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30+ years later ... back on the C64 wagon

Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:55 PM

Well.  Now that my 2600 set-up and cart collection are at a stage where I'm happy, it's time to move onto a project I've thought about for the last year.  Revive some fantastic 80's memories and get myself a C64 set-up.

The video game crash in '83 didn't really come on our radar down here in Oz.  After the 2600/Intellivision/Colecovision era, a lot of the aussies moved straight to the Vic20/C64/Amstrad.  C64 was King .. or Queen if that suits your fancy  ;)   I was lucky to move to the C128d.  Mum used it for word processing with the Star NL-10 printer and the brother and I naturally gave the C64 side of the 128 a spanking for many years!  My next gaming unit was the Sega Megadrive, so Queen 64 fared us well!  Even had a little C64 group amongst the local lads/friends.  Gr8 f%#king memories!


I'm not fussy which system I get.  128, Breadbox, 64C.  Will source a 14" CRT.  Want to use a 1541 and floppies.  Like my 2600 set-up and carts, I love the grab and stab nostalgic feel!

I'm open to modern hardware upgrades, like the LumaFix64.  I'm 30 years behind, hence a complete noob, so much reading to do.


As always, opinions on which hardware upgrades are good, set-up ideas and the usual AA sarcastically obtuse abuse is most welcome.


Thank you Ladies.