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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog > Cruizin' Twitter - April 2018 -Bubsy's Comments

Posted 18 April 2018

Morning Bubsy fans,
     Cruiz'in twitter this morning I was happy to see that "Bubsy" (the person playing him at Accloade)  was still making comments from time to time.
    This one cracked me up for starters...

    There is still Bubsy eyeballing the swag that Sonic get...

Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog > Cruiz'in Atariage New "Return of the Bobcat" here on Atariage (April 2018)

Posted 01 April 2018

Hey Bubsy fans, to continue to be the Bubsy 101 (as the Bubsy on Twitter called this place), I'm happy to another another Bubsy fan posting some cool Bubsy material.  Blog is run by Lefty1430 and not bad.  Can be found here....

Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog > Bubsy: Kitt'N Kaboodle for the Commodore 64

Posted 10 March 2018

There is a version of Bubsy: Kitt'N Kaboodle being made for the Commodore 64 and I need YOUR input Bubsy fans so come on over and check this out and give some ideas!  :D

Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog > Cruizin' Twitter - March 2018 New Bubsy in a Pawtaform

Posted 07 March 2018

We have a new Bubsy fan game being made!
Click on the "Player 1" to start.   Arrow keys for moving left and right.   X is jump, Up with X is glide.  And X with down arrow is for going down through platforms. 
Woolies can be hit with more variety from the front,...

Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog > Bubsy wishing a happy valentine's day 2018!

Posted 15 February 2018

A little bit of art from fellow Bubsy Fan Blog Admin, Sponge Fox!!