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Atarivox & Stella

Sat Oct 27, 2018 1:44 PM

Hey guys,


  Hopefully, this is just me missing something simple... but I cant get my Atarivox working.


  I just got an Atarivox+ from the AtariAge store, and when I hook it up to my computer (Atarivox -> 2600 Adapter -> USB) it plays the tones and announces "Atarivox". So I think my computer recognizes it okay.


  But I can't hear anything when I play the supported games. Right now I have been trying Spell & Speak and Go Fish. I have been setting my Game Properties with P1 to Atarivox and refresh with Ctrl-R. Is there something more I do and is there a way I can tell that Stella is seeing my Atarivox? Oh, I am using Stella 5.1.3.


  Any Ideas? Thanks!