539678 New Intellivision Labels Peel & Stick Photo Covers

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Sat Jun 25, 2016 10:34 PM

LOL  Nope not at all, I decided to cut the photo papers down to size instead of folding them.  Some of the labels ends started to poke come out when I stated folding them.  Don't worry, I used the scissors in between the actual labels so they should still peel and fit perfectly.  FYI, I have sold out of the rare game labels for moment.  It's going to be a few days before I get more of the special sized die cut photo paper in the mail.  Hopefully I can print enough to keep up with the demand.  For everyone that already paid I have a big bunch of them going out in Monday mornings mail run. 

#3539491 New Intellivision Labels Peel & Stick Photo Covers

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Sat Jun 25, 2016 3:41 PM

I just completed the last of the rare INTV game labels.  The black boarders were increased to eliminate the white edges on a few of the off center prints.  There are actually 21 games here and a set of these are going out Monday to those whom preordered them.  They will be folded into regular envelopes with stamps.  This last group will be $6 per set for everyone and no charge to ship.  But give me a few days to get the additional die cut photo paper I ordered, and to find a better printer for quality control.   I will send out a mass message to everyone who ordered the 1st sets when enough sets of these are ready to go.  Hope you like them all.  David. 

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#3525664 New Intellivision Labels Peel & Stick Photo Covers

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Sun Jun 5, 2016 9:31 PM

I am getting there it's working for a bit now.  Had a Com error with my wireless set up.  Better that I go to a good copier store tomorrow anyway.  The high resolution & DPI quality would be improved with a full size professional unit and I wouldn't have to wait about a minute per copy to print.  Best to mass produce these in quality & quantity then using my own resources.  To keep up with demand I ordered another ream of the HQ die cut photo paper and it should be here in a few days.  I will probably use one of the Fed Ex stores nearby me to make up a good batch of these labels.  It's will be easy to add these templates to a UBS port drive and carry it to whomever can do the printing the best.   

#3524697 New Intellivision Photo Cover Labels HTF & Voice

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Sat Jun 4, 2016 2:33 PM

I have just completed the final proof of the 4th set of peel & stick Intellivision cover photos.  These die cut 1.9 x 2.5 inch stickers are designed to fit perfectly onto the top of standard game cartridges.  This project was not without some mishaps, adjustments, & revisions.  For those of you that are wanting completed sets of game labels I will be sending PMs to each of you as soon as I have them printed out.  Still to do the really rare labels which will be even tougher.  Thanks for all the support to everyone in this great group of people.

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#3523622 New Intellivision Labels Peel & Stick Photo Covers

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Fri Jun 3, 2016 6:10 AM

What's that you say?  You fading out.  Let me get my hearing aid and glasses out.  Dem der labels thingies isa worken mush bedder nowz.  I took a hammer and pliers and used them on the PC and printer.  I also threatened to replace them with a mac and typewriter.  They straightened right up and are behaving properly.   Sometimes a little simple persuasion will work wonders.  Maybe the swearing in binary was a bit too harsh. 

#3522759 New Intellivision Labels Peel & Stick Photo Covers

Posted by Age-of-Atarius on Thu Jun 2, 2016 12:28 AM

Hey Folks,  I am almost done with the HTF games which will make 64 labels ready to go.  Since demand is greater then what I can produce going to set a limit of one set per person to begin with.  I should have about 7 sets ready to sell in less then a week.  Price will be $20 plus $3 for S&H for 4 pages of 16 for a total of 64 Intellivision labels.  They will be mailed USPS with tracking to the first people whom wants them.  The last rarest games title might take a little longer to make as I don't own any of them.  I will open a separate thread should I need help with the high definition pictures for screen shots on those which I can't find online.  I have divided each die cut page into the following groups:  Sports Titles, Learning & Mind, Action Adventure, Hard to Find & Voice, and lastly the Rarest. (incomplete)  Not to worry, I will make more labels for everyone that wants them ASAP.