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In Topic: How Many Jaguar Players/Collectors Do You Think There Are "In The Wild"?

Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:21 PM

*raises hand* I've been a Jag loyalist since '94. :D

In Topic: Looking to get back into collecting for the Jaguar

Fri Apr 5, 2019 9:26 PM

 Check out my Songbird website, as I have several rare Telegames releases such as Breakout 2000 and Iron Soldier 2 in stock. Also I have Protector SE in stock which has been very popular with the fans over the past 15+ years. :)


In Topic: Working Atari 2600/VCS games on VirtualVCS

Tue Apr 2, 2019 8:06 PM

Cool reference doc, thanks!


I just glanced through the VVCS source and can confirm I did not find any references to NUSIZ beyond a single declaration of two emulator variables. So it's defined, but not used in the code. Same is probably true for numerous other TIA features.

In Topic: Working Atari 2600/VCS games on VirtualVCS

Tue Apr 2, 2019 6:52 PM

I'm definitely not a 2600 programmer, so what is NUSIZ?


Sorry that VVCS never makes it to the top of my hobby projects list -- it's a bit daunting to learn how to emulate the 2600 hardware inside a Jaguar program. Maybe when I'm retired. ;)

In Topic: Enabling music & sound FX mixing within Jaguar Doom source.

Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:47 PM

Good work, CJ! I was always bugged by the status bar being off, but never spent time figuring out what made it do that. Also adding in the music is a nice touch -- I had done a quick hack to do it years ago, but noticed it distorted quite a bit, so I just left it off in future builds.


I still haven't gotten back to test the networking code I released 2+ years ago in the other thread. It worked flawless for me at the time, but I know at least Saturn reported there were still hang-ups. It's just so time-consuming to test, since you need to prove it will play for 60+ min without messing up.