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In Topic: Start the bidding !

Yesterday, 5:22 PM

There's at least two variations of this unit. One says "eight regular cartridges - no voice capability". The other says "eight cartridges with or without voice".

Odd they wouldn't just make the second variation with all 10 with or without voice... :? Maybe saved them a buck or two.

In Topic: "Three more titles coming soon"

Yesterday, 2:18 PM

Not the April Fools Joke one? :( :P



In Topic: Sega Flashback 2019 - Custom Firmware available?

Yesterday, 12:17 PM

Now there is this. Someone said it does not have a cart slot in some of the Q&A and it is not mentioned in the description (neither is an sd card slot), but it looks like it has a standard cart slot from the pics.




what say you? Trading improved build quality for: 1) ability to play cards, 2)ability to use sd card, 3) 40 games instead of 81


That's mostly rhetorical since there are two other threads on it.

In Topic: What do you do with your SIDE2 ?

Yesterday, 12:05 PM

The SIDE2 is in the NTSC 800XL with U1MB and s-video. The SIO2PC is in the NTSC 800XL with the PAL ANTIC for the light gun/pen games that won't play by full NTSC. Only time it is a hassle is when the rarely occurring game won't load with the SIDE2 or the PAL ANTIC (or it is an *.ATX) and I have to give it a go by moving the SIO2PC to the full NTSC 800XL.

In Topic: Start the bidding !

Yesterday, 11:41 AM

Pics for those who can't see:

Also included is a 2609 console, loose carts, and a red demo cart.

I'm thinking there may be some kind of Voice cart for slot 2 not shown, but only guessing.


Nevermind. I think slot 2 just has an intellivoice connected to it and is for a cart for use with intellivoice. I can't tell what it says for those eight slots, maybe "eight cartridges without voice"?