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#4171289 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Posted by doctorclu on Wed Dec 5, 2018 9:40 PM

This game is coming back into the radar for me.  Created version 3 tonight where I changed the intro screen from the thunderfighter picture to "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century".   See what more I can change to have this match the look of the show like the enemies and stargates.

#4161162 RetroN 77 Community Build Image

Posted by doctorclu on Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:17 AM

Oh Hyperkin, Atgames... they have people that are on here, we find out fixes, we hack games to work on the systems and do they listen?  Nope.


I'm pretty well done with the specific systems that don't have close to 100% emulation.  In truth, why do we need them when regular emulators exist for free?   More often than not the cute shell they come in just becomes a home for a raspberry pie board.


They don't want to listen to us?   Frack'em.    I guess they don't need our money.

#4160496 RetroN 77 Community Build Image

Posted by doctorclu on Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:19 AM

So just checking in here briefly, has there been a build update since the release of the Retron 77?   The last one I put in made the thing a lot more useful.  :D


Gaming store says these are selling extremely well, and the Atari cartridge backstock is really selling a lot quicker than before.  At least that is good to hear.

#4155287 Which Homebrew carts do you own?

Posted by doctorclu on Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:39 AM

Atari 5200 Homebrew and 8 bit conversions




Now this is cool.  Just got through making 6th on the Bubsy leaderboard tonight and I see the above.   Got any pics of the cart you had made?   Probably the first physical Bubsy cart for the 5200.  :D

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#4148267 Anchor games?

Posted by doctorclu on Fri Nov 2, 2018 6:38 AM

I can rattle off a lot of these as I have gone through times where there was only one game that made me keep a system around.  Interest might have picked back up later, but for a time these were the anchors for me:


TI99 - Parsec

Intellivision- Tron Deadly Discs and B-17 Bomber *

Atari 2600 - Warlords *

Jaguar - Bubsy and the VLM

Oddessey 2 - Quest for the Rings

Atari 800 - Star Raiders, Archon

Newton MessagePad - Solitare DX

68000 Macs - Cap'N Magneto

68030 Macs - Rescue (Star Trek game)

Sol Terminal 20 Computer - Trek 80 (Star Trek game), Targ (Target)

Genesis - Golden Axe

GameCube  - Gameboy player

Gameboy (Advance) - Rayman 3

Nuon - Ballistic, Merlin Racing

Super NES - Bubsy, Bubsy 2

Android - Angry Birds (kept an old phone around to continue playing)

Dreamcast - Internet, IRC, Linux for BBSing, and Little Green Army Men.

Wii - A glorified Netflix player in the end.  Exercise programs were fun for a while.

PS1- Bubsy 3D  :P

PS2 - Battlestar Galactica.

PS4 - Only played Bubsy on it for a year.  With Tempest 4K Currently my fav system.  :)  Good media system.

That is really about it.

Sadly there were system I did not find anchors for.


Turbo Graphics 16: Given one by a friend, fixed it up, gave it back.

Atari Portfolio - A system I could not get into mostly due to it static ram.

Atari 5200 - Great selection, all of which ported to the Atari 800.

Atari ST - Great selection, most of which ported to the Jaguar.

Atari 7800 - Aside from the Cuttle Cart 2, nothing has grabbed me.



Especially in recent times (Jaguar, Dreamcast, Wii, and PS4) the multimedia aspect was a savior.

Hands down the Dreamcast was the most amazing for being used for everything BUT it's original gaming. 

#4145454 Took the plunge, bought a Jag...

Posted by doctorclu on Mon Oct 29, 2018 5:16 PM


Bubsy, Doom, Iron Soldier, and Zool 2 came with boxes, Pitfall, Burnout, Trevor McFur, Tempest, Flashback, Wolfenstein, Troy Aikman Football, Dino Dudes, AVP, Ruiner Pinball, Theme Park, Checkered Flag, Val D'Isere, and Cybermorph without.


I saw your message during my casual "Bubsy" search.   Looking at the above list, just add Raiden and I think you'd have my go to list of Jaguar games.

#4142785 Tempest 4000

Posted by doctorclu on Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:24 AM

I'd say around 2010 the Jaguars started to climb in price.  But by then it was hitting the 15-18 year mark.   Yep, the Jags are now a 20+ year old system.


Anyway, Tempest 4000... what a trip.  :D .   Still has the great music with new music, has improved graphics with the feel of T-2000, and the older and newer weapons.   As said, worth every penny.


Between Bubsy and Tempest maybe pick up Doom and Raiden 5 and I'll basically have my Jaguar on steriods.

#4141665 Wanted: Working Betamax player

Posted by doctorclu on Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:23 PM

Alright, since it is not Rylos I'll see which of my players work the best.  

#4137843 Want an AtariAge Badge for PRGE?

Posted by doctorclu on Sat Oct 20, 2018 12:43 AM

Won't make PRGE but you can mail mine to me sometime in the future:


Doctor Clu

Dallas, TX - USA

#4134695 Moon Patrol hack !

Posted by doctorclu on Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:09 AM

Wasn't there a Heinlein book called  'The Emerald Hills of Luna?"  ;)  


Wouldn't doubt it.  (wonder what inspired that title?)


I'm part of a LARP in Dallas where the kingdom is named "Emerald Hills" so I like to throw that in there.


What is funny is, in Dallas you can count on one, maybe two hands the amount of hills in DFW.  

#4134659 Moon Patrol hack !

Posted by doctorclu on Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:12 AM

Tinkered with it for a little bit, let's see what we can come up with on the Emerald Hills from here...


Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.10.51 AM.png

Attached File  Moon Patrol Arcade (new color) BKGR BD.bin   16KB   109 downloads

#4130720 WTB EPROM BURNER for ATARI 800

Posted by doctorclu on Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:02 AM

If you are collecting relics I have an eprom burner that plugged into the joystick ports.

#4129700 Moon Patrol - Arcade Sprite Hack (Call for Moon Buggy drivers!)

Posted by doctorclu on Mon Oct 8, 2018 2:53 PM


I agree, multiple threads are confusing and hard to keep up with..

so from now on I will only upload new versions to my original post:  http://atariage.com/...trol-body-shop/

Yep, can't blame.   I created the .bin/atr versions for the Atari 800 and .bin version for the 5200 users to give something for both gamers to enjoy.   I totally understand wanting a "perfect" version of Moon Patrol before porting for everyone.  There have been a lot of improvements (buggy design, colors, etc).   But I can foresee us narrowing down to a design that everyone will like relatively soon.
But as I've encouraged people to do all along, I will still continue to make custom mods of the buggy for my own enjoyment if nothing else.  :D

Another dumb question...are you and Tix working on things seperately and just posting in the same and different Moon Patrol threads (VERY confusing by the way with multiple threads!)? Is that why we have .bin versions and .ATR versions from each of you? I thought this was a combined effort, but...and no, the music sounds just as terrible as it ever did in the cracked-rom-to-ATR/XEX versions, and hurts my ears completely. I can't see how anyone could like it!


Keep up the good work, seperate or together...oh, and I've had absolutely no problem with where explosions hit and P/M detections...direct hit or close, it works for me...lets see anyone's vehicle survive a bomb dropped directly in front of a vehicle instead of actually touching it...not much difference in the real world guys, explosions kill, direct hits, or just near by!


No you are right Gunstar, all these multiple threads are confusing.   We've made some versions available for everyone to enjoy for now, we've received some input as Tix, EnderDude and I tinkered around with the clunky pixels to make the version on screen version of the buggy.   Quite a few revisions, but I think together we found what worked and what didn't.


So no more confusion as I will make no more versions for the Atari 800 and 5200 until we have the final version on the hacked thread.  


Thanks for your input everyone!

#4129316 Moon Patrol - Arcade Sprite Hack (Call for Moon Buggy drivers!)

Posted by doctorclu on Mon Oct 8, 2018 12:52 AM


Thanks Gunstar


Check out the new version of the buggy here:  http://atariage.com/...-7#entry4128856

post: #156 complete with binary !


Wow now that is actually looking more like the arcade.  Nipper was cute and all, but that looks quite good.


Really enjoying all these buggy variants. Dumb question but why was the mountain range color not more closely matched to the arcade? Does it bleed too much with the buggy colors? And I will second the frustration with a buggy that isn't exactly the same pixel width. The collision detection is not PM-based, but locational, and it bugs me to blow up when the bomb never touched the front. In fact, IIRC the arcade Moon Patrol is overly generous in that regard, requiring a fully direct hit before registering a collision.


Dumb answer: why not try color matching and see what you come up with?   I've shared where to find the color hex codes in the Moon Patrol hacking thread.  And something I never could get a straight answer on was what did the colors actually look like to everyone.  To some they are matched closely to the arcade (the background colors) and to others they are the colors you see. 


Also the hit detection is location based, true.  One of the reasons I like the stinger/gun on the front.  At least the proportions are there.


Thats the first buggy design I've seen that looks good with a long gun sticking out the front! Though my favorite version is still the "cricket" from version 4/5. These later designs do look closer to the arcade buggy, but frankly using the double-wide graphics it just doesn't look as good anyway. I also prefer the 2 big knobby wheels to the 3 small one/tank track style because they are too short and small.


I hope once you guys finish all the changes that you will have final versions with both the "cricket" moon buggy and one as close to arcade as possible...plus arcade and regular colors.


Also, why all the ATR versions with the screwed up music that hurts the ears? What happened to the .bins you guys started with? They work great!


I'm sure we'll come up with something for the final buggy designs.


As for the ATR, I hacked the ATR given to me with the patched sounds.  Did that not sound better?


If not, the request for help still stands: can someone please create an ATR with a good executable of Moon Patrol sound wise and I will hack it with the Moon Patrol mods.


Fun to be a part of making Moon Patrol more pretty...  :P. -Doc Clu

#4128180 Consolized Lynx

Posted by doctorclu on Fri Oct 5, 2018 10:34 PM

Looks cool.  Might have to give this a try.  :D

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