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In Topic: Demo / Playable preview - Intellivania; Castlevania on Intellivision

Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:53 AM

Having followed some of Deep Zone's development, and seeing the Gyruss cartridges pop up on eBay really discouraged me from doing a public release with source.



There are people on this forum that steal code and produce a cartridge of someone else's work and sell it on eBay.

In Topic: IntyBASIC Erase GRAM Fast with GROM?

Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:45 PM

I did not think you could more or less queue multiple GRAM definitions in between waits.  Are you needing to always clear the same number of grams?

In Topic: Demo / Playable preview - Intellivania; Castlevania on Intellivision

Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:28 PM

Thank you!   I am not sure if I completely understand how you are stuck.   When on stairs, or near stairs, pressing up (or down) will have the character either walk up or down the stairs, as well as walk towards the stairs if within 8 pixels or so, as well as walk off of the stairs once aligned with a "ground block".  I took a quick look at the demo just to see if maybe I introduced an issue, but could not replicate the problem you are experiencing.

-- One thing I just noticed is when exiting stairs, if the controller is registering a diagonal, (up and right for example),  the character will move back towards the stairs,  up/down actions will take priority over left and right movements.  


As far as the control option, that is a good suggestion and something I will look into.  The controls definitely can get a bit uncomfortable during longer play sessions.  In fact I have only played through everything on an Intellivision II, because the Intellivision 1 controller side buttons make my hands hurt in short time (at least for playtesting this game).


I dig the new name, Intellivania for sure! 


Just played it on LTO.  I am stuck on the 3rd screen, when you go into the subterranean level, and exit the staircase, if you keep pressing right, it makes you go back up the stairs.  I cannot seem to get around this as jumping is only straight up in the air. 


If I had one control suggestion, which may not be possible, could there be an option to remap the disc so that if you held the controller horizontally?  Like an NES pad.  It makes a platformer like this, where you have to use both buttons so quickly, much more comfortable.


Graphs, sound, really amazing.

In Topic: Demo / Playable preview - Intellivania; Castlevania on Intellivision

Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:42 AM

As much as I would love to expand on Castlevania like gameplay, and had considered it as a future project.  I have already made the entire game, (every stage and boss is there and done),  there is some polish needed in areas, and I would like to figure out how to add the various secrets (although I have some, just not the ones that require kneeling, falling, waiting, or walking against walls to access).  Everything currently weighs 81kb, which leaves little room for extras, although I had contemplated trying to add some basic optional things, like item

randomization, or expanding on loop 2, similar to the original game, but maybe going farther. 


The only real reason why I opted to make a small demo rather than release what I have is for a couple reasons.  There still is more polishing I feel I can do in some later stages, but I have also been hesitant to release this, only to see someone on eBay selling an overpriced Parker Brothers Prototype of Castlevania using the ROM..  I may be off base about that though, but was getting the impression that people's efforts in the homebrew community are getting exploited.


As far as the name goes, for the longest time the title screen was an Intellivision mock up of the NES game.   I had always initially intended this to be Castlevania on the Intellivision, from an alternate universe of course, seeing that the only official ports that were ever released were some slightly average (or worse) home computer versions.  However, not wanting to stir up any legal trouble, I felt that Intellivania worked and was a nice homage to one of my favorite game series.


On the other hand, a game like "Intellivania" could introduce unique enemies, levels, quests that would make it exclusive to the console instead of an as close port as possible of a 30+ year old game people already played. I noticed that several of the officially licensed games released lately include extra levels and other enhancements to the original versions, just to make them more than just ports, but it would depend on the IP holder to not only grant a license to use the name but also to modify or extend content of the original game. 

In Topic: Demo / Playable preview - Intellivania; Castlevania on Intellivision

Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:21 PM

Thank you!  Strangely I have had most of this demo more or less ready months ago (I had posted videos of the first two levels on Youtube).   Although much more time has been spent trying to add things like hidden blocks, various polish on controls (stairs mostly), sound effects, and then constant rewriting of routines, music, and other optimizations for performance and/or freeing up space.  There are bits that I still would like to improve on as time allows, but overall I had felt that everything was beginning to feel more similar to how Castlevania on the NES feels.  I even spent an evening last week just playing through the original NES game, and then through the second loop (which is a harder difficulty), to help identify where some shortcomings / balance issues might be; especially in the later areas.



I just played it via the LTO Flash and that looks and sounds great! Never in a million years, did I ever expect to be playing Castlevania on an Intellivision of all things. :lol: :D