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In Topic: ROM/RAM Cartridge emulator - Interton VC4000

Today, 9:02 AM

Not quite the thing Derek is looking for. Rolo's multicart is great, but uses an EPROM that of course can be erased and reprogrammed while Derek is looking for something that dynamically can mimic the ROM and extra RAM in the cartridge on the fly, loaded from a PC. In order to use the multicart for dev purposes it would mean removing the chip, erase it, reprogram it, insert it back into the cart, test, remove it, erase it, insert it, test it...

In Topic: Any info on Video Technology Laser 500 computer?

Today, 7:22 AM

Also the VTech Laser 3000 (a.k.a. Dick Smith CAT) is quite Apple alike. Even the Laser 2001 is said to share a few characteristics with the Apple, or at least its BASIC.


It's a bit interesting if the Laser 1xx/2xx/300 are more or less colour variants of the original TRS-80, but that VTech slowly moved into Apple land, and the 350/500/700 would be Z80 designs inspired by Apple.

In Topic: Anybody own the C64 Mini? Impressions?

Yesterday, 4:12 PM

It looks like this has not been released, so how can anyone have a review?

Do you mean the US/Canadian release when you write "this"? Over here in Europe it was released this spring so it has been on the market for several months, soon a half year. I understand the US version will have some HDMI fixes and the latest firmware, but generally it shouldn't be any different from what already was released.

In Topic: Physical DIN13 replacement for SIO plugs and sockets

Yesterday, 7:13 AM

Huh? I thought the 13-pin DIN also was scarce and expensive. If anything, I would consider a DB-15 which has similar physical size as the SIO connector and the two extra pins obviously don't need to be connected.

In Topic: PlayStation Classic (mini) is coming...............

Yesterday, 7:10 AM

$100 is quite a bit for a device like this.


For your info, on the Swedish market this console will cost 70% more than it will on the US market, after adding VAT and other items. Although everything tends to be more expensive here due to a different economic system, I seem to remember that the Nintendo systems, and even the AtGame consoles haven't had quite that much mark-up.