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In Topic: Fake retro console in Jumanji movie?

Today, 12:47 PM

Well, for a movie with a budget of 90 million USD it isn't entirely unthinkable they spent $1000 or even $5000 at having someone cobble together a custom video game console, instead of badly disguising some existing system. Even if it isn't featured a lot in the movie, it has a very central role so to speak. If it had been something briefly used for 30 seconds and then the movie would go on with something else, I can agree they wouldn't spend a few thousand dollars on making a custom item but that is not really the case.


Besides if they got $2100 on selling the carcass of what was left of the prop, they probably got back the money spent on manufacturing it. According to IMDb, the cumulative worldwide gross is up to 961 million USD by now, so they would have made ten times the budget.


Edit: Hmm.. there were a lot of prop auctions. A standard PlayStation 1 for $120, just because it was part of a movie for a minute or two? A standard NES with 25 games and a zapper for $250? An Intellivision with 17 boxed games for $350?


There was a second smashed Jumanji console sold for $1500: https://propstoreauc.../124/lot/24128/though this one was smashed in a different way. Either they weren't pleased with the impact the first time, or wanted angles where it would not be consistent. The fact they had two smashed consoles for sale makes me wonder if they kept a third and a fourth prop unsmashed somewhere, just in case.


Most of the costumes existed in multiple copies, both for the leading actors and doubles (stunt, dance etc).

In Topic: HSC15 Round 13 - War! What is it good for... Playing Atari!

Today, 10:21 AM

what system have you got for linking the PC to the Atari


My setup is as following:


Atari 130XE with SIO2SD and 1050. I don't own any SIO2PC, APE or similar interface.

D1 on the SIO2SD is mounted with the recommended copying program.

D2 on the SIO2SD is mounted with the disk image I'm trying to copy to disk.


I boot the 130XE with the 1050 turned off, and once the copying program is loaded, I disable D1 on the SIO2SD and turn on the 1050. As you note, some programs will get confused by this. Then I set D2 as the source and D1 as the destination. Most of the programs I have tried so far report an error back, some will read the D2 image quickly and go on forever writing it to disk, which however is not bootable afterwards. Sectorcopy 1.5 reads the D2 extremely slowly, about 6 seconds per sector and so far I don't know if it will write anything to the 1050, but time will tell.


I believe I have a bunch of random Atari 8-bit formatted floppy disks in the basement, perhaps I'm better off go rummaging through those in hope to find one with some sort of DOS to boot, so I don't have to boot from the SIO2SD.


Edit: Ok, so I went into the basement hoping to find a few floppy disks. It turns out I've got two disk boxes full of Atari 8-bit formatted disks which I have picked up for free at some point, plus another pile of mixed Atari and C64 disks that didn't fit the boxes. I picked out a few disks with labels that suggest they contain some sort of DOS or copying program, and I'll see if I am successful.


Edit 2: Nope, Computer War still crashes after a random number of minutes on my 130XE, specifically using the Transdisk version that Therealbountybob uploaded. Now that I've got a working floppy disk, I can possibly plug in my NTSC 800 to see if it is playable on that one. Very peculiar, out of all the games I tried to play on my 130XE, it is the Thorn EMI ones that keep crashing, none of the other games.

In Topic: New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Yesterday, 4:24 PM

I love Project Runway


Perhaps Ataribox LLC needs to employ Tim Gunn to oversee their progress:


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In Topic: HSC15 Round 13 - War! What is it good for... Playing Atari!

Yesterday, 4:00 PM

If only I knew how to put an ATR image onto a physical floppy disk... I feel like a total newbie regarding this, and I've tried a half dozen different DOS and dedicated programs for disk copying without success.

In Topic: IntyBASIC Programming Contest Rules

Yesterday, 1:53 AM

I don't think announcing your game in a separate thread is a requirement for the contest, just a courtesy for all other participants, sponsors and fans to see which entries may be available. In the end submission is done by email. Last time I remember there were a handful of games (*) never mentioned during the development process, that just showed up in the final results so I'm fully expecting it to happen this time around as well.


Besides there still are 11 days to go, so most likely some games will pop up in the last week.


(*) Actually in 2015 there were 14 entries announced in separate threads, of which 10 ended up in the final results, plus another 3 games submitted by email without posting about it before. I think at least two of those were old WIPs polished up for the contest.