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#4255660 VecFever

Posted by jatari87 on Wed Apr 10, 2019 8:34 PM

So - I thought real hard before posting this.  Mostly, because there are a lot out here on the outside looking in, and less so due to the shame and indignity it took ($$) to get where I am today.  But, I figured the possible benefits that may be reaped in letting Thomas know the joy his game(s) can bring to the arena and the nutty lengths people will go to to that end would outweigh the sadness that this post may bring to some. For, maybe if he knows, then he will be further swayed to produce that next run that so many (including myself) desire. Today, I got to taste Robot Arena in cart form (but a mere piece of VecFever), and it has proven as enjoyable as I would have hoped.  With such a limited distribution I feel an initial review of my first few play(s) is not called for or even fair, but I will share one take: Beyond the obvious Robotron comparisons, I couldn't help but additionally sense at least some small comparisons with Minestorm.  Particularly, the prioritizing of the attack plan on screen opening.  Minestorm on a clock.  Just another nuance blended in with the other great features of this game.  Today was a good day.  Receiving this game made my other acquisition of the day {finally tracking down a working Turnin Turbo :sleep:} get shoved into a storage container to be "enjoyed" at a far later time. 

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#4213241 What was your first red LED handheld (and other recollections)..

Posted by jatari87 on Mon Feb 4, 2019 10:58 PM

Well - Thanks all for the info on Spiders. The pic was a great help & Sly informed me that additional screws are under the Spider marquee as well {I hope/plan to get in there shortly}. Captain-my solution to that Basketball problem might be get a new game {just PM me if you want one-I got an extra that only needs its battery connector re-soldered} but, of course, that may be no fun {If you figure it out though, let me know, I've got a Tudor Football with some blown "pixels" that might be nice to fix}.  And, on that note, to return to topic, mine was Football Electronic Game {apparently by Sears}.  Many a night I laid there playing this thing after being sent to bed wondering what Santa Claus was thinking when he gave me this.  It was lame even by the standards of the day, and its only real entertainment appeal was trying to score a touchdown in one play and trying to drain as much of a quarter as possible in said play.  Fortunately, my friend {who obviously didn't buy his own batteries} would rent me his Coleco Electronic Quarterback for $1 a night.  Needless to say - I don't remember who had the honor of throwing the battery away the next day.

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#4211347 What was your first red LED handheld (and other recollections)..

Posted by jatari87 on Fri Feb 1, 2019 11:55 PM

Sorry to piggyback off this topic, but this is the closest topic I could find for my inquiry {I'll likely start a new ASAP}  1st- these old Entex handhelds are the "coolest".  Also, a bit obscure, it seems, and they've really been distracting me from my console play.  BUT - does any kind soul know how to open Entex Spiders???  I really don't want to just break it open, but I'm about ready to.  Thanks.


p.s. - by the way Captain, sorry I lost touch with you back there a ways, but how's that Wico Intellivision treating you?

#4157554 U.F.O. - Discovering the Trick to consistently defeat the Starship

Posted by jatari87 on Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:33 AM

Hey all, I was perusing my old issues of Odyssey Adventure tonight {I've got 2}, and I couldn't help but return to something I discovered some time ago, but haven't had a chance to explore further. {More on this in a second}   Now, at the outset, at risk of ridicule, I always thought, and still think {within reason of course}, all things considered,  ....  That U.F.O. is the Greatest game of all time!!!  :woozy:  OK, let's move on from that.  I've fared pretty well on this game over the years, and I finally conquered my childhood high score {it's now 901}.  But, with my strategy I find it to be more a test of patience and focus, trying to always be ready to flee that unexpected death ray that could come at any moment, and I have always found that the one thing holding it back from the echelons of greatness in many other peoples' minds is the lack of the ability {or a trick if you will} to aggressively and consistently go on the attack against that dreaded and sometimes wholly unfair Starship.  Well, back to the discovery, there was a guy name Shawn Watson {High Score - 11,090} who clearly must have discovered that trick.  I just can't believe someone could get a score like that without being able to confidently go on the attack against that starship.  I may not have the reflexes of a kid, but I've tried to figure this ship out, and I can do it 5 or 10 times or so, but that thing will always win in short order.  Well, if there is anybody else out here {and I'll go to the Videopac.nl site soon as well} who likes this game too, and thinks they know the "trick" {Note: A video would be worth a 1000 words} or knows this Shawn Watson guy :grin: , then me and perhaps 1,2 or many others will be most interested in hearing.  I've also attached some tips from Odyssey Adventure in case it helps someone enjoy this game more {that one from Krista Cugno could maybe stand some explaining or further investigation though}.  Sorry for the length, but I'm too tired to proofread it down.  Thanks for any thoughts.        

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#4157198 Wico keypad 5200?

Posted by jatari87 on Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:21 PM

Hey all - I too just stumbled on this.  If anyone wants an update, this keypad has found its way to me.  Can't remember what price Tombstone and I came to, but I was more than satisfied.  The problem itself was with the wires {the parts inside the box seem about as solid as one gets for the era}.  One other thing I do remember about the inside of the box is thinking that, if you're gonna start popping Start/Pause/Reset buttons off, you better be prepared for what you are getting into.  It was everything a nube like me could do to get those buttons back together without having them stuck or otherwise non-functioning.  Besides, I suspect it will be rare that they are ever the problem with the functionality of these things. Anyway, after destroying the original cable/harness, I tested the keypad out with a known to be working cable.  And, voila.  All worked great.  Well, It's since been shoved to a project box, but I've just recently gotten a multimeter.  So, it should be back in action soon.  Relatedly, I had another one that only had one bad wire.  So, I just used the original cable and reconnected just the end piece of the harness with no extension from the keypad.  I kind of like having it free of the cable for storage, etc. 

#4132626 MICROVISION - Review of US System & All 11 Games

Posted by jatari87 on Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:01 AM

Thanks for the info.  Sounds like instinct prevailed wisely with storage away from light in the basement.  I might worry the desiccant could contribute to drying the glue, but as I imagine it is not water based, I guess that's not a problem.  Thanks again.

#4132303 MICROVISION - Review of US System & All 11 Games

Posted by jatari87 on Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:35 PM

Hey-this is good info to be here.  In light of this, today I decided to "really" play pinball to see if what you all say about it is true {I had convinced myself it was an alright game}.  Yup, it really does blow.  Probably the icing on the cake was when I knocked the ball at an angle to liven things up. Nope-denied!!! That top rail straightened it right back up.

ANYWAY-  maybe I'll start a new topic on this someday, but until then thought I'd see if anyone may have thoughts on this question:  In trying to save my screens I bought desiccants to keep moisture levels down in their storage container, Is this a waste of time?  A possible help? Or  a possible contributor to screen degradation {aka rot}? My intuition falls somewhere between no effect to a little bit of humidity reduction never hurt, but these screens are so touchy that I could see just the opposite being the case.  Thanks.

#4043541 Lynx Multi Card Preorders

Posted by jatari87 on Wed Jun 6, 2018 10:11 PM

Please add me to your order list. I would like to order 1 cased & 1 uncased. Thanks. {As an aside - I feel like it is 11 AM at the Amusement Park and I just now discovered that awesome new roller coaster everyone's been talking about.}  - But having read all that has gone into this on the original thread, let me reiterate the sentiments of others -THANK YOU!!!  

#4009602 A New Adam Computer follower has joined the ranks

Posted by jatari87 on Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:21 AM

I just recently came across a new Coleco Adam computer.  But, since space is a dwindling commodity at my house, I was really just getting it to check it out, make sure it worked, and ultimately see if I could resell it someday.  Well, as soon as I followed my intuition to allow for a cartridge to be slipped in {no manuals included unfortunately}, I was hooked.  I immediately said, "Now I know why people collect these things."  That's really all, in case it helps someone out there who is on the fence about collecting this system.  I guess I will add as well that these old systems, plastic bags and styrofoam are all very amazing things.  The box to this thing looked like it had been consumed by bugs for decades and/or laying in the edge of a pond or puddle for years {even the welcome letter they left in the printer looks to have been nibbled on from time to time}, but inside the contents are new like they day they should have been opened for Christmas {within reason of course}.  I'll certainly save the foam.  But, unless the Preservers of All Things ADAM speak up quickly, that box is going out with the garbage VERY soon. Also, any useful info, links etc. to get me started on my way to ADAM bliss {or invitations to secret ADAM societies} will be usefully appreciated.   

#3987725 Wico Keypad Cable and Pinout Problem

Posted by jatari87 on Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:46 PM

Thanks even more!  Robbievgb, those photos help greatly.  I'm also interestingly surprised.  My little, rushed hatchet job was a lot closer than I thought {I only had "Blue" and "Red/White" mixed up}.  My attempts at any confirmation though were foiled from the beginning because I was using a switchbox with all F outputs to provide my F/F gender changing contact point in the set-up I quickly cobbled together {and it was messing up anything I plugged through it-or the outputs were just too shallow for the 5200 cables I was using, etc.}.  So, unless I find some time and another way to test, I may just have to wait for that gender changer mini adapter I ordered to arrive in the mail to get my first physical taste of success here.  Feeling good here though. THANKS AGAIN ALL!!!