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Vampire Gold Core v2.9 released.

Sat Apr 7, 2018 7:16 AM

New features
1) Better support for fast Power-OFF/ON of the AMIGA
2) Allow Software to turn off build-in MAP-ROM to access on board ROM-CHIP.
3) MAPROM mapping support for ATARI Roms
4) Memory Management support for ATARI Memory map
5) FPU speed up (now 51 MFlops at x11 according to Sysinfo)
6) FPU fully working under ATARI OS
7) Press FIRE-buttons on Power-ON will boot EMUTOS (ATARI OS)
How to connect ETHERNET module to EXP port:
Release Files:

Do you have a GoTek or Lotharek floppy emulator?

Fri Apr 6, 2018 8:27 AM

Do you have a GoTek or Lotharek floppy emulator?

I'm asking because up until recently you were stuck using HFE formatted disk images.
But now we have 2 developers enhancing their firmware to support TI's DSK (v9t9 and in at least one case PC99) format.- HxC works on both devices and Flashfloppy works on GoTek. At least that's my assumption at the moment - could be wrong, maybe FF works on both also?

Anyway, Both developers of their respective firmware revisions have put links up for folks to test so if you want, come on over to the development subforum, do a quick catch up read, grab your new firmware and give it a go.

This is essentially going to put an end to converting all those wonderful dsk images to HFE. Now, you can just jam them all onto a single USB stick large enough to hold them all.
It also means saving from real iron to dsk that will immediately work in emulation.




Important news and I need some help.

Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:22 PM

The short and sweet of it is this:


The developer of Flashfloppy firmware for GoTek is also interested in supporting the TI DSK format after I sent him a request. The same DSk format we use in classic99, JS99er, Win994a and Mame.

I don't know how they might differ from each other (the dsk file extension for our images) but he asked me for any technical docs or information on the format.

Can I get some volunteers to point me to the sources he may need in order to implement this?


I'm going to point him to whtech for dsk images as a start to get the ball rolling.

Here is his direct request - "Point me to some DSK images, and if there is tech info on the file format then all the better."