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Sun Apr 7, 2019 1:47 PM

Hello to all here in this phantastic forum,


today it is time to share a small programm to access a lot of games and applications in an easy way.


I named the program "Mega Menu"


it is currently in German but I add a manual in English and it works only with a TIPI system from 1.0betav34 and RXB.
So I know I have much room for improvements.

Attached File  IMG_2488.JPG   74KB   1 downloads

But the program is not just another menu program.
- It shows date and time from the tipi system

- The program shows the RXB version used

- There are three screen displays with 30 menu entries each

- It shows the mapped folders to the drives DSK1, DSK2 and DSK3

- Use CTRL + 1 to 3 to change the drive mapping from every screen

- Use CTRL + D to catalog DSK1 - 3

- Use CTRL + C to configure your own programs in the selection screen or make a individual submenu


For more informations please read the MEGA MENU Manual

Attached File  MegaMenu_Manual.pdf   535.95KB   14 downloads

CTRL Key in XB after autoload doesn't work

Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:05 AM



I tried to make my own startmenue in XB. To change DSK1-3, I will use [ctrl]+1 for DSK1., [xtrl]+2 for DSK2 and [ctrl3]+3 for DSK3.


If I start the small programm below with >OLD DSK1.PROG and >RUN, it works as expected.


120 CALL KEY(0,K,S)
130 IF K>=177 AND K<=179 THEN 140 ELSE 160
140 PRINT "CTRL 1-3 OK!"
150 GOTO 120
170 GOTO 120



If I autoload the programm (programm-name = load) in XB the programm doesn't accept [ctrl]+1-3!


Normal key's and [FCTN]+key are working.


What do I wrong in this case? Is anybody there who make it possible to use [CTRL]+1 after autoload?


I tried this in RXB, XB2.5, XB2.7, stock TI and classic99, all the same problem.


Thanks for any help, even if that does not work in XB.