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In Topic: ATR Files, general information for those that don't know

Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:45 AM

I don't believe there's really a "silver bullet" solution.


Hey Farb,


Thanks for the very informative reply!!!


Have you looked on the CBMSTUFF.COM site lately under the a8 forums?  There is a post dated September 3, 2015 that says the new software update does it all.  Any comments?  


I noticed that there was a user named Farb on that site in the a8 forum and I assume that you and he are the same person.  Therefore from what I read there, I know that at one time you were using a SuperCard Pro trying to work with the ATX files.  Do you still have it?  Still use it?


Do you think I took the wrong street ordering up a couple of Happy clone boards?  I ordered them primarily to get my new 1050 drives to working with double density disk.  Back in the 80's with disk protection that was the best way to go.

In Topic: Who/Which was your favourite Pirate/Cracker in the 'bad old days'

Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:45 PM

Anything with "ArtSoft" on it came through Waterloo, Iowa.  ArtSoft had the habit of stealing credit for hacks and I know that he really did some of what he took credit for.  However, our little group of about 6 pirates had an old man with connections in Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Sweden.  I contributed to one of the hacks but, I relied on two Happy drives and a Duplicator drive.  Then came the breaker program from the maker of the Duplicator and it removed the protection from almost everything which took the fun out of making copies.


I read the entire thread and I can relate that the real game wasn't playing the software as much as it was the Protectors VS the Pirates.  I always bet on the Pirates to crack/hack/copy it within two weeks of release.

In Topic: Atari 800XL and/or XEGS Disk Conversion Cartridges

Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:42 AM

To Supergun,


I just bought a MyIDE II from Atarimania.com.  Here is how I worked it.  Atarimania also has a video.


*** hardware note: The MyIDE II is a Atari game cartridge.  There is a slot in the top for a SD card.


Bought the MyIDE II and a SD card at the same time from Atarimania.  Someone at Atarimania got the card setup to play on

the Atari 800XL before they mailed it to me.  It came with a couple of games already installed.


I have a Windows 7 PC with a SD card reader/writer.  I downloaded games from the web onto my hard drive and

unzipped them into a directory called, "Atari Rom".  (those files are so small I don't know why anyone went to the trouble to zip them)


On the SD card, I used windows to make a subdirectory called 'My Favorites" and copied my favorite games into that subdirectory.


I put the MyIDE II cartridge into the 800XL computer and put the SD card into the MyIDE II cartridge then turn on the 800XL.

It takes the 800XL about two seconds to boot to the first menu.  I select the FAT32 Loader with the joystick and press the fire button.

The 800XL reads the directory and displays it on the TV.  It shows the subdirectories on the disk.  I choose 'My Favorites' with the joystick.

The games in 'My Favorites' are listed in alphabetical order.  Using the joystick I select which one to play.

When I am finished playing I simply turn off the 800XL.


There you go.  No wires/cables connecting the two computers just as you requested.  A cartridge with subdirectories to make searching easier.

Everything is kept in alphabetical order to make things as quick and simple as possible.


MyIDE II runs both cartridege images and disk images.  I am new at this and so far I have only had about half the stuff load and run on the Atari.

There seems to be some really good experts on these forums that really know hardware.  I've been communicating with them and reading their

postings to learn more stuff.


***  Note that there is a problem in the FAT 32 loader where as some games needs a patch to run.  There is a forum thread on Atariage that address 

this problem and a patch file with instructions are included in the thread.

In Topic: ATR Files, general information for those that don't know

Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:40 PM

A ATX file is an image of the a disk and any copy protection on the original disk is included in the ATX file.


So can a ATX be run from the image file or does it have to be copied to a floppy disk?  I know enough about 

copy protection schemes and the Atari 1050 drive to know that there were many copy protection schemes

that cannot be copied by the standard 1050, therefore we enhansed our drives with the Happy card.


Is it safe to assume that to write these disk image back to a floppy it requires a Happy 1050 drive to write them?


Nobody has mentioned anything about what software to use.  Does it come with the SIO2PC cable?


As I learn this stuff, I'm going to update the original postings so that others that follow will only have to read the

first posting to get the meat that this forum branch offers.

In Topic: ATR Files, general information for those that don't know

Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:09 AM

I've downloaded about a hundred ATR files and put them on a MyIDE II SD card.

Only about a third will run when I attempt to load them. Am I using the wrong hardware?


Do they not run because of copy protection?


Do they need to be put back onto a floppy disk in order to work?


Is it a game of luck and I'm low on luck?  I downloaded all of them from EMUParadise.com

I  have had better luck with XEX and COM  cartridge type files.