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So I finally bought Tempest X3 for the Playstation 1...

Wed Nov 7, 2018 3:19 PM

Having been a Jeff Minter fan since his ST shareware games in the early 90s and a Tempest 2000 fan since I bought the game in '96 I have always been curious about the PS1 port Tempest X3.  I finally took the plunge and picked up a used copy at a local retro games store this week and spent a bit of time with it this evening.


My first impression is that it's very different to the original Jaguar version.  I knew the soundtrack was taken from the Tempest 2000 CD rather than the tracker MODs but it's the graphical changes that are most striking.


The webs have a nice texture and the star field in the background is pretty but the particle effects are missing.  Even the particle laser isn't right!  Virtually none of the digital feedback / meltovision graphics are present and it's all a bit lacklustre compared to the Jag version.   


The Jupiter / streaky bacon bonus level looks really ugly in the PS1 version.


The controls work ok but don't feel quite as tight and the jaguar version.  There's no analogue controller support (and obviously no rotary controller).


It's still a great game to play but it's definitely an inferior port rather than an enhancement.


People often compare the Jag unfavourably to the PS1 and, let's face it, the Jag cannot do 3D as well but Tempest X3 is proof that the Jag hardware was superior in some ways.  Unless the people porting T2K to the PS1 just couldn't be bothered of course...


Has anyone else got experience of both?  What are your thoughts?




1040STE won't boot - help needed!

Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:39 AM



I got my 4MB 1040STE out of storage today and it won't boot.  It powers up to a white screen with vertical black lines and that's it.  No desktop.  The disk drive doesn't even attempt to read disks.  I seem to recall this maybe a RAM issue?  I've tried swapping the SIMMs around and cleaning the contacts with no joy.


It was working 100% when I last used it a couple of years ago.  It's been stored wrapped in bubble wrap in a box.


Any ideas how to toubleshoot this?



Iron Soldier 2 Cart save game not working

Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:43 PM

Here's something annoying.


I bought a brand new Iron Soldier 2 cart from Telegames UK (silver label limited edition) a few months ago.  Having played it for several hours I've noticed the save game feature doesn't work.  It saves the level you're on whilst the console is powered up but as soon as I switch off and reboot the game all the save data is gone!?!?


I've tried doing the cartridge memory erase in case that was the problem.  No better.


Is this a quirk of the cartridge port of have I got a duff one?