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Grabbed a Space Invaders...

Mon Aug 6, 2018 9:42 PM

I was lucky enough to secure an empty Space Invaders from the back of A&C Games in Toronto, it wasn't actually for sale, but I managed to convince the owner to pass it on.  The catch is, every original part has been removed, and someone's replaced it with a computer that apparently is running a Hyperspin-type system (I haven't tested it as it's supposedly beyond repair). So, I have this huge restoration project ahead, as you can see by these photos below. (Also, I just realised I'm terrible at introducing topics) 



Attached File  20180806_214514.jpg   608.14KB   13 downloads

Front view; about the CP, it's not missing, I removed it. 


Attached File  20180806_214720.jpg   510.17KB   12 downloads

Because, what's a 40 year old bezel without flaking. 


Attached File  20180806_214812.jpg   591.6KB   12 downloads

Speaks for itself, really.


Attached File  20180806_215431.jpg   671.13KB   13 downloads

Probably the least damaged side. 


Attached File  20180806_215456.jpg   676.4KB   12 downloads

The side that appears to have been through some kind of torture


Attached File  20180806_214840.jpg   703.48KB   12 downloads

Note to self: Never try to fix a coin slot again. 



So, what do you think? 

"Video Encounters" marking on back of NES cartridge.

Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:10 PM

Hey All, I was browsing my NES collection when I found this odd thing written on the back of my copy of Wild Gunman. 

I know that names are commonly written on carts, but this appears to be the name of a place, It says "Video Encounters". 


I'm posting about it because I can't find anything related to games with that name on the internet, local or otherwise, and It's definitely not the name of the store I bought it from.   Anyone know if this was for anything? 


(PS: I know this seems pointless, but I'm just dead curious about it.)