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130 XE - No Video Output / Boot Up

Sat Mar 2, 2019 9:34 PM

I have picked up a 130 XE but I am not getting any video output (from the monitor socket).


Luckily most of the key ICs are socketed and the CPU has been tested and is working. I have dropped in a new ANTIC and GTIA but still getting no video output.


Have checked that there is 5v across Capacitor 2 and 5V also seems ok on the chips.


Unfortunately the memory chips are not socketed - would the computer still boot up if memory chips were faulty - would be surprised if they are all faulty. Using the on board memory test would identify problem chips.


Any suggestions on tracking down the culprit part(s) - capacitors look ok from a visual check. I know the keyboard isn't 100% but my other 130XE boots up without keyboard connected (alas its components are not socketed so cannot swap parts to eliminate the good from the bad).


Concorde C-221M Disk Drive PSU?

Fri Dec 21, 2018 7:30 PM

Just wondering if anyone can confirm the correct PSU for the Concorde C-221M disk drive? All I can find so far is that it is SS/DD drive. 

Pretty sure it is meant to be AC input but would be good to double check before pluggin in and turning on! There is no info on the case or PCB.