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8Bitdo Bluetooth NES Controllers on Atari Systems

Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:21 PM

If this has already been discovered by someone else, I apologize for rehashing old news.  I did not find a similar thread anywhere, so this may be of great interest to many of you.  After longing for quality wireless controllers for Atari systems since the 80's, the wait is finally over.  This is the best option available that I know of currently.  I have tested it on my 800XL and 7800.  Here's how to accomplish it.


1.  Buy one (or two for multiplayer) 8Bitdo NES or SNES style Bluetooth controllers.  https://www.amazon.c...keywords=8bitdo


2.  Buy an SNES receiver for each 8Bitdo controller.  https://www.amazon.c...o snes receiver


3.  Buy an SNES to Atari adapter cable for each 8Bitdo SNES receiver.  http://www.raphnet-t...o_db9/index.php


This setup works flawlessly.  Stability of the connection between the controller and Atari is rock solid.  It is hands down the best wireless experience I have ever had on an Atari system, and it completely blows away the RF garbage such as the wireless Genesis controllers, original wireless 2600 controllers, and crazy setups that run through NES Four Scores and a bunch of other equipment.  The 8Bitdo products are available for lower prices on ebay.  I linked to Amazon for ease of viewing.

MASSIVE 8-bit Paperwork and Accessory Lot

Sun Apr 2, 2017 3:59 PM

I have acquired numerous extras while buying Atari lots.  I have some rare books here, along with some software, paperwork and untested accessories.  The 800XL RF shield is the more desirable raised version instead of the straight angled one, bottom included.  The 1000E box contains the modem, cartridge, and everything else that came in the box.


Setting Up SIDE 2 Cart

Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:37 PM

I know there are several sources online for ready made file structures for various flashcarts.  Does anyone have a link for a zip file (or other format) that is easily dropped onto the SIDE 2?  I did not see Lotharek's offering for a ready-to-go CF card until long after ordering, and I would rather not pay shipping from Poland to get one that is all set up.  Any help is appreciated!  The more freeware/abandonware that is included, the better :)

Wanted: Black XE/XL Power Supply

Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:30 PM

I am looking for this power supply in excellent cosmetic condition.  Working or non-working is fine.  Non-working is better so I can save some money :)  I only need the housing, rubber feet, and screws if anyone wants to keep the internal components of the power supply.  I am wanting to use the case from one of these power supplies for a project.

Replacement for 1050 Power Supply

Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:21 PM

I have been looking for smaller, more energy efficient replacements for the original Atari power supplies.  So far, I have produced an adapter cable that allows PSP power adapters to work with the 800XL (and some other Atari machines).  Now, my search for a modern replacement for the 1050's power supply begins.  So far, the only one I can find is this:




It does not appear to be a large improvement over the original.  Can anyone inform me of a smaller, better power supply that provides the required 9V AC and 3A or more power?