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In Topic: Google set to announce next-gen console. Rumored partnership with SEGA

Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:09 AM

OnLive used about 1GB per hour at 720p. Usage caps are stupid and so is Comcast, and it sucks that they're the only choice in some places.

If it were my only choice, I'd hold my nose and upgrade to business service or whatever is unlimited, because 1TB isn't nearly enough data for my work and play.


Comcast/xfinity is my only choice at the moment. Unlimited data from Comcast is $50 more per month, I have never had more than $20 in overage charges so paying for unlimited doesn't make a lot of sense for me. Hopefully when 5G cell service comes to the Ann Arbor/Saline area I can at least have 2 choices.  Data caps suck.


I have the Xbox game pass and I have to be careful how many games I download. A 50GB game like Halo would eat up 5% of my data for the month.

In Topic: Google set to announce next-gen console. Rumored partnership with SEGA

Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:59 PM

Two things concern me with this. Controller input lag and how much data would be consumed per hour streaming 4k/60fps. I routinely approach my 1TB per month cap on my comcast service as it is, how much more data is used streaming vs the way games are played now. 

In Topic: HDTV question

Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:14 PM

https://www.amazon.c...mponent adapter


If it is a Samsung, it might use this adapter

In Topic: Diskless Xbone in 2019

Sat Nov 24, 2018 9:59 AM

really weird thing is, like the silent film era, many "digital" games will become lost due to our disposeable digital culture. mask roms and discrete logic may well last 200 years. vinyl records 100+ years, cds 50+, cassettes 30+, harddrives, floppies depends on storage versus use, ep-roms 20 years* (some have started to rot before 30), flash 10-15 years possibly less or more depending on use*... drm locks software to hardware meaning if hardware dies, user logs off, servers shut down, etc, then data is lost. dcma has no expiry date unlike patent and copyright. dvd patents are expired but you are not allowed to release free decryption software. currently no public domain material exists on encrypted media, but suffice to say functional nes, atari will exist in 60+ years when super mario © is released. dcma in it's current form will still prevent decryption of public domain discs. unlike silent era films, the early gen games will be well represented but later gen digital games will not. public availability of streaming only movies and tv series ie "netflix originals" is also an issue. in 30 years will people be able to enjoy said content without resorting to piracy? there is a thriving bootleg dvd market for failed tv shows not available on physical media. sad the 2nd through 7th gen video games may be remembered and played 100+ years from now like classic music / lit, yet later digital / drm era games get lost to time and forgotten... :sad:


I think the opposite will be true. The internet and cloud storage makes it more likely today's games and media will be available 20+ years from now.  Think of it this way, what is easier to find today? A physical copy of Air Raid or Nintendo World Championship, or a ROM? I am guessing that in 20 years it will be easier to obtain a ROM of Forza Horizon 4 or Super Mario Odyssey and play it on 2040s equivalent of a $35 Raspberry Pi and emulator than it will be to find physical copies and working systems of each game. (Of course there will still be XB1 and Switch around 20 years from now, I am just speculating it will be easier to download the ROMs like it is today)


Physical media is what gets lost over time. Paper in books decaying, film decaying, etc. It seems to me that most museums and archivers are digitizing old physical media to preserve whatever information that media contained rather than making new hard copies. 

In Topic: How Common Are Wii Disc Drive Failures?

Sun Nov 4, 2018 9:11 AM

If you have already modded your Wii, the easy thing to do would be to install a usb loader and rip all of your games to a hard drive or usb stick. The DVD drive will last a lot longer that way.