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In Topic: M.U.L.E. Post your scores here!

Today, 4:49 PM

Generally I see the opposite, two computers going for crystite and the third going for smithore to keep the mule population going.

Hopefully I'll get another chance to play soon, and perhaps run a more traditional strategy that doesn't put me so far behind to begin with.

In Topic: M.U.L.E. Post your scores here!

Today, 3:55 PM

Oh well... sometimes the game doesn't play the way you expected it. Tonight was a such game. I decided to try again and go for smithore, but was too greedy and wanted the price to increase faster than it did. It meant I was sitting on a small stock of smithore, at the same time I had a total shortage of food, energy, was mostly strapped for cash and had a half dozen (!) undeployed plots halfways into the game. To add insult to injury, a couple of times when I was low on time, I tried to place a mule and lost it when the time ran out.

Eventually I began to sell my leftover smithore stock, and somehow managed to not waste the money on booze. In the last few rounds I even climbed into 2nd place, though far from the winning seat. In the end though the other computer players catched up so unusually I ended in last place!

Carlsson (Blue Humanoid) - 18824 pts, last place
Colony total - 82164 pts

Attached File  mule-20190523.jpg   64.69KB   0 downloads

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Rd Land Auction       Event              Smit Crys Food Ener  Order
 1 740VC 680RC        Crazy Mule GC        57   68   15   10  VC GC RC BH
 2 620NS              Crazy Mule VC        50   --   43   17  RC GC BH VC
 3 302NS              Meteorite Strike     58   88   81   49  RC GC BH VC
 4 211RC 151VC        Fire in Store        44   60  156  109  RC VC GC BH
 5 399GC 339NS        Pest Attack RC       50  120  177  100  RC GC VC BH
 6 --                 Meteorite Strike     50   72   65   65  RC GC VC BH
 7 505RC 489RC 525VC  Planetquake          43  108   17   51  RC GC VC BH
 8 1093GC             Planetquake          50   52   15   31  RC GC VC BH
 9 --                 Pest Attack RC      102   88   15   36  RC GC VC BH
10 --                 Acid Rain Storm     110   52   15   67  RC BH VC GC
11 --                 Acid Rain Storm      74   60   15  141  RC BH VC GC
12 --                 Transport Ship       50  116   23  114  RC VC GC BH
Note that not a single pirate ship arrived during the entire game! All in all a very unusual round, but every once in a while one gotta have those as well.

In Topic: Golf (Channel F)

Today, 11:57 AM

This one is shaping up really good!

In Topic: M.U.L.E. Post your scores here!

Today, 10:10 AM

I wonder how difficult it would be to edit the map. Mainly I'm thinking how the game would turn out if the river was horizontal (4+4 squares) instead of vertical (2+2 squares). Everyone and their dog would be able to farm food so there never would need to be a shortage. Fewer squares for the rest though. Energy can be produced in the river though at limited capacity. Since the store exits are to the left and right, one would have to wade across the river most of the time, which would slow down how much you can achieve in one round. I have a feeling that the computer players don't account for crossing rivers and mountains when they take their turn, so it could make one more difference.


Has anyone seen a copy of M.U.L.E. with modified map, if it is possible?

In Topic: Construction Kit Games.

Today, 8:48 AM

Miniature Golf Plus apparently has a construction set, if we keep listing such games that let you design own courses/levels without really the desire to repack and sell as standalone.


I am not sure what USA Construction Set is - a quiz editor about states, or do you get to redesign the USA?