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vidak's Blog > Buy Me A Coffee!

Posted 23 January 2018

Hey. I do a lot of stuff. I do this:  
- Upload my thesis versions and write essays on my blog: bootlickers.party  
- Vlog on YouTube: www.YouTube.com/JollyCommunist  
- Run the Hip Hegelian Memes Facebook meme page: www.facebook.com/goodoldhiphegel  
- Develop Homebrew Communist Atari 2600 Games: http://atariage.com/.../topic/26975...

vidak's Blog > Happy New Year

Posted 04 January 2018

Well, happy new year. 
2017 was a real bastard of a year, but I'm ready to get stuck into 2018. 
Time to get back into coding the Guerrilla Game!

vidak's Blog > Coming Back to My Home Town for Christmas

Posted 18 December 2017

Just checking in here after a really exhausting 48 hours after arriving back in my home town of Perth, 4000km away from Sydney, where I live now. 
I think I can finally relax after driving 200km yesterday and then another 200km today. We were meant to be staying in Collie, 200km south of Perth, in the country. That's where my sister in law lives....

vidak's Blog > [No Spoilers] New Star Wars Movie

Posted 14 December 2017

The new Star Wars movie is amazing. It has inspired me so much. I felt like I was getting tired of programming, but seeing Luke Skywalker really picked me up and made me feel so energised. 
It is such a good movie. I enjoyed it IMMENSELY.

vidak's Blog > Why You Should Make Games for the Atari 2600

Posted 10 December 2017

I am in the process of making an Atari 2600 game. I have been given a lot of support and shown a lot of kindness, even at this very early stage. So I wanted to give back in a small way. In this blog post, I will make five arguments for why you, someone who has never done programming before, should get started in making homebrew games for the Atari 2600....