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In Topic: VecFever

Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:34 PM

So - I thought real hard before posting this.  Mostly, because there are a lot out here on the outside looking in, and less so due to the shame and indignity it took ($$) to get where I am today.  But, I figured the possible benefits that may be reaped in letting Thomas know the joy his game(s) can bring to the arena and the nutty lengths people will go to to that end would outweigh the sadness that this post may bring to some. For, maybe if he knows, then he will be further swayed to produce that next run that so many (including myself) desire. Today, I got to taste Robot Arena in cart form (but a mere piece of VecFever), and it has proven as enjoyable as I would have hoped.  With such a limited distribution I feel an initial review of my first few play(s) is not called for or even fair, but I will share one take: Beyond the obvious Robotron comparisons, I couldn't help but additionally sense at least some small comparisons with Minestorm.  Particularly, the prioritizing of the attack plan on screen opening.  Minestorm on a clock.  Just another nuance blended in with the other great features of this game.  Today was a good day.  Receiving this game made my other acquisition of the day {finally tracking down a working Turnin Turbo :sleep:} get shoved into a storage container to be "enjoyed" at a far later time. 

In Topic: a pair of atariguy1021 masterplay clones just sold for 285 on ebay

Sun Apr 7, 2019 9:52 PM

Hey, that's right.  D'you want to buy one?  hehe, just kidding, but I did bid on them.  I ducked out in the high end of the early half of the 100's maybe as high as $160.  I actually was viewing them as a potential collectors item {glad to here it was Atariguy1021 which was what I was hoping/suspecting} or a resell.  If you haven't checked lately or ever, Masterplays have been selling through the roof lately.  Probably/Possibly in no small part because Atariguy1021 has disappeared from the scene.  I wonder where he has gone?

In Topic: What was your first red LED handheld (and other recollections)..

Mon Feb 4, 2019 10:58 PM

Well - Thanks all for the info on Spiders. The pic was a great help & Sly informed me that additional screws are under the Spider marquee as well {I hope/plan to get in there shortly}. Captain-my solution to that Basketball problem might be get a new game {just PM me if you want one-I got an extra that only needs its battery connector re-soldered} but, of course, that may be no fun {If you figure it out though, let me know, I've got a Tudor Football with some blown "pixels" that might be nice to fix}.  And, on that note, to return to topic, mine was Football Electronic Game {apparently by Sears}.  Many a night I laid there playing this thing after being sent to bed wondering what Santa Claus was thinking when he gave me this.  It was lame even by the standards of the day, and its only real entertainment appeal was trying to score a touchdown in one play and trying to drain as much of a quarter as possible in said play.  Fortunately, my friend {who obviously didn't buy his own batteries} would rent me his Coleco Electronic Quarterback for $1 a night.  Needless to say - I don't remember who had the honor of throwing the battery away the next day.

In Topic: What was your first red LED handheld (and other recollections)..

Fri Feb 1, 2019 11:55 PM

Sorry to piggyback off this topic, but this is the closest topic I could find for my inquiry {I'll likely start a new ASAP}  1st- these old Entex handhelds are the "coolest".  Also, a bit obscure, it seems, and they've really been distracting me from my console play.  BUT - does any kind soul know how to open Entex Spiders???  I really don't want to just break it open, but I'm about ready to.  Thanks.


p.s. - by the way Captain, sorry I lost touch with you back there a ways, but how's that Wico Intellivision treating you?

In Topic: WTB: Atari Starplex Controller

Thu Dec 13, 2018 3:23 PM

I just want to add {In a non-complaining kind of way of course ;-) }, that because I read here about the right place to place want ads, I placed my want ads in the right place.  2 want ads - zero views, zero replies for the one & zero views, zero replies for the other.  Granted the items I quest are quite unique and not likely to be obtainable by this means, but I can certainly understand why people may try more creative ways to pursue an item they desire.