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In Topic: What should a 1050 drive sound like?

Yesterday, 11:12 AM

About a week ago I went on a tear buying up 8-bit gear. Got myself a US made 1200XL, a HK made 800XL, and a SG made 1050. It all seems to work just fine but I am concerned about the sounds made by the 1050 drive. When seeking across the disk the drive sounds like an old goose complaining about chronic constipation.

bbRRRRR-aaaahHHH .. G! .. G! .. G! .. G! .. G! .. brrRRaaaaWWW-brrRRaaaaWWW!

And the computer is happily tooting away in the background.

Is that normal? I used to have a 1050 back in the 80s and it sounded happier and more joyful.

Like I said, the drive seems to work. I can format enhanced density (ED?) floppies and the drive passed diagnostics. My fear is the drive is wearing itself to dust.



I'm missing what you are actually hearing but what you seem to be describing are bad disks.

Should be seek/settle, read, seek/settle read.  The only time you get into the bRRRRRRaaaarrrhhh is when the head has to completely reseek because it can't find a sector.

In Topic: Atari 1090XL

Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:24 PM

Hmm the drawn by, date, and engineer are blurred out on the schematics.

In Topic: Disabling RAM disk in MyDOS 4.55 Beta 4

Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:25 AM

I think I came up with Full Atari Reboot Tones. Boot toots sounds more fun.

In Topic: DOS, Disks, Density and Sector counts... education question.

Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:06 PM

Even though the question is old, here is the answer - it is quite trivial: The 1050 does not have enough internal RAM to buffer a 256 byte sector before sending it to the host. In fact, the 1050 has 256 bytes(!) of RAM, half of which is used as stack and for zero page registers, and the other half is used as sector buffer. Operating without any RAM is quite hard (though some third party products were able to write 256 byte sectors without using any external RAM whatsoever - a real art!)



This almost makes me think a reason why they didn't release the 1050 cable of 256b DD was because: 1, the extra RAM chip was probably expensive, and 2, they didn't have a dos that could work with it.  Oh wait... DOS2.0d could have been fixed.  Hmmm..

In Topic: RCA audio issue: forcing mono to both speakers..how?

Wed Apr 3, 2019 9:39 PM

Yes it is. So get this? https://www.amazon.c...d/dp/B00IJU0WS8
And use my RCA female to female adapter? Upper right center?

Seem my update to the post.