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#4255812 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Thu Apr 11, 2019 5:01 AM


What controller are you using for the MiSTer? Currently I am using a Dual Shock 4 with the 8bitdo brick bluetooth adapter and pretty much all of the cores control fine, although I realized today that the Atari 5200 core is giving me problems with moving left or right. This is a newer issue.

I just purchased a new bluetooth adapter because the new update allows three or four controllers to be controlled by one bluetooth adapter instead of the 8bitdo adapter that only syncs with one controller at a time. After I get the new adapter I will test the 5200 again and see if that fixes my issue. 


The 8bitdo SN30 Pro, works decent. BT feels out of the question, quite laggy from times to time. Only using it wired.

Thing is I wanna have the option to play with the original controller. If I cant, the zero-lag-100% accuracy aint worth it.


The MiSTer needs controller adapters for original controllers, connected to the serial I/O.

#4255796 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:44 AM


Why can't you sit and play games on the MiSTer? I play more on the MiSTer than I do on the Mega SG, Super NT, or Mini NT. Although I enjoy playing on all the consoles.


Hard to say.

Mainly I think its the controller "issue". The only system I've played for a longer time is the Amiga core.

#4255464 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:43 PM

Bam bam! 2 first time beats on the Sg, Thunder Force 3 and Castlevania Bloodlines!


Got the MiSTer, but I can't sit down and play games with it. Its just testing, tweaking and so on with that project.


The Sg brings out the joy of playing games imo.

#4247245 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:02 AM

Better to buy a "regular" version and get it gold plated yourself. Seen someone did this with a NtMini.


If the casing is the most important :)


Actually, most thing I look forward is the DAC.

Also if there was some additions to the SNt, like a cart adapter for the NES/Fami instead of a re-release of the Nt Mini.


Lets hope this year will be a FW/DAC/cart adapter year. :)

#4236626 Games Beaten In 2019!

Posted by atmn on Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:15 AM

So far in 2019, never beaten before:

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

Gunstar Heroes (Genesis)

Nexzr (PC Engine)

Gate of Thunder (PC Engine)

#4135313 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:44 PM

I suppose the hardware reference is a US model 1 Genesis? With the 3,5 out and all..

#4134910 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:44 PM

Its a given order, and the 2.4 controllers seems nice.


Would be neat if they would release some cart adaptors for the NtM and Super Nt aswell...

#4129347 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Mon Oct 8, 2018 2:54 AM

+1. I'm gonna feel stupid if the day after I finally break down and buy the Gamerz Tech RetroGen, Analogue drops news of an 
FPGA Sega console. :P


I cant understand how those clones even exist, feel sick when they get recommended by a youtuber that paid 0$ for that crap.

#4080863 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Sat Jul 28, 2018 3:38 AM

I'd say the kevtris HiDefNES is the better option, if you have a cheap enough console to install it into and can do it yourself or know a friend who can for free/cheaply.  Yes the AVS has 4 ports and a FC slot, but the other would be using an original system with a very solid core update that had nice options built in.



For me it would be the AVS over HiDef since the AVS could play PAL and NTSC at proper speed. HiDef are stuck on whatever the CPU/PPU. Thats logic.


Guess there is no need for that in NTSC countries, don't know if there was any PAL exclusive NES games worth playing.

#4066208 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Mon Jul 9, 2018 1:42 AM

I ask myself, will I buy a MegaNT if released, My gut reaction is no because it wasn't a big system for me back in the days.


But when/if announce in october I'll probably be on board IF it could replace my CDX/OSSC rig.



I understand that all needs the bread and butter, that is why I would like a patreon or something for Kev for software development/hardware (cart adaptors) for current FPGA machines.

Would really really like to se the Intv core/cart adaptors on the Nt mini. The same goes for the Super Nt, I guess there is a lot more of them out there for a bigger market.



Anyway, Im great that we are able to use Kev's hardware. Hope he gets the biggest bag of money of the people involved from Analogue.

#4014709 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:09 AM

When mine did that, it was a problem with the SD card I was using in the Everdrive N8, not anything to do with the NES or the HiDef NES.


I had this issue with original carts as well as the N8. At first I thought it was an issue with the N8 trough a 60->72pin converter but it happend on regural carts as well.



There is no such thing. I found loads of retro gamers make new words up. I see this all the time. I find it annoying tbh


Sorry for making you confused, but the majority here seems to know what I mean. English isn't my native tounge.

#4010624 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:04 AM

Gonna cost a bunch of money to design a new PCB with HDMI out only, designing a new case etc.


And there wont be a super big marked since many already brought the NT Mini. Two versions will take the others market. Not a good way to go.


My guess they will move on with a Mega Nt.


Maybe another runs on existing Nt:s.


Sadly there wont be a Mega CD ode, there is give or take another Mega Drive on those so there will be a lot of money for one if so.


Are people willing to pay 199USD for a Mega Nt. YES!

Another 199USD (possibly more) for a Mega CD ode.. nah.. The problem will be the same as sega had, you must own this to have that and so on...


My Answer: Build a Nt Neptune with a built in ode for 399USD! analogue/HDMI out BUT with a plastic case..

#4009470 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:58 AM

Got another HDMI switch, and its working now. Needed one with an external power.


I guess there are more ounch in the current on a HiDef NES with a real 7805 that can supply the power needed. Since there is no regulation(?) on the SNT it will be more sensitive. Well, i suppose there is some 3.3 regulation.. But that does not count in this case. :)

#4009365 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:28 PM

Pal is 50hz. Ntsc is 60hz. Switching the ppu from 50hz to 60hz and back effectively changes the region of the console. The pal lockout disable switch is also irrelavent on the super nt.

Here is how your modded pal console works:

With your little dual console switches on modified pal hardware, the only games you cannot play at all are ntsc sa-1. Ntsc games, boot in 60hz with lockout disabled. Pal games, boot in 50hz (with lockout enabled for sa-1, otherwise it doesn't matter) to disable lockout warning present in most latter games. If you pal game is not optimized for pal refresh rates, feel free to flick the 60hz switch after boot to get full speed.

With Super NT, it is exactly the same process except you access the "pal/ntsc" switch through a menu instead of a physical toggle switch on the console. With Super NT, you can play all pal games, all ntsc games, including sa-1 carts, at their proper speed. You can also "flick the ntsc switch" for 60hz mode after booting unoptimized pal games, same as your modded original hardware.

And yes, I have played pal games in 50hz pal mode on my avs, and have a 4k tcl hdtv that can sync to 1080i/p 24/50/60, 720p 50/60, 480 i/p 60, 576 i/p 50 over hdmi, and also supports ntsc60 (everything I own) and ntsc50 (atari, n64) over composite. I don't have native pal device to test on it.

Yes, the Super NT has the region mod switch built in; no, there's not a hotkey for it. Might as well assign a dozen hotkeys for every single menu item anyone could possibly want to toggle on the fly if Kevtris goes that route. It would get cumbersome fast. You have to toggle it in the menu but it's there. Sure it's not as convenient as flicking a switch, but noone else is complaining for lack of a better method to hotswap the region settings. You can swap the region during gameplay as often as you like, by accessing the menu option.



I don't have a 50hz modded console. US NES2 Toploader, 60hz 1080p. So its on paper the same signal.


Anyhow I will return my hdmi switch and go for something else today.

#4008368 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by atmn on Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:27 PM

Does anyone know if the Famicom Network controller works on the Nt Mini (ColecoVision core)?


How about the SNES NTT Data controller? Anyone know if that would function with a SNES to NES converter (Raphnet)? I've been searching through old posts but I can't find if the Network controller was fixed or not.


Would also appreciate suggestions for other useful NES controllers for various cores. A good joystick for Atari games maybe?


The Fami Network controller works on the Nt mini, i've tested it myself. Don't remember if there was only some cores but it works.


Also the SNES NTT data controller works, I think Kevtris uses one himself for development and testing. Suppose it works with those adapters since its only a physical conversion.



Why Peoples are stuck in old games? They are so booring , why you just play New games and consoles and computers much fun



One thing doesn't exclude the other. But in my case, with wife and kids the time aspect is quite great. I don't have the time to jump into a large game. Love just blasting ducks for 10 mins, or beat Mega Man in an hour..