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In Topic: Moon Patrol body shop !

Yesterday, 5:57 PM

Here is the nippy blue buggy, complete with windshield glare :-D

I really like this little guy !


Yes, this little guy is quite cute.  :D   I would call it "greasy cricket" but I'm sure you have another name.


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I think you and I might have started a version of "choppers" for Moon Patrol.  We not only changed it from a ugly vehicle (sorry original programmers, you should have lined up that windshield better...) and made a custom chop shop for people to create a whole hot wheels catalog of custom mods.  :D




Coming up... THE BATMOBILE!!


Seriously though, what would I like to make?  Have to think on that.


We need to figure out the color codes and how to change that.  I can change it red, how about other colors?


I can raise the wheels a bit, but can we make a stable version?


And if we can mod the wheels.  I know the cells beneath the body run so that it is like a moving roll of film.  Can mod that to make other wheels and other effects.


I like your insanity on this.  :D


And at some point we need to modify the 5200 version.  Those poor people still have an ugly vehicle.  Then again they COULD just hack their own at this point.  :P

In Topic: Moon Patrol body shop !

Yesterday, 12:51 PM


right after I figure out how to do that .. :?


When working with Hack-O-Matic you save the rom file.  I suggest "save as" and create a new revision and not write over the original.  But then again, as you make changes I recommend making a new revision as you go.  That way you don't ruin your successes up to that point.


When posting the rom image on Atariage you select the "attach files" option, Choose files, and select the rom image

In Topic: Moon Patrol body shop !

Yesterday, 4:49 AM

Depends.   All is not as it seems.  Sometimes it looks like you have more space and when you try to write in those areas (such as below and above on body of the car sprite) you'll hit what looks like a single block or blank space and that was the variable that defined the position of the sprite.


So all you can do is try it out, push the envelope and see where the breaking point is.  Find the limits.

In Topic: Moon Patrol body shop !

Yesterday, 3:18 AM

That was me last week with Miner.  Especially looking for the color codes.  I would try a hue, look at a variable codes, and say "Ok, this should get it... no?   Ok this will get it..."


And I would come up with ideas and want to try them right then.   Why I did not mind pulling a few all nighters at work recently when a colleague  dumped some needed information on me after requesting that for a month and saying "Oh and we needed the final project Friday".   I just smirked.  :P   Feast and famine.


So when you get a chance let me try your hack! 

In Topic: Moon Patrol body shop !

Yesterday, 12:55 AM