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#3297196 In-Browser TI Emulator

Posted by CyberTaco on Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:48 PM

Just in case you haven't seen it yet, there's a rather nice online TI emulator here:



Not a whole lot of games yet, but everything is nicely set up.



#3283649 New TI-99/4A Tunnels of Doom(TOD) game and Game Editor

Posted by CyberTaco on Wed Jul 22, 2015 8:32 PM

Fritz442: That's cool. Heck, I'm just glad to get the idea from the 'maybe' to the 'eventual to do' list.  :)

#3282843 Space Rogue save game hex editing

Posted by CyberTaco on Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:06 PM



So, anyone remember that old Apple II game, Space Rogue? Ever wanted to play around with it's internals a bit? (Maybe even cheat?) Grab your favorite hex editor and a copy of the .dsk files from Asimov, and here's the data you need!


(PS: Feel free to spread this around, as far as I know of, no one else has ever done this for the Apple II version before.)

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#3280913 New TI-99/4A Tunnels of Doom(TOD) game and Game Editor

Posted by CyberTaco on Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:31 AM

Fritz442: Just tried the editor out. My jaw is still on the floor, I have to reach around it to type. This is incredible! I can't believe how well this is designed, thank you so much for making this!

#3279496 Bump N Jump

Posted by CyberTaco on Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:15 PM

I remember getting to level 23 or 24 a long time ago, when I was a kid. You guys know about the jump-off-the-screen trick/cheat, right? (If not, here, have a look:


If you're just looking to blow through levels, it's exactly what you need.

#3279470 My first impressions of the TI-99 computer...with questions!

Posted by CyberTaco on Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:28 PM

Welcome to the world of TI! Let's see what I can answer that hasn't already been answered:

Burgertime: The music shouldn't reset when you climb the stairs/ladder. Resets every time you step on a burger part, though. Take a listen to this gameplay footage I found: 

Protector (Fun fact: it's actually Protector II, the labels are misprinted! There is no Protector I.) Sounds like you could use the manual, here it is: http://www.99er.net/...orII_manual.pdf

Return to Pirate's Isle: Yes, there are a bunch more text adventures like this one, but I should warn you, they have no graphics - text only. They're still good. :-) That Adventure cartridge you have would have originally come with a cassette or disk with a free adventure, Pirate Adventure (which automatically made it popular, since everyone had it and it was good), and 'Return' is the sequel to it, which was actually #2 of the original 13 adventure games from Scott Adams. (I personally never understood why it didn't come with #1, Adventureland, it was a little easier - good starting point.) Here's some good info and a list: http://www.videogame...tsab/adventure/


Munchman: Wanna see something fun? On the title screen, BEFORE everything starts moving, hold shift and press 838. A few other games have this as well!


Super Demon Attack: It's not actually a sequel to Demon Attack, it's just the TI port of it. No idea why it was called 'Super'. Fun fact, once you get far enough, you can't beat the boss - the enemies with you ram you faster than you can shoot them down! Guess they never expected anyone to get that far, but I did several times when I was a kid. Frustrating. Fun game otherwise.


Imagic games: Fathom, you say? Wish granted! :-D http://www.videogame...net/fathom.html


That's all I can think of to mention, for now. :-)