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Bobbety_F's Blog > Christmas with Lord Fortescue!

Posted 12 December 2017

Going somewhat off piste here, but as it's nearly Christmas, I thought - just this once - I'd post something non-Atari related - Lord Fortescue's Christmas Episode. Bobbety's lost Arabella's present, so he calls on his old chum, Bunty Norris, for help!
I hope you like it. Normal Atari-related service will resume after the twelfth night:-)

Bobbety_F's Blog > A Completely Unnecessary Ranking of My First Ten Patch Conquests!

Posted 28 November 2017

What did I say about my Blog on Seaquest  quickly following my last post!?
I offer instead this link to my most recent video in which I - in the guise of my YouTube character, Lord Fortescue - rank my Patch conquests so far. ‘Top ten’ videos aren’t usually my thing, but this ranking was an itch that needed scratching! And som...

Bobbety_F's Blog > Crocodiles, Cobras and Swamps (Oh My!)

Posted 21 October 2017

Well, so much for keeping up to date with my blog. Ah well, better late than never...although some may disagree;-)
Pitfall! is the first of my two latest Patch conquests (worry not, my blog entry on the latter  -Seaquest - will swiftly follow!) Would it be fair to say that Pitfall! is the Activision Atari game of which general videogame fan...

Bobbety_F's Blog > Zen and the Art of Playing Laser Blast...and Other Philosophical Musings

Posted 24 September 2017

This is something of a beast of a blog post. I meant to write as I went along, documenting each Activision Patch conquest shortly after it happened, but real-life kept getting in the way. This is the main reason I haven’t played along with the rest of AtariAge members on the Summer Patch Quest. While that would have been my preferred way of earning...

Bobbety_F's Blog > My Quest for the Activision Patches!

Posted 20 June 2017

In addition to videos of my Gaming Odyssey, I am also recording my quest for the Activision patches (in virtual form, although I may try to track some of them down on eBay at some point).
I had never heard of these until I happened upon Spider Fighter - which I think might just be the best single screen shooter ever made! – and, through emul...